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    Reporters Without Borders said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agency”, that “Xinhua remains the voice of the sole party”, “particularly during the SARS epidemic, Xinhua has for last few months been putting out news reports embarrassing to the government, but they are designed to fool the international community, since they are not published in Chinese.”
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Fast-Growing China Says Little of Child Slavery’s Role

Posted by Author on June 21, 2007

By HOWARD W. FRENCH, New York Times, June 21, 2007-

SHANGHAI, June 20 — There is a certain ritualistic aspect to stories in China like the one this past week about the hundreds of people, many of them teenagers or even younger, who were forced to work under slavelike conditions in the brick kilns of Shanxi Province. First, Chinese readers are horrified by a picture of their country that many say they hardly recognize, then a villain is rounded up, and finally, after a torrent of unusually blunt and emotionally charged news reports and editorials, the matter drops from view, ensuring that the larger issue goes unresolved.

The villain in the case was Heng Tinghan, the manager of the brick works, who was arrested Saturday and promptly cemented his bad-guy image by protesting that it was a “fairly small thing” to beat and abuse underage workers, and to deprive them of pay. With his arrest, and the urging of the Central Office of External Communication of the Communist Party, the story then died away. But Chinese newspapers are constantly peppered with accounts of the death and injury of child laborers, and of disputes that arise because of unusually low wages, or the withholding of pay, with no region of the country exempted.

Just within a week or so of the brick kiln story, there were several reports of labor abuses against children. A 14-year-old boy was killed in an explosion while filling a tank with napthalene at a chemical factory near Nanjing. A 15-year-old boy was dragged into a cotton gin and crushed to death in Nanchang after working a succession of 20-hour days. And 70 girls from rural Henan Province were brought by their teacher to work at a grape processing plant in Ningbo, where their hands bled from working 16-hour shifts.

From the densely packed factory zones of Guangdong Province to the street markets, kitchens and brothels of major cities, to the primitive factories of China’s relatively poor western provinces, child labor is a daily fact of life, experts here say, and one that the government, preoccupied with economic growth, has traditionally turned a blind eye to.

“In order to achieve modernization, people will go to any ends to earn money, to advance their interests, leaving behind morality, humanity and even a little bit of compassion, let alone the law or regulations, which are poorly implemented,” said Hu Jindou, a professor of economics at the University of Technology in Beijing. “Everything is about the economy now, just like everything was about politics in the Mao era, and forced labor or child labor is far from an isolated phenomenon. It is rooted deeply in today’s reality, a combination of capitalism, socialism, feudalism and slavery.” (…… more details from New York Times’ website)

2 Responses to “Fast-Growing China Says Little of Child Slavery’s Role”

  1. chinaview said

    Hi Nik,

    It looks like if you are a Chinese ( I’m not so sure whether you are a Chinese or not, if only look at the name you left on the post), you would be much appreciate living under the control of the Communist.

    But the fact shows that the Chinese people not.

    There were 87,000 mass protests happened in China in year 2005, said by Chinese official. Considering the nuture of lying and disguise of the Communist party, there should be many more happened, though we don’t know exactly the number.

    The (at least) 87,000 mass protests means protest happened in every 6 minutes !

    We also know all this kind of protests ended up with repression or even killing, like the auto-gun shooting happen in Dongzhou village in Guangdong province in the end of year 2005, which is still covered up by the government and it’s controlled medias.

    All the repression, is said by the government to make a “harmonious sociaty”, with no noise, no complain, cooperate with the corrupted officials, work as a slave – then the great Party and the leaders will give you food and pull you out of poverty! – How harmony it is a slave country !

    People all over the world have the common understanding of what’s the basic human rights. Only the Chinese communist party mis-use, mis-explain it – actually it’s mis-leading – that the human rights is survival rights.

    So like you said, you are pulled out of poverty by the great Party, you should have no complain, no matter you are forced to work as slave or killed ! You should thanks a lot for the Party !

    The thing I know is, if it’s just a animal, food maybe good enough for its life; but for human beings, food is far not enough in front of dignity.

    Do you agree?

    That’s why the Christians who’s being persecuted by the regime do not give up their mind;

    That’s why the tibetans still love Dalai Lama;

    That’s why the the Falun Gong members keep on doing their meditation even when they are facing forced organ harvesting from their body;

    And, that’s why the Chinese people’s protests never stoped no matter how they are repressed !

    Without human rights and dignity, does a human being still qualified as a human being?

    It looks like a joke that you said China “learning the American way in commerce… and news propaganda”.

    Maybe you didn’t know ( or pretend? ) China is the only country has exactly a “propaganda department” in it’s administration system. If you don’t know how to propagandize, learn from China.

    And for the way do business, if China can learn from the western countries, everybody incuding Chinese people will feel lucky:

    – there won’t be so many sweatshops
    – there won’t be so many slave labour/child labors
    – there won’t be so many poisoned food/toothpaste/toys

    Unfortunately, China alway kepe its own China-style in doing things.

    There’s a lot information about what/how/why you thought I can read out from your post. Hopefully you can read more from my blog here, because of the main purpose of this blog is to against the communist’s propaganda and brainwash.



  2. Nik said

    Well, what can you say, China has Westernized in every possible way, learning the American way in commerce… and news propaganda. Remember the good old communist days when Xinhua was so amateurish in its propaganda? Long gone.

    “First, Chinese readers are horrified by a picture of their country that many say they hardly recognize, then a villain is rounded up, and finally, after a torrent of unusually blunt and emotionally charged news reports and editorials, the matter drops from view, ensuring that the larger issue goes unresolved.”

    This is the New York Times Way folks. Can you say 9/11, WMD, Abu Ghraib, and a bunch of other atrocities in Iraq. In Iraq, and all over the world, including inside the United States.

    Henry, that’s your status of Chinese people: every day more like the Americans.

    If you want to make the world a better place start in your adopted country. At least the Chinese government has managed to pull 300 million people out of poverty, which is more that can be said about the US Government.

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