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Expelled by the Communist, Chinese Professor Becomes a New Democratic Party Chairman

Posted by Author on December 28, 2007

By Xin Fei, Epoch Times Staff, Dec 21, 2007-

Former associate professor of Nanjing Normal University Guo Quan, was expelled from the China Democratic League—one of China’s political flower vase organizations, because he continually publishes open letters promoting democratic reform in China. Soon after, he was invited to be the acting chairman of the newly established Chinese New People’s Party (CNPP) on December 17.
In an Epoch Times interview, Quo said that although the CNPP was just established, it already has 8,000,000 members; they are from all walks of life in China, including farmers who lost their land, workers who lost their jobs, retired military servicemen, students, etc.

Guo stressed that those who have been members of other democratic parties, as long as they oppose autarchy and promote democracy, they can also be members of the CNPP at the same time; but those who are members of the Communist Party must withdraw before joining the CNPP.

Removed for Publishing Open Letters

Since November 14, Guo started publishing his open letters to the nation’s leaders. On December 6, the Nanjing Normal University (NNU) Communist Party Commission stripped him of his professorship and made him a librarian. The authority also searched his house, confiscated some personal property, and interrogated him for 12 hours on the evening of December 7.

On December 13, the vice chairman and organization commissioner of the Democratic League Committee of NNU visited him and said, “Your open letters have brought great pressure on the Democratic League and Nanjing Normal University. We think firing you is too great a political price to pay, therefore we are here today to ask for your resignation.” Guo replied, “I will only accept being fired, I will not consider resignation.”

In the morning of December 14, the chairman and vice chairman of the Democratic League of NNU came to Guo’s office again to request his resignation, they said, “Your open letters have caused a great impact domestically and internationally, and placed the government in an awkward position. Your open letters opposing the Communist Party’s one party reign is against the constitution, the constitution stipulates that Chinese people can only support and must insist on the leadership of the Communist Party.

The constitution of the China Democratic League also firmly supports the leadership of the Communist Party. Therefore, we have solid ground to fire you. But it is our consideration that if we fired you, the Democratic League in Nanjing Normal University would not receive the party’s Advance Award for 10 years. Please consider the cost to the Democratic League and resign.”

Because Guo insisted on not resigning, on the afternoon of December 14, he received a notice from the “China Democratic League Nanjing Normal University Commission’s expelling him from League Membership.”

As the acting chairman of the CNPP, Guo is currently preparing his seventh open letter to the Chairman of the China Democratic League, Jiang Shusheng.

Founding the New Party to Awaken the Public

Guo stated that since 2002, he and his team have provided legal and technical assistance to human rights activists nationwide. As of now, his human rights defense team has more than 10 million members.

Since being expelled by the China Democratic League, the human rights team that Guo has worked for announced the transformation of the human rights organization into a new party, the CNPP. On December 17, the party entrusted him to take the post of acting party chairman.

Guo said the name of the CNPP has two meanings: one is to differentiate it from the other so-called democratic parties—political flower vases in China; the other is to educate people about democracy and thus awaken people. This is based on the concept of how the Chinese traditional culture inspires people’s wisdom.

Guo said that he was drafting the CNPP party’s constitution. And before China lifts the ban of forming a party, the CNPP will not carry on any form of registration in order to avoid the Communist Party’s suppression.

He said, “The CNPP is a democratic party completely open to the public. Regardless of religion, belief or social standing, as long as the person wholeheartedly supports democracy, they can claim themselves as a member.

But Guo specifically stressed those who have joined the Chinese Communist Party before must withdraw in order to join the new party.

Guo said that after China lifts the ban on forming parties, this party will carry on the registration in accordance with the new law. The election of the party chairman will commence immediately afterwards, any member of the CNPP can announce candidacy. Before that Guo will be acting chairman.

Uniting All Forces Opposing Dictatorship

Guo said forming the CNPP has great significance because China has a large number of people with courage and wisdom that support democracy. But their strength cannot be brought into full play without being united.

He said that the first task of the CNPP is to unify people, to consolidate their strength, and to unite all people that want to build a real and meaningful democratic China in which people are the master.

Guo said, “Without democracy, there is no ‘New China!'(1) Those who advocate, ‘if there is no Communist Party, China will collapse and be in chaos,’ have the hidden agenda of protecting the autocratic regime. China can move forward only when it is free from the present autocratic reign.”

Note: (1) The Chinese Communist Party has promoted the slogan a ‘New China’ since before 1949 to justify its existence in the minds of the people.

– Original report from the Epochtimes: Former Chinese Professor Chosen as Acting New Party Chairman

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    Guo is bravest professor I have ever seen. Wish him a happy Chinese New Year.

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