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Sex and Corruption: 90% Downed China Officials “had mistresses”

Posted by Author on September 7, 2007

Reuters, Sep 3, 2007-

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese anti-graft investigators have found that 90 percent of the country’s most senior officials brought down in corruption cases in recent years had kept mistresses, drawing a link between sex and misconduct.

Mistresses and “second wives” are common among government officials and businessmen in China and are often blamed for driving officials to seek money through bribes or other abuses of power.

A report by China’s top prosecutor’s office said that of 16 provincial-level officials punished for “serious” graft in the last five years, most were involved in “trading power for sex”, along with gambling, money-laundering and shady land sales to developers, the Beijing News said on Monday.

“Nearly 90 percent kept mistresses, some keeping several,” the paper said.

Among them were former Shanghai party chief Chen Liangyu, sacked last year for links to a corruption scandal involving the misuse of social security funds, and former Beijing vice-mayor, Liu Zhihua, fired for taking bribes and helping his mistress “seek profit” while in charge of Olympic venue construction.

China’s former bureau of statistics chief, Qiu Xiaohua, had “not only kept a mistress for many years, but also raised a child with her”, the paper quoted the report as saying.

“Most of the corrupt officials had come from humble origins and risen to their positions after years of struggle,” it said.

Last month, China handed a death sentence to Duan Yihe, former party chief of Jinan, capital of the northeast province of Shandong, for killing his mistress with a car bomb after tiring of her constant demands for money.

Reports in Hong Kong newspapers last week said former Finance Minister Jin Renqing had been sacked in part for a dalliance with a local socialite, but a government spokesman said he had resigned for “personal reasons”……. ( more details from Reuters: Nine in 10 downed China officials “had mistresses”)

6 Responses to “Sex and Corruption: 90% Downed China Officials “had mistresses””

  1. games said

    wow thanks gud post

  2. China is 100% corrupt said

    Oh I nearly forgot. Go and look at the Company records and who owns the companies that own land. Many times the Government officials open companies in their children names to avoid detection.

    I have also witness 2 months ago a cash gift to a Mayors wife for permission on a land sale development. The cash was $40,000 usd and YES HE IS THE MAYOR OF THIS VERY LARGE PROVINCE!

    The corruption is everywhere. You can trust no one. Conracts are merely torn up in front of you.

    The country is booming and very exciting but any person should be warned its very corrupt and if you dont pay the brobes you can soon be put out of business by another person who will pay bribes to the government officials

  3. China is 100% corrupt said

    China is totally corrupt. How can government officials on $500usd a month send their kids to school in The USA, Canada and Australia? Its impossible to do unless they are accepting bribes.

    EVERY government staff member in power has accepted bribes

    Every Government staff member has enjoyed nights of entertainment at KTV bars with free girls and drinks and cash gifts.

    China is 100% corrupt and the world knows it

    Go to any Chinese city and see all the fake goods factories. Its n the culture to steal and take bribes.

    They have no morals in China. I should know I lived there for 14 years and had to pay bribes to Government and Police all the time

  4. jenny said


  5. italia111 said

    cool blog

  6. C.J said

    thanks gud post

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