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Suicides in China: 2.3 Times the Global Rate

Posted by Author on August 20, 2007

China Scope, 08/19/2007-

According to an official study done in 2002 in China, 287,000 people commit suicide every year. Suicide is the highest ranking cause of death in the age group of 15 to 34. It is the fifth largest for the general population. [1]

The rate of suicide in China is 2.3 times the global average. Suicides in China make up 30% of all suicides in the world (1 million each year). In addition, there are 2 million unsuccessful attempted suicides in China every year. [2, 3]

The No. 1 reason for up to 90% of suicides in other countries is mental problems [2, 3]. In China, however, suicide is often an immediate escape from an intense personal conflict rather than the result of mental problems.

More women than men commit suicide in China, which is in sharp contrast to the other parts of the world.

In rural areas, the suicide rate is 3 times that in cities. Seventy percent of those who commit suicide or attempt suicide never seek help with their problems. [4]

More college students committing suicide

In China, entering Beijing University is a great honor for students and their families. However, from April to July 2005, 3 Beijing University students committed suicide. From February to September, 14 university students in Beijing committed suicide [5].

According to a 2003 study, the rate of suicide among college students was 2 in every 10,000 [6]. A poll in 2004 indicated that 26% of all college students have thought of suicide, while 7% think about it often. [7]

The reasons for suicide include negative family influences, the pressure from studying and from life on campus, employment stresses in relationships with people, the student’s fragile mentality, diseases and negative media influences. [8]

Many of these students are the only child in their families. Their parents commonly have great expectations for them, tend to dote on them excessively and do too much for them. Thus when these students go out on their own, they are often mentally fragile, have difficulty enduring hardships and negative environmental impact, tend to be cowardly, feel inferior and have anxiety and other psychological problems.

In Guangzhou, a student committed suicide only because he “did not like the food at college, could not wash his clothes and could not get used to college life.” Many parents hire a babysitter near the campus for their children, or even rent a room nearby so that they can take care of their children themselves. [9]

The lack of religious or spiritual beliefs and China’s deteriorating moral values are other possible reasons [10, 11]. Suicide is considered a crime according to traditional Chinese culture and religions. However, the Chinese Communist Party has destroyed those traditions [12]. Today, religions, spiritual beliefs, and even large-scale Qigong practices in China are still under strict control or are prohibited. [13]

[1]~[13], please check the original report from

One Response to “Suicides in China: 2.3 Times the Global Rate”

  1. El Santo said

    I wonder if a large part can be attributed to the confusing state of morality in China. The government extolls the virtues of communism, yet the country is increasingly involved in capitalist ventures. Growing up, Chinese youth become convinced that no one in their world is telling them the truth about anything.

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