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China Official Document Leaked: 9 Christian Church Leaders Thrown Into Labor Camp for Using “Evil Cult”…

Posted by Author on October 5, 2007

An Chinese authority’s official document exposed today by China Christian rights group shows that 9 Christian church leaders were thrown into China labor camp in August for using “evil cult organization to undermine the enforcement of State laws”.

The document, titled “A Decision of Reeducation through Labor”, dated August 6, 2007, was issued by “the Administrative Committee for Reeducation through Labor of Enshizhou City”. Enshizhou City is located in Hubei Province, central China. A photo of the original document and English translation were posted on China Aid Association‘s website.

The 9 Christian church leaders, including 4 male and 5 female, in which 5 of them come from East China (Anhui Province) , 4 from central China (Henan and Shanxi Province), are all currently detained in Enshizhou city’s “Reeducation through Labor” center.

Here’ a part of the authority’s investigation shown on the official documenet:

On July 14, Yang Situan, Qin Daomin and the other eight went to the Nursing Home of Guandian town, where they gathered more than 60 people from the Nursing Home to listen to their hymns, and watch their magical performance between man and God. They also played the Jesus movie, led the people to pray together, prayed for the disabled elderly men for healing from God, and asked the senior citizens to believe in Jesus.”

“Evil cult” and None Evil cult in China

The name of “evil cult” is widely used by Chinese government to suppress religion freedom. Any groups who has independent belief other than communism are called as “evil cult”.

In today’s China, all religion activities are supposed to be managed by China’s State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA) under the guidance of Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), which was founded in 1954.

The TSPM decides ( from China Aid):

– what buildings can be used for church services
– which pastors can preach and what areas can be traveled to spread religion
– Church activities are restricted to Sunday services.
– No mid-week meetings.
– No Bible studies.
– No gatherings in private homes.
– Religious activities are outlawed outside of church buildings.
– No one under 18 may be evangelized or baptized.
– Members are allowed no contact with overseas church groups and forbidden to read foreign Christian literature, listen to foreign Christian tapes or tune in to gospel radio broadcasts.
In one word, the the Chinese government is the head of the Church, Christians and the belief.

True Evil Cult

House church Christians recognize only one head of the Church, that is, Jesus Christ. The TSPM must recognize two, both Christ and the Communist Party.

So in China, the name of “cult” is a political definition: if not accept the control of the communist, then it’s a “cult”.

That means in the eye of Chinese government, the name of “cult” has nothing to do with the teaching of the religion itself, even if the religion teach people to do good, but because it does not accept the control of the communist, it is still a “cult”.

The fact of ongoing persecution of house church Christians and Falun Gong adherents has fully proved this.

Conclusion: The true evil cult is the Chinese Communist Party.

To know more details, please read this article: How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult

Youtube Video: First half, second half (on How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult)

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