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Statistics and Q/A: 20 Million Chinese Quit the Chinese Communist Party

Posted by Author on April 3, 2007

By the date of Mar. 26, 2007, it’s shown on the Quit CCP Announcement Website ( in Chinese ) that more than 20 million Chinese people announced quit the Chinese Communist Party or its Affiliated Organizations (CCP/AO) because of CCP’s brutal persecution of Chinese people and people feel shame or guilty be a member of CCP.

The withdrawals ( called Tui Dang in China) are continuing at a rate of about 30,000+ per day.

1. Some statistics:

Started from Dec. 03, 2004 (Asia-pacific Time ) to Mar. 31, 2007:

Grand total number of people quit CCP/AO:20,155,948
This month’s number of people quit CCP/AO:1,130,928
This week’s number of people quit CCP/AO:182,505
Yesterday’s number of people quit CCP/AO:31,427
Today (2007-03-31)

Every day’s number of people quit CCP/AO in February 2007 Eachday Statistics Chart of Feb, 2007

2. Question: How can the Chinese in mainland China publish announcement on a blocked overseas website ?

Answer: To publish their formal announcement on the Quit CCP Announcement Website, which is been blocked by China Great Firewall all the time, people have to, by my understanding:

– either, have the skill to break the block by using secure anonymous proxy or technologies, like software tools provided by Ultrareach , Gpass or Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) Inc. , which are all free for use to Chinese.

– or, get the help from the volunteer working staffs from the Global Service Center for Quit CCP ( in Chinese). There are over 60 local service centers or service booths in major cities worldwide which are all supported by volunteers, accepting phone calls, faxes, emails or messaging from Chinese people and help them to publish their announcements on the website.

And also, the Global Service Center distribute the free break-block software to people.

People can Choose publish their announcement by either real name or alias.

3. Question: Why some people choose to use alias but not their real name?

Answer: (by my undrstanding) To CCP, less member means less and lost control, so those who declare to quit the CCP is similar to declare to against the government. So publish announcement by alias is a way to protect self from been persecuted by CCP.

CCP’s repression or even killing of the people who quit the CCP never stopped. Well-known Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng was sentenced to 4 years because of his support to the Quit CCP movement. Writer and website director Li Hong ( Zhang jianhong) was sentenced in this month to 6 years in prison because of his support of this movement.

There is a name list of 91 ordinary Chinese people who’s been Abducted,Detained or Persecuted because of quit the CCP, available on the website of Global Service Center for Quit CCP, in English.

4. Question: Which part of the country did these Chinese people come from ?

Answer: One of the Internet block-breaking technology company, Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT), provided their statistics of IP source that Chinese people used to announce their statement on the Quit CCP website. Here it’s:

50727 total requests accepted by DIT in Feb, 2007

Province Requests Percentage

Shandong 3663, 7.2%
Heilongjiang 3540, 7.0%
Beijing 2723, 5.4%
Liaoning 2719 5.4%
Hebei 2429 4.8%
Jilin 1506 3.0%
Guangdong 1107 2.2%
Sichuan 869 1.7%
Tianjin 860 1.7%
Hubei 794 1.6%
Jiangsu 775 1.5%
Henan 728 1.4%
Hunan 641 1.3%
Shanghai 521 1.0%
Shanxi 455 0.9%
Anhui 440 0.9%
Guangxi 350 0.7%
Chongqing 306 0.6%
Zhejiang 254 0.5%
Guizhou 247 0.5%
Yunnan 242 0.5%
Jiangxi 223 0.4%
Gansu 218 0.4%
Fujiang 178 0.4%
Ningxia 169 0.3%
Neimenggu 148 0.3%
Xijiang 62 0.1%
Shannxi 37 0.1%
Qinghai 36 0.1%
Hainan 32 0.1%

5. How and when did this resignations start?

This massive wave of resignations was triggered in late 2004 after the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times published their editorial article “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” which revealed for the first time a historical account of the CCP’s formation, its advocacy of violence and deception, its destruction of traditional beliefs, and the disaster it has brought upon the Chinese nation.

The publication is now #1 on the CCP’s Internet blockade list.

A video about the Nine Commentaries

9 Responses to “Statistics and Q/A: 20 Million Chinese Quit the Chinese Communist Party”

  1. wunderer said


  2. chinaview said

    Hi Sylvia,

    To let more people know and read the Nine Commentaries of The Communist Party, which triggered the wave of the resign, would be the best way to help.

    Nine Commentaries of The Communist Party can be found and download from:

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  3. Sylvia Vargas said

    I am so proud of all those people of china who are finally taking a stand to end this barbaric Communism beliefs. I applaud each and everyone of you. I back you 100% for your tenacity and bravery. How can I help? I ‘ll do anything for you all.

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  5. yazmilda said

    Very good info, thanks a lot!

  6. […] Gao Zhisheng quotes from a Chinese website, so you fact checkers that speak the language are welcome to check it […]

  7. politico1 said

    Finally the Chinese people have had enough and can do something about their own situation. I hope that they can get out from under their repressive government without too many lives being lost to more aggressive policies by the leaders.

  8. […] 3rd, 2007 · No Comments 30,000 Chinese are quitting the Communist Party every day. Gosh, I wonder what’s got into […]

  9. hydralisk said

    This can only be very very good news. A thousand cheers for Epoch News.

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