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20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing

Posted by Author on July 23, 2007

When communist collapsed in East Germany, 8.3% of its members resigned from theNO CCP Party;

When communist collapsed in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, 15% to 18% of its members resigned;

When Soviet Union collapsed, 22% members of the Communist Party resigned.

( Data from Prof. Chucheng Ming, Political Science professor at National Taiwan University, presented at Revealing a True China forum, on July 18, 2007, in Washington D.C.)

Now, 20% members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) resigned, when do you think the Party will collapse?

Hold on, How does 20% calculated?

1. At the end of 2006, CCP membership reportedly totaled 72.391 million, said by China official mouthpiece Xinhua. ( See report at : New Statistics on Chinese Communist Party Membership, July 16, 2007 )

2. Shown on the Quit CCP Website (in Chinese, numbers are real time updated) now, there are 24,026,414 Chinese people announced quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations ( Communist Youth League, Communist Young Pioneers)- most of them use their alias to avoid persecuted- in which 60.5% were CCP members , base on a report by an joint project analyzing the Quit CCP website database using artificial intelligence software.

That means, 14.52 million CCP members announced anonymously quit the party.

3. So it comes to here: 14.52 / 72.391 = 0.20057 = 20.05%

When do you think the Chinese Communist Party will collapse?

Leave you comments here. Those who original from East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union are especially welcome.

5 Responses to “20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing”

  1. chinaview said

    Yes Simone, just as you can see, the traditional Chinese culture is destroied by the CCP in this recent 60 years.

    The CCP’s philosophy – struggle, voilence – has nothing to do with China’s 5,000 thousand years culture, and the Communist Party itself was originally started from Europe, not from China.

    The traditional Chinese beliefs of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism offered the people a very stable moral system, unchangeable “so long as heaven remains.” This ethical system offered the basis for sustainability, peace, and harmony in society.

    Today the CCP ask all the religions have to be controlled by CCP itself, no matter what and who you believe- if you believe in God, then CCP is the God of God.

    Otherwise, you will be labeled as ‘Cult’ and arrested.

    That’s why today in China, true believers of tibetan, Christian, Catholicism and Falun Gong are all facing persecution.

    Today’s CCP does not represent the Chinese people at all, it only represents the group of corrupted officials, although sometimes, to save the CCP it would punish some officials – But the thing is clear, the punishment of a single official is not because it cares of the majority Chinese people, it is just to make itself to pass the crisis.

    That why, while executing the corruption official Zheng Xiaoyu, the former head of drug, the repression of protesters, reporters, lawyers, human rights defenders, dissidents, and religious has never stopped.

    Today’s Chinese are on the way to get back the value of the nation, by taking action to get ride of the CCP completely.

    And one fact is simple, if a Party which was originate from Europe and now has been completely thrown away by people there, why should it exist in China? If the European people was wise enough to know the evil of the Party, why the Chinese can’t?

    It’s just a matter of time. And the time, which we can see, is coming.

    Thank you for your support to the Chinese people.

  2. Simone Vargas said

    I am happy to here that the People of China have banned together to end the CCP. It took alot of courage to do. I applaud you all for your dedication and strength in numbers to eradicate the Communistic views.. I love the Chinese Culture since I was a child in the Americas and always wanted to go and visit your wonderful culture. But recently, I couldn’t help but to discover the way dogs and cats are slaughtered and eaten, how it’s own people treated and then I understood the lack of respect your country has for its animals. My heart cries out to you all and wish you all the wonderful success in your venture and I will truly be apart of this campaign and I will walk tall with you as an American and as a fellow humanitarian in the fight to end corruption and barbarism..

  3. chinaview said

    Good to know.

    My personal point of view, the wave of quitting CCP will not stop.

    After June 4 Tiananmen square massacre in 1989, there were also some small number of Chinese people resigned, but not like this time, quitting at daily basis for 2 and half years already.

    Another difference is, this wave was not triggered by a incident, it’s triggered by a serials of article – that means the resign is an rational choice for everybody, not emotional.

    We can see the courage in this, the people is making up their mind to get ride of the CCP. So the collapse of CCP is just a matter of time.

    Meanwhile, it’s also a test, or a choice for western countries. While the Chinese people know clearly the crime of the regime, made decision and taking their action, is it a time for the westerner to choose to stand together with the people or with the regime?

    And this choice, will bring back with different future for everybody – either shame or glory.

  4. John Orpen said

    I am not from a former communist country, but have been watching China’s “progress” with interest. What will be interesting to see is if the rich businessmen who have benefitted from the growth in the Chinese economy will support the CCP, like those in Russia supported Putin’s rise to power, or if they will turn against them. I think this will have big an influence on the life span of the CCP.

    Another thing which will speed up it’s collapse is if the West starts to put pressure on the CCP to stop human rights abuses. A strong opposition to the CCP abroad might well encourage many more party members to resign.

    Wishing change…

  5. Well, I am in Poland now, and was here on and off from 1986 to 2007, and would say that the absolute numbers in the Communist Party was one sign of the deteriorating power of the party, but not the “only” one.

    Probably, there is also widespread decrease in the perception that party membership will advance your career, and once the perception changes so that party membership is seen as more of a minus, then aplus, things can fall apart fairly quickly.

    One thing that appearred to be important in Poland was the perception that those who were part of the previous regime would not be too visciously prosecuted–that made it easier for them to give up power in a non-violent way.

    Good Luck!

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