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Rights Advocates: Real China Before The Beijing Olympics- A Garden In Concentration Camp

Posted by Author on September 14, 2007

Breaking News, SOH Radio Network

Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao and human rights activist Hu Jia published an article together, it describes the real China which is now full of injustice, tears, imprisonment, torture and blood. It also gives evidence as to whether or not the human rights status in China has improved.

In the article, it says 1.25 million people had to move out from their homes by force due to construction projects for the Olympic stadiums. There are also incidents of forced-demolition of people’s property in Beijing, Shen Yang, Shanghai, and Qin Huang Dao, where other stadiums are constructed for the Olympic Games.

The government stops, detains and forcefully sends back the appealers with the excuse of building up good images for the cities.

It also detains the human rights activists, dissidents and writers who are not afraid to tell the truth.

The government also suppresses the freedom of belief.

Hu Jia said, the Beijing authorities think the human rights activists and their voices are the biggest threat to them before the Olympic Games. They’re trying to give the appearance of a harmonious society, so human rights advocates Gao Zhisheng and Chen Guangchen become their typical targets, as the authority wants to “kill one to warn a hundred”.

Hu said:”it is so despicable. For the outside world, it appears to be a harmonious, peaceful, democratic, and free country; in fact, it has designed a big plot to cheat the whole world. It just likes a garden in a concentration camp. They only show people the garden, but behind the flowers and trees, there is brutal suppression and violent treatments towards the Chinese people. That is the real situation.”

Hu also said that the government has made some progress on their suppression, in the next 300 days, the voice of human rights protecters will be restricted, as the most firm-willed and active advocates have been arrested.

However, the constant suppression will lead to another extreme. He said: “They may push so hard on the people that they will start to rebel. The people have to let others hear their voices. If the Chinese government wants everyone to close their mouths, be completely quiet, or create some kind of harmonious society, it is absolutely impossible.”

The last sentence in the article is “Without human dignity and rights, there will be no real Olympic Games.”

– Original report from The SOH: The Real China before the Olympic Games

One Response to “Rights Advocates: Real China Before The Beijing Olympics- A Garden In Concentration Camp”

  1. Totally support!!! China’s economy is really civilized, but why it is still not called a stigmatized counntry? Its human rights issue are tremendously babarian.

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