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Human Organ Organization: China pulls unknowing patients into assistance of a crime

Posted by Author on July 24, 2007

Speech, by Dr. Damon Noto, from Doctors Against Organ Harvesting, on Jul. 20, 2007, at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit the CCP, in Washington D.C-

Stand up against the ongoing

live organ harvesting in China

by Dr. Damon Noto,
Jul. 20, 2007


Ladies and Gentleman!Dr. Damon Noto at Rally

I would like to thank the organizer of this rally for having invited me to speak about one of the most atrocious violations of ethical standards in medicine in the 21st century.

Doctors Against Organ Harvesting was alarmed by different reports about the latest transplantation practices in China. There is significant evidence that the recent transplantation boom in China is eventually built on unethical and unacceptable medical practices.

It is alarming how tens of thousands of transplantations were performed in the recent years in China without having a public organ donation program in place. It is implausible how transplantations can be scheduled in advance, most of the times within short notice, if organs traditionally are not donated in China.

The Chinese government admitted that most of the organs come from executed prisoners. However this does not explain the large amount of organs provided for transplantations and it doesn’t answer the question, how they can schedule transplantations ahead of time if there is no regular blood type screening for death row candidates.

To cut it short: It is beyond doubt that a living pool of donors is the foundation of the recent transplant boom in China. And there is significant evidence that this pool of living people is composed by living Falun Gong practitioners, waiting in detention to be killed on demand for profitable business.

These practices are absolutely unacceptable in all ethical standards relevant in the medical field. The Hippocratic Oath demands the medical doctor not to do harm to the patient, but some doctors in China don’t even hesitate to kill people to sell their organs.

Transplantation medicine in China has been turned into a criminal business, instead of money laundering they perform “organ laundering”: jeopardizing the lives of innocent people by stealing their organs and selling them, and thereby turning the body of a Falun Gong practitioner into money, worth half a million dollar. The cadaver will be cremated, the evidence after the organ harvest destroyed and what remains is a transplant and the money.

This phenomenon is not an internal problem China’s as the Chinese government used to say: No, it affects the medicine in the whole world.

Surgeons may send patients to China for quick transplants, desperate patients may seek help in China not knowing that they cause the death of healthy beings if they ask for transplants. Transplantation medicine in western countries loses competitiveness because their ethical standards cannot compete with the illegal practices in China.

The ethical sense in the western medicine is at stake.

But what is even more concerning and outrageous is the concept behind these practices.

The CCP uses the transplant medicine to shift the state run persecution of Falun Gong into the medical field by abusing medical doctors to violate their own professional oath. Doctors who suppose to help and cure patients are assisting in killing people! And patients, who seek cure themselves, are deceived by the CCP because they are unknowingly pulled into this crime against humanity as accomplices causing the death of Falun Gong practitioners when they ask for an organ. It is unspeakable how the CCP pulls unknowing patients into assistance of a crime.

Thousands of people from western and Asian countries traveled to China for transplants. It is definitely a problem that the medical community in the whole world should take serious and should oppose.

This violation of ethical standards maybe just the tip of the iceberg: Today it is life organ harvesting, tomorrow it might be stem cell therapy and genetic manipulation. The medical community is asked to stand up in time before the medical field faces even harsher challenges due to a lack of ethical standards in China. It is like a cancer: in the beginning one can even cure a cancer, but after some time it is too late and the body dies from cancer. Now it is time for the medical community to speak up before it is tool late.

We therefore call upon the international medical community and the governments worldwide to stand up against the ongoing live organ harvesting in China and to call for an end of these practices. An independent international investigation is necessary to verify the termination of these practices.

In NAZI Germany medical doctors were instrumental in the Holocaust, today medical doctors are instrumental in the state run persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Please help to stop these practices before it is again too late.

Thank you for your attention.


Dr. Damon Noto

Spokesman, Doctors Against Organ Harvesting

Original English speech and its Chinese translation are from the Epochtimes report

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