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(Photos) Man-made Fake Eggs Sold on China Night Market

Posted by Author on August 15, 2007

Zhengzhou city’s local newspaper Zhengzhou Daily (Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan province, in Central China) reported on Aug 13, 2007 that resident Mr. Wang, who’s selling food additive for many years, found that the chicken eggs he bought on night market didn’t look nature- his experience in food told him the “eggs” were made by additive!

So he caught the boss of the restaurant and asked him to tell he the truth, otherwise he will sue to the authority. The boss then reluctantly told Ms. Wang that the eggs were totally man-made, he actually didn’t make it himself but bought from a producer, and had finally told him the process of how to make fake “eggs”.

Mr. Wang then bought some materials – chemical food additive- and exposed to the reporter how to make fake eggs.

egg yolk

Above: additive liquor, for making egg yolk

egg yolk (2)

Above: egg yolk is ready after concreting

egg white

Above: put “egg white” – also additive- on egg yolk

After put the “egg” inside a calcium carbonate eggshell, a complete egg is ready – it only take less than 5 minutes.

Why make fake eggs ?

Because of money.

The cost of fake egg is only 0.55 Yuan/kg, while the true eggs’ market price is 5.6 Yuan/kg.

Read the Chinese report of this story Via Watching China website.

20 Responses to “(Photos) Man-made Fake Eggs Sold on China Night Market”

  1. Riel Gonzales y Aquino said

    sooner or later, fake Chinese factory workers might just come off some remote production line…

  2. I really couldn’t imagine why they still need to fake the eggs when in fact it is just so cheap… that’s fairly stupid..

  3. my knowledge is automatically added by reading your article, thank for sharing.

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  6. JessicaDuong said

    How stupid it is to say it’s ok on the fake eggs.

  7. […] I found this wordpress blog with pictures that showed the process of making fake […]

  8. what’s the matter on the fake eggs? it’s ok guys….

  9. from IReland said

    we have fake eggs in Ireland as well!!!
    I believe they are still made by haribo :)

  10. […] (Photos) Man-made Fake Eggs Sold on China Night Market […]

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  12. I love the fake eggs. Checky out my website to view it in action. Wing Wong

  13. I want to fertalise them

  14. Mik Kinsella said

    Is there a Rebook version?

  15. Mik Kinsella, UK said

    I’ve actually heard of one hatching!

  16. James Shezza Sherrington said

    Sounds great.
    Where can i buy them in the UK?

  17. Phil Trowler said

    That’s mental!

    Please send me photos of how the shell is made.

    Phil Trowler

  18. Ngurah Eka said

    This Chinese fake eggs has reach to Indonesian market. I have some pictures about raw and cooked Chinese fake eggs from my friend. But i don’t know how to upload the pictures.


    p Serwis a href http: target _blank title strong strong a , który niedawno przeszedł wiosenną metamorfozę, oferuje kategorię 8222 a href http: do okazje target _blank Wielkanoc …

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