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Dogs and Cats Skinned Alive for Their Fur in China

Posted by Author on February 24, 2007

By Gary Feuerberg, Epoch Times Washington, D.C. Staff, Feb 21, 2007-

China has become the world’s largest exporter of fur garments in just a few years. Many of the international fur traders, manufacturers, and fashion designers have shifted their business to China, where they can exploit China’s cheap labor and the absence of restrictive animal welfare regulations.

China’s new ascendance in the fur market—fur trade production and retail—comes with a heavy price for the fur-bearing animals. China apparently has no laws in place to regulate the confinement and slaughter of the raccoon dogs, foxes, minks, rabbits, and even dogs and cats, whose fur is responsible for a highly profitable industry. While conditions of fur farms in the West have been subjected to criticism by animal rights groups, Chinese fur farms and slaughter methods have been alleged to be far more shocking and brutal.

China’s fur industry has developed across numerous fur farms over the last 12 years. China’s farms number as many as 10,000, where 90% of the skins come from farms with fewer than 50 females, according to the China Leather Industry Association, cited in a report published by Swiss Animal Protection (SAP), Care for the Wild, and East International, (henceforth, called the “SAP report”) in January 2005 and updated last month.

Fur farms tend to be concentrated in China’s North East. Fur farms in Shandong province hold the highest number of animals, followed by Heilongjiang province and then Jilin province. Hebei province acts as the hub for the marketing of fur. At the Shangcun Market in Hebei province, 35 million fur skins are traded each year, which accounts for over 60% of China’s pelt trade. The above information is taken from Chinese industry sources cited in the SAP report.

It was in the Shangcun Market that a 14-minute video was secretly produced in February 2005 by the Swiss Animal Protection SAP which shows the skinning of raccoon dogs, foxes and other animals that are still alive and even struggling (see WARNING: Images may be disturbing to some viewers).

An investigative reporter from the Beijing News observed conditions at the Shangcun Market two months after the video was on the Internet and the report appeared in the online version, April 5, 2005. A spokesperson from the county’s Communist Party Committee propaganda department was quoted as saying that the live skinning took place seven or eight years ago but could not happen now. However, the reporter for the Beijing News confirmed that skinning alive of most animals at this largest of fur markets in China was still going on even after it had been exposed earlier.

Slaughtering the Fur Animals in China

The animals are immobilized by being stunned with repeated blows to the head, or by being slammed on the ground. The animals are injured and may convulse, tremble or attempt to crawl away, says the SAP report—this is also shown repeatedly in the video. The skinning may begin while the animal is conscious or regaining consciousness.

“Desperate and writhing in agony, animals conscious during these procedures hopelessly try to defend themselves even to the point where all the skin had been forced off …breathing, heart beat…and eyelid movements were evident for 5 to 10 minutes,” describes the SAP report of the video and photos.

The International Fur Trade Federation (ITIF), of which China is a member, deplored the SAP report, arguing that it made sweeping generalizations about the conditions in all of China. “It is wrong to portray all fur farming as the same in China,” said the IFTF. Some fur farms are run to western standards, said the ITIF. Conditions will improve for animal welfare in China when fur farmers come to realize that the quality of the pelts improve by employing western standards of animal welfare, and that through education, the situation will correct itself—this is the gist of the ITIF’s response.

Fur Trim in Fashion

The fur garments are most commonly sold in the U.S., Europe or Japan as fur-trim on coats, gloves, purses, toys, trinkets, and even furniture. By mixing fur with silk, wool, suede and leather, and employing new manufacturing processes, such as shearing and knitting, and new fashionable colors, fur has attained a new novelty and versatility, according to sources cited in a Care for the Wild International (CWI) report.

“Overall, fur was displayed in greater numbers than in previous years, coming in all colors, shapes and sizes,” commented a CNN report on fur’s popularity on runways during New York’s Fashion Week in February 2005. However, consumers may not have noticed the large increase of fur use in fashion today, because fur-trim is much less conspicuous than the expensive full-length fur coats worn in the past, added that most people would be too embarrassed to wear those today.

U.S. fur sales in 2003 were $1.8 billion, according to the Fur Information Council of America, cited by CWI. “China has become the leading fur garment exporter to the USA, accounting for 40% of total US imports in 2004—the equivalent of $7.9 million,” according to the SAP report. However, exact import statistics are difficult to obtain because fur trimmings are not specifically declared to customs, says the SAP report.

Protests Staged in Washington and 35 Cities Worldwide

The Anti-Fur Society of Washington, D.C.—a member of the International Anti-Fur Coalition—disapproves of the cramped wire cages that leave almost no room for the animal to move about. In these cramped quarters, the animals show signs of extreme anxiety and pathological behaviors, according to a report by CWI. The Anti-Fur Society of Washington, D.C. especially objects to the slaughter methods, including the skinning of the animals alive, “which makes China’s fur industry the most barbaric in the world,” says their press release. Their membership find these practices highly disturbing and horrifying.

The group is also appalled at the frequent use of domestic dog and cat fur. Although against U.S. law, a loophole in customs law and mislabeling permits their use in the U.S., they say. Fur items priced at less than US$150 are not checked by Customs for truthful labeling upon entry. The group contends that unsuspecting customers are purchasing items with dog and cat fur. They claim that even Burlington Coat Factory, Macy’s, JC Penny, Nordstrom, Saks and Barneys are selling dog fur as the fur from another species or even labeled as “faux fur.”

A UK-based charity, Care for the Wild International (CWI), reported that on Nov 20, 2006, the E.U. banned imports of pelts of dogs and cats. The CWI stated that 5,400 dogs and cats are slaughtered every day in China. “Chinese suppliers offered us entire sheets made of dozens and dozens of cat skins—all in matching color patterns of tabby, ginger, black and white or tabby and white,” says Dr Barbara Maas, CWI’s Chief Executive.

To protest China’s alleged inhumane methods for fur industry animals, members of the Anti-Fur Society of Washington, D.C. on February 13 carried a symbolic casket across the Taft Memorial Bridge, followed by a funeral for the animal victims of the Chinese fur trade in front of the Chinese Embassy at 2300 Connecticut Ave. This demonstration at the Chinese Embassy was one of many that occurred on the same day in over 35 cities worldwide.

The documentary of the gruