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Videos: Tiananmen Square Massacre 18 Years Ago in China

Posted by Author on June 3, 2007

Do you know why the words “Tiananman” and “June 4” are both on China’s block list and are censored all the time on Internet ? Because it’s related to a massacre China government tried to cover up in these recent 18 years.

Here’s a video report by CBC 18 years ago about the massacre happened in China’s capital City Beijing:

In the spring of 1989, college students in China led a pro-democracy movement, calling for freedom, democracy, less corruption, and more transparency from China’s Communist leaders. Their protest was peaceful, non-violent, and the protesters were unarmed.

Their protest also caught on widely, drawing in intellectuals, journalists, and labor leaders. (China Support Net)

The students gathered togather in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, erected a statue that resembled the Statue of Liberty. Their version was dubbed the Goddess of Democracy.

Millions of people in Beijing joined them. And also, besides beijing, students gained support from almost all classes of the Chinese society from all over the country including many high ranking officials.

But finally at the night of June 3, 1989, the communist leaders decided to crack down on the student movement and called in the army.

Chinese tanks and troops opened fire to students with live ammunition as they swept into Tiananmen Square.

About 3,000 people were killed, and about 10,000 wounded.

But the Chinese government declared later after the massacre that :

– There’s no students been killed and no massacre happened on Tiananmen square;
– On the contrary, there were soldiers been killed by “Mob”

Till today, the massacre is still called as “riot” by the Communist government.

Here’s another Documentary video in Google, “The cutting edge: Tank Man”, about the the massacre, the brave Tank Man who stand in front of and blocked the tanks, and the human rights in China. 52 minutes long. Highly recommanded to everybody.

China: Tiananmen Legacy Defies Olympic Gloss, Human Rights Watch, June 1, 2007

9 Responses to “Videos: Tiananmen Square Massacre 18 Years Ago in China”

  1. Dara said

    The point of this article was to uncover a major injustice that the Chinese government tries to cover up. Yes, this article can be a supporter of human rights. Supporting man’s freedoms is not at all wrong. God even gives man freedoms (Adam and Eve’s choice to eat the apple or not, Abraham’s choice to leave his land or go to where God had called him, Noah’s choice to build the arc or not, man’s choice to do right or wrong, man’s choice to recieve salvation or not, etc.) So freedom is a part of nature implanted by God. God does tell man that the greatest commandment is love, but looking at other pieces of the Bible, God dislikes the persecution of justice. (John 2:15, Micah 6:8) God speaks on many occasions how one should uphold justice and righteousness above all else, a favorite being Jeremiah 22: 3-5. As to the actual definition of love, you can look to 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 where it plainly states that love is just. The Chinese government was neither just nor kind to its citizens on June 4, 1989; they were not displaying love and were therefore against God’s commands. If God disagrees with it, then shouldn’t we?

    Showing such “ugly history” helps us from repeating it. It is a reminder that we should take care and watch, ensuring that similar horrible incidents do not reoccur. The Chinese government is notoriously known for disparging Western nations. (Here is an article on nationalism in China: Here is an article on Chinese sentiment toward Western protest over Tibet: China has been extremely anti-West due to its history with the West (imperialism), and the country is quick to bring it up when ever strife with Western nations ensues. The Communist Party in China is also against the West because many Western countries (such as America) have political views contrary to their own and as such are seen as a threat.

    The Chinese do not admit their mistakes as the article makes light on. (“But the Chinese government declared later after the massacre that : [t]here’s no students been killed and no massacre happened on Tiananmen square; [o]n the contrary, there were soldiers been killed by “Mob” “) There are other incidents in Chinese history where they either blamed other countries for their poor practices, or denied the existence of such bad events. With the downfall of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, the great leader went on a series of purges, annihilating many government and military leaders. Instead of putting the blame where it was due, Mao blamed others for the flaws of his plan and slaughtered them as a consequence.

    China doesn’t produce everything. If you start checking some of the articles in your house you’ll also see ‘Made in Mexico’, ‘Made in India’, and ‘Made in the USA’ tags. America produces a great deal of products. In 2000, American farmers reaped 72.7 million acres of corn. ( Infact, America’s manufacturing industry is also still fairly strong.(

    My question to you is why would we support our enemies? China has had a hostile relationship ever since Mao became its leader. It doesn’t make much sense to provide aid to a country that also provides aid to some of our greatest enemies. (An article on wikiAnswers gives greater details: Supporting the Chinese will only lead to strengthening our enemies thus creating a further threat for not only America, but her allies such as Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, France, etc.

