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West Warned- Supporting China’s Regime Risks Democracy

Posted by Author on September 7, 2007

By Ben Hurley, Epoch Times Australia staff, Sep 05, 2007-

Western democracies must tie human rights demands to economic dealings with the Chinese regime or gradually lose their democratic freedoms, says a doctor of political science and pro-democracy advocate.

Dr Juntao Wang, speaking at a forum organised by human rights coalition Free China, said that many in the West still don’t understand China.

“Before China entered the WTO, many experts believed that the WTO and globalisation would change China. But the way Chinese experts see it, China will change the world through the WTO,” Dr Wang told The Epoch Times.

Dr Wang, researcher at Canterbury University, New Zealand, said that the Chinese regime was gaining huge benefit out of its membership in the WTO.

He said that through institutionalised slavery, the Chinese government can reduce labour costs. Through the widespread stealing of peasants land, it can reduce land costs. The result is extremely favourable conditions for Western companies to invest in.

“More and more big companies are investing in China – moving all their money over there,” Dr Wang said..

“China has good skilled labour and very low salaries. But who maintains the low salary? The government, the state. They do not grant labour union rights. They just help the big companies to get their profit and lobby [Western] countries.”

This then presents Western governments with a dilemma, Dr Wang said. They can abandon their welfare systems and labour unions, or continue to lose investment to China. Or they could scuttle the WTO and use protectionist policies to block Chinese policies.

The solution, he said, is not to force China to change its foreign currency exchange rate.

“If you change it, the Chinese government still can transfer the problems to the Chinese people. They can lower the salaries more, and they can still maintain competition.” The solution is to establish a crucial link between economics and human rights standards, he said.

“Western democracy governments have some very ridiculous policies, they ignore human rights – that means they want to give up democracy. [If] you just want to maintain economic relations you are helping the Chinese government to defeat you.”

“You do not only want globalisation of the product, but also globalisation of human rights.

“If you establish a human rights standard in China… then you can rebuild competition with Chinese products. Then you can maintain your welfare state.”

Dr Wang said the benefit of political reform in China would be felt both in China and abroad.

While China might lose come of its share of the international market, workers would have more purchasing power, China’s domestic market would expand, and Chinese would be more able to purchase foreign products.

Dr Wang said that China is developing more and more bargaining power in world politics.

The possession of long-range nuclear missiles and huge foreign currency reserves gives China the power to force other countries to listen.

However he said that there is a substantial difference between how Westerners and Chinese view China, in that Westerners see China as a whole, while Chinese see it as a sum of many parts.

“Foreigners take China as a whole to evaluate its impact on the world. They see China’s strong economy and strong military [as signs of strong development].

“However to Chinese people, China is a lot of Chinese. And different Chinese will have different interests and opinions. Yes, they want to reform the political system and develop the economy, but they also want to enjoy and share the benefits of development. They don’t want a small group of Chinese monopolising everything.”

Original report from the Epochtimes

One Response to “West Warned- Supporting China’s Regime Risks Democracy”

  1. ibn iblosted said

    china is so right its scary, they have the numbers, and konw how to use them, while the west keeps think they all ride in rickshaws, boy is the free world in for one hell of a surprise

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