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First International Chinese Classical Dance Competition Concludes

Posted by Author on July 11, 2007

By Xin Fei, Epoch Times Staff, Jul 10, 2007-

NEW YORK—After three days of intensive competition, the first International Chinese Classical Dance Competition concluded on July 8, 2007 in New York City. Twenty-two contestants from across the world gave splendid performances and high level displays. Expressed through different dance styles, they presented the rich and colorful inner meanings of Chinese dance.

Tickets were sold out for the final competition. During the performance, each act surpassed the preceding one, and there was unceasing applause from the audience.

Many audience members said that this was the first time they had ever seen such a great dance competition as it was so splendid, graceful and harmonious.

The audience also thought the competition displayed traditional Chinese culture and set up a bridge connecting Eastern and Western culture. They hoped that such a competition would continue to be held year after year.

Some audience members also said that this competition had created the noblest kind of dance in the world, and Chinese dance will surely become popular across the world.

The dance competition award ceremony was also held on July 8. During the ceremony, video clips of the contestants’ fabulous performances were shown on a big screen on the stage. The theatre was a full house and everyone was eagerly awaiting the final results.

The audience’s excitement was palpable as the host announced the winners. The champions for the four divisions were Yuhsuan Chou, Jason Shi, Michelle Ren, and Yung Chia Chen.

President Li Cong of the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) and chairperson Guo Xiu of the contest’s judging committee made the awards to the four champions. The gold award was $10,000 and a cup, the silver $3,000 and a cup, and the bronze award $1,000 and a cup.

The winners’ list is as follows:

Gold Award:

Junior Division, Female: Yu Hsuan Chou
Junior Division, Male: Jason Shi
Adult Division, Female: Michelle Ren
Adult Division, Male: Yung Chia Chen

Silver Award:

Junior Division, Female: Serena Liang
Junior Division, Male: Po Hung Lin
Adult Division, Female: Hsiao Feng Chang
Adult Division, Male: Yi Chun Chang

Bronze Award:

Junior Division, Female: Cindy Liu, Hsiang En Mao
Adult Division, Female: Xiaoyan Ni, Min Liang
Adult Division, Male: Tim Wu, Seongho Cha

Performance Prize:

Fan Meng, Serene Xian Lin Tan, Sio Lok Chan, Ming Chi Lo, Meng Chun Tsai, Liang Cai, Leon Chao, Jianhui Shen

Li Cong warmly congratulated all prize-winners. He said that in the last few days, the competition had been more and more splendid and the contestants performed very well. Though the preparation for the competition encountered many twists and turns, it had concluded successfully.

He said, “As Chinese, we all hope that our country will become strong. A strong country relies on a strong culture. Given the growing global interest in China, this is the momentum for reviving Chinese culture. We have joined together to accomplish this competition at a time of favorable geographical and human conditions. This is only the beginning. We will hold it every year and I hope everybody will participate enthusiastically.

“We will sigh with emotion when in the distant future, we look back at the grand occasion of this first dance competition. This is the beginning of the revival of Chinese culture. The Chinese culture will be reborn after suffering numerous disasters. You have such outstanding Chinese dance talents and are fortunate to meet at this historic moment. Let us contribute together to the revival of Chinese culture.”

The host revealed that contestants came from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, North America, Europe and Australia. For the winners, this was a special honor in their chosen art and a new start for their career. For other contestants, this was also an excellent practice and learning opportunity.

original report from The Epochtimes

Video: First ever Chinese Classical Dance Competition a Success, July 10th, 2007

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