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China: Beijing Police Patrol 10 University Campuses 24/7 to Prevent Demonstration

Posted by Author on August 23, 2007

ChinaScope, 08/21/2007 –

Beijing authorities have established police stations at 10 universities. Police will be on patrol 24/7 on campus. Rights activists view it as a move to re-enforce control over college students because students have been demonstrating lately. [1]

Student demonstrations have been on the rise at Chinese universities. This is unprecedented since the June 4th student movement and has involved participants from several hundred to several thousand. [2]

Last July, students at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of the China Zhongshan Institute held a demonstration refusing to change dormitory rooms.

On June 12, Sichuan University authorities cut off electricity at midnight to prevent students from watching a broadcast of the World Cup, leading to several thousand students protesting on campus. Another student demonstration occurred in June at Henan Zhengzhou University when students protested over diploma issues.

Last December, over 3,000 students at Dongran protested on campus over high tuition and the university’s refusal to issue diplomas.

Because of the students’ role in the June 4, 1989, demonstration on Tiananmen Square, that led to the authorities’ brutal massacre, China treats any student demonstrations with extreme caution.

[1]~[2] details from original report by : Beijing Police Patrol University Campuses 24/7

3 Responses to “China: Beijing Police Patrol 10 University Campuses 24/7 to Prevent Demonstration”

  1. PB and J said


    thanks for your response. i think you very effectively made your point. i agree that in a society that lacks integrity and where corruption is rampant, there is much wrongdoing. maybe that’s why someone once said, “Do to others what you would like them to do to you. This fulfills every law.”


  2. chinaview said

    Hi peter,

    Yes, the award-winning book “will the boat sink the water” is really a good reading to know further about China’s issues in countryside, where 70% Chinese are currently living in.

    Talking about the problem China facing, the root problem would be the completely crashed moral system- the crash begun from the communist party’s culture revolution, which purpose is to destroy all the traditional Chinese culture.

    Today, the corrupt officials never care of people’s life, they only care about how to get money for themselves. Problem between the ordinary people and corrupt officials happens in everywhere.

    Businessman the same, to get money they can do everything- that’s why there are so many fake, toxic, tainted products.

    Ordinary people’s also lack of basic trust to each other. They don’t care for each other. They only know to keep their own life happy, no matter how suffering others are facing- a result of the ruling Party’s long time repression and persecution, people become more “smart” than before: those who speak out for others will first be persecuted.

    So “why should I care about other people’s business ?” become a everyday sentence for most Chinese.

    When there’s no moral, there’s no justice.

    After lawyer Gao Zhisheng been silenced, how many lawyers still dare to stand up for petitioners, Christians, Falun Gong adherents and other activists?

    So a society without moral is what the communist party want – that will be easier for its control.

    But an in-moral society will not stable – people only know cheat each other and fight with each other- that’s actually the situation of current Chinese society and the problem the Chinese rulers are facing – a problem caused by itself and it will never be able to fix.

    Considering the changes of dynasties in China’s 5,000 years, most of the changes were caused by farmer revolts- at this point, like you said, the problem seems to be more in the countryside than the cities- that will be sure the biggest challenge to the ruling party.

    It’s really nice to hear feed back from you and please continue to comment.

  3. PB and J said

    i just finished reading “will the boat sink the water”. i think this is a MUST read.

    from what i read in it, the problem seems to be more in the countryside than the cities (where all the universities are). of course, i may be wrong, since i dont live there.

    what do you think?


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