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55 Kinds of Famous Toxic Food in China

Posted by Author on August 26, 2007

ChinaScope, 08/25/2007-

It was reported and widely reprinted in Chinese official websites and Blogs that there are 55 kinds of toxic food in China, ranging from daily rice, flour, vegetables, meat and eggs, fruits to famous seasonings and gradients, formulations, etc. [1, 2] Vegetables with very toxic residual pesticide were labeled as “harmless” vegetables and widely sold.

A. Rice, Flour and manufactured food (4)

1. Highly Carcinogen rice (old rice, rice for peasant workers) and manufactured food made of such rice. Eating this kind of rice will lead to nausea, vomiting, and cancer in the long-run.
2. Bleached flour: contains excessive amount of oxidized benzoformyl, causing fatigue, dizzy, amenesia, more dreams and neuroasthenia
3. Black-hearted moon cake – moon cakes with fertilizers
4. Dumplings made with unwanted meat and unwashed cabbages in Xinda Food Factory, Town of Panzhuang, Ninghe County, Tianjin City[3]

B. Meat and eggs (9)

1. Taicang Meat Floss made of meat from dead pig and mother pig, mixed with large amount of pea powder and bleached with hydrogen peroxide, and added with additives, food colors to make the meat floss looking good
2. Chicken/duck meat, pork and milk with large amount of chloramphenicol, oxytetracycline
3. Muscle-type pork feed with Clenbuterol
4. Convenience food with brine or smoked meat from sick-dead animals;
5. Mule meat posing as Pingyao Beef
6. Jinhua Ham submerged in Dichlorvos
7. Toxic sausage in Taixin city, Jiangsu province
8. Toxic “peasants” food in Wenzhou, Fujian province
9. Red yold eggs from hens feed with CAROPHYLL®Red

C. Vegetables and fruits (10)

1. Vegetables with excessive residual pesticide- “harmless” vegetables in Zhangbei county, Hebei province with highly-toxic residual pesticide, such as omethoate and methamidophos. These vegetables were labeled “harmless” and claimed to have never been sprayed with pesticides. These pesticides were used because they are cheap and strong, making good-looking vegetables that sales very well. The peasants told the journalists that they never eat these vegetables. [4]
2. Potatoes smoked by sulfur
3. Sichuan kimchi preserved by prohibited industry salt
4. Toxic leeks sprayed by “3911” pesticide, these leeks are thicker, wider, longer and with deeper color
5. “Fresh” shoot preserved by sulfur and industry salt
6. Sinister bean sprouts that were raised using growth hormone, rootless agent, bleached by Na2S2O4 [5]
7. Toxic longans bleached and smoked with sulfur
8. Strawberry and monkey hunting peach (Actinidia) that are fast-matured by growth hormone
9. Dried fruits with large amount of bacteria (100 times higher than national standard)
10. Preserved red dates with formaldehyde

D. Non-staple food, waterishlogged food, seasonings and gradients, formulations (24)

1. Toxic seeds (watermelon, pumpkin, sunflower) processed with mineral oils
2. Smelly Tofu processed by pig excrement
3. Yuba processed by chemical and carcinogens, such as industry gelatin, basic orange (chrysoidine), Rongalite (Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate)
4. Sweet potato starch noodles processed by rongalite and food colors
5. Longkou vermicelli contains rongalite;
6. Degenerated soy milk
7. Toxic milk powder in Anhui province
8. Rice noodles contains carbolic acid
9. Sanyuan “Quanjia (all good)” Lactobacillus in Shanghai with numerous streptomyces
10. Tremella, red peppers and Pericarpium Zanthoxyli
11. Black fungus (Auricularia auricular) stained with black ink
12. Green teas stained with green color
14. Various waterishlogged foods contains formaldehyde
15. Liquor mixed with industry alcohol
16. “Wine” made of Saccharin and food color
17. Hogwash fat took out from drainages
18. The famous chongqing Hot-pot Seasoning using paraffin as the coagulant
19. Red chili oil soup stock that that are leftovers from thousands of people
20. Toxic lard in Hunan province
21. Extra low price chicken extract
22. Toxic soy sauce processed with hair water
23. Shanxi “Very Old Vinegar” added with industry acetic acid
24. Fruit juice made nearby bathrooms with sorbic acid, potassium sorbate