    Again, this article is not blaming any one. Instead, it is revealing a dark piece of history in order to protect future generations from making the same mistakes. This is only an informative piece to help us learn and grow.

  2. Tivi Media said

    Tiananman is indeed a resounding word for the international community. Protest up to the present are given unequal treatment by the Chinese government. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people

    thank for share :)

  3. Tiananman is indeed a resounding word for the international community. Protest up to the present are given unequal treatment by the Chinese government. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people.

  4. one said


    I live in germany, and we have a truly ugly history. We do remember that bad history often. Thats how to keep peace, remembering the bad things and making sure they wont be forgotten and wont happen again. And we need no god to do that. Its just common sense.

    Now about support. You are right, support is better than blaming. But i for my part don’t want to support a country that yet treats their citizens and animals like crap. And this is not even an “ugly history” , its pretty up to date.

    Last thing to note is that i live in east germany, wich was a communist republic before 1989. I can clearly say, even tho the communist party of the DDR was very bad. The chinese communist party is worse.

    Maybe someday it will happen that people are able to seperate religion from politics. But until then they will live in stoneage.


  5. Faith said

    hey, you. I don’t understand you totally. Your point? To tell the world freedom is the most important among everything. I don’t agree. God doesn’t say so, how about you? God says LOVE is the most important. No 2. what do you mean to show the other people’s ugly history from time to time? Do you have ugly history? Does your country have ugly history? Yes, you do. Do you admit it? I hope so. Do they show your ugly history and tell everyone from time to time? No, they don’t. They love peace more than you do. You are a such bad neighbor (can I say that?) Do they admit from their heart about their mistakes? Yes, they do. Because they do, so they improve hard. So they produce everything, so they suffer air pollution. If you are good, why don’t you support this country with technology? Why do you sell everything good you have so expensive to them? oh, … don’t tell me you are not good. Then I don’t think you even have a right to give any comment. btw, What are you doing at the same time? You are blaming this, show the ugly scar, and tell everybody this that, and I suggest you just close your mouth, and give more support, instead of blaming, blaming, and blaming.

  6. Dharm said

    I watched both the videos. I really surprised with the military and govt. action and the massacre they did in 1989. Though i know massacre is in every country… I am from india.. and i also know massacre happened in india too several years ago…
    It really hurt in the heart when i see and think the cheap thinkings peoples still living on this earth… Still the peoples thinking is very backward in this modern age… still their fake stupid beliefes and thoughts…
    Power in wrong hands always lead a country to such massacre… only innocent peoples pay with their lives.. and those powerful peoples live safely….
    I do not know when peoples will think in right ways.. when they will stop such wrong doings..
    No matter in which country it is happening… the thing is that it is totally shameful act.

    I also watched the second video… and i m so touched with two things… one that Brave Chinese guy who stood in front of three tanks and stopped them.. That’s the courage… that’s the power of one. I highly appreciate his courage… Second thing touched to me is that china girl who said to those china military guys…” that brother soldier don;t kill own country peoples” …
    It is so sad that even then chinese military killed those innocent peoples.. killed thousands of them…
    So shameful…

  7. […] nearly 20 years since the Tiananmen Square massacre. It holds memories for me because I was in Northern Pakistan at the time, coming to the […]

  8. Tim said

    im doing a project about this. any websites would be appreciated.

  9. H. (Bart) Vincelette said

    I remember well the Tiananmen Square massacre by the Chinese officials , in 1989. It was especially of note in the city I call home ; Vancouver , BC , as we have a large Chinese-Canadian population. China is reported to be very concerned about its image prior to the Olympics. The Games might be an ideal opportunity to bring their absence of human rights to the attention of humanity.Like all totalitarian regimes , they are inherently paranoid and like the more primitive of the Muslim countries , incapable of telling the truth. They have lied about everything from the numbers of their citizens they slaughter at will , to AIDS and the inferiority of the products with which they flood our markets.Thus far their indifference to our standards , has only killed our pets , but that is significant in itself. The harvesting of human organs for transplant is reprehensible. THat issue alone should cause grave concern amongst anyone that values human life and dignity. They do not .

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