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Do Not Compete For the Blood-soaked Medals From Beijing Olympics: Chinese medallist

Posted by Author on September 22, 2007

Speech by Huang Xiaomin, Chinese silver medal winner at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics, September 16, 2007, in Paris, France, published on Human Rights Torch Relay website

Please do not compete for the blood-soaked medals from the Beijing Olympics


Huang XiaominHuang Xiaomin

Hello, ladies and gentlemen,

On the 9th of September a Human Rights Torch was lit in Athens marking the start of a global relay. Today, this torch comes to France. Because of my engagement with our team at a competition game, I cannot personally join the activities of the Relay. Please could all those friends attending accept my apology. I wish the activities of the Human Rights Torch Relay in France a complete success.

May I take this opportunity to appeal to all my colleagues working in the sports industry throughout the whole world. I say to you all, please do not join the Beijing Olympics under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) tyranny. Please do not compete for these medals. They are soaked in blood. An Olympics hosted by the tyrannical CCP is against the spirit of the Olympic Games and is a taunt to human justice.

The CCP has claimed that the Olympic movement in both a social and in a cultural context, is the soul of the Beijing Olympics. It has also claimed that it is a movement of culture based on humanity. However, the CCP’s actions and behaviour have been severely violating this same Olympic Spirit. Under the CCP’s tyranny, people have no freedom of speech, media, belief and assembly. They have no access to information or freedom of thought. Under the CCP’s control, China is in fact the largest prison in the whole world. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the CCP is responsible for harvesting the organs of live Falun Gong practitioners. This has been exposed and verified. The CCP has refused to allow members of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) entry to China for the independent investigation of evil crimes that are unimaginable to human beings.

The CCP has shown no respect to the Olympic spirit. It has not changed its horrible human rights records even after it was given the authority to host the Olympic Games in Beijing. Rather, it has accelerated the persecution of human rights activists and continued to arrest Falun Gong practitioners on a vast scale. An Olympic Games run by the CCP therefore, will be an imprisoned Olympics, soaked in the blood of its victims. It will be an outright abuse of the Olympic spirit.

Dear colleagues in the sports industry, please do not ignore the CCP’s crimes. These include the genocide of millions Falun Gong practitioners. Do not strengthen the power of the CCP, which is the most evil regime in human history. Please do not compete for the blood-soaked medals from the Beijing Olympics.

I want to also appeal to the Chinese people to be clear-minded about the real consequences of the Beijing Olympics. After the Games in Beijing, can the huge population of unemployed Chinese people find jobs? Can those innocent children living in poverty return to their education? Can your family’s income be increased? Can those people whose houses have been forcibly demolished to make way for this sham obtain justice?

The answer is no, they cannot! The CCP’s 86-year history proves that it has never, ever considered the interests of our country and those of its people. Everything, including running the Olympic Games,that the CCP has done in its 86-year history is for hijacking and maintaining its own power. It can never, ever truly respect or promote the Olympic spirit. I therefore suggest that we wait until the CCP no longer controls China and to when the Chinese people have real equality, freedom and basic human rights. Only then can Beijing host the Olympic Games nobly and in fulfillment of the high aspirations of the real Olympic Games.

My appeal is for people with righteousness and justice in their hearts throughout the whole world to get together. Use this platform of the Global Human Right Torch Relay, which is launched by the CIPFG, to stop a repeat of the shame of 1936. An Olympic Games should promote peace, friendship, love and dignity. It should not let dictators polish themselves up to cheat the world and strengthen their dictatorship. What the CCP has done to the Chinese people is what it intends to do to all people throughout the whole world.

The Olympic Games can never co-exist with the crimes against humanity within China!

Friends who are involved in the Global Human Rights Rorch Relay, please give your best effort!

Huang Xiaomin,

Seoul Olympic Silver medallist (of Chinese woman swimming team)
& (Current) Sports coach in South Korea

16 September 2007

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