E. Others (4)

1. “health chopsticks” submerged in sulfur
2. Low quality drinking fountains
3. Unqualified disposable medical devices
4. Numerous counterfeit and fake medicines

[1]-[5] please check the original report from

7 Responses to “55 Kinds of Famous Toxic Food in China”

  1. Paul said

    I lived in China (Shanghai) for about 28 months. I was working there for a large MNC. After about 18 months, i got a bad relapse of an ‘arrythmia’ which has become worse, and i acquired severe sleep apnea. It was so bad i thought i was going to die. I suspect drinking quite a bit of ‘Chinese wine’ (clear stuff for only $2 a bottle but 52 per cent alcohol) has damaged my heart. It is taking a long time to recover. I also believe the large amount of ‘food’ i ate in China (i ate out most of the time and also at the work canteen) is filled with poisonous and toxic substances, which the majority of younger Chinese do not suffer disease from (i am 47 and severely allergic to mold, dust etc.) because they are young. For example, in my office of 200 high-tech software workers (HP), the average age is 30 (yes, i still work for this company), which is typicalfor cities like Shanghai. What happens to the many senior workers in China who suffer from chronic illnesses or premature deaths, is unclear. It certainly is never reported. I saw less than five percent elderly in a city of 23 million people. This is not only strange; demographically it doesn’t make sense. I am now suffering very badly and do not know if i can work again, as i have a bad ‘heart flutter’ which wakes me up put of my sleep and causes sleep apnea (or vice versa; but what caused the flutter or the apnea?). The true story about China is never told in the Chinese newapers. You never see articles that give demographics, statistics and etc. regarding life expectancy, health issues etc. In a few decades, we are going to see a tsunami of chronically ill zombies walking the streets of China (unless they are helpfully ‘re-educated’ by the friendly local PSB) and doing all manner of violence and damage due to their utter frustration with a lawless, self-centered illuminaati who profit orgasmically from the misery of the average Chinese worker.

  2. This many scandals?! I can’t believe the Chinese government isn’t taking any actions!

  3. ovilbabe said

    so lucky im in hong kong, not really under control of china, so i can avoid eating those POISONOUS food.

  4. Amaya said

    Help us, please help Chinese people out of this Dungeon!!!

  5. steven said

    China doesn’t have the good food safety and quality system, it also has a corruption system. Their food products are produced under unsanitary condition such as filthy, contamination, dirty,etc., that’s why the cost of production is so cheap. Sometimes, you heard in the news one Chinese guy was executed by the Chinese government because he put some toxic chemical (melamin, diethyl glycol, formaldehyde, etc..) in the products. it doesn’t mean anything, their system is still the same. According to FDA website, The average FDA rejected 1420 Chinese food shipments from January 2009 to September 2009, the FDA inspection is less than 1 percent of all shipments from China and we consume 13 percent of imported food per Do we pay our money to buy toxic foods for ourselves?

  6. […] Toxic 55 Jump to Comments A fellow WordPress blogger has put together a list of the “55 Famous Toxic Foods From China.”  Worth a look since this blogger does focus a lot more on China than I do.  I’ve been reading his […]

  7. angie said

    I cannot believe the long list of disturbing truths!!! It is so disgusting and alarming! Even if consumers try their hardest to avoid buying those items, it does not help when they go out and eat in restuarnts(esp. chinese restaurants) because we have no way of knowing where the produce is from. Does it mean the end of eating out?? Something MUST be done – FAST!!!

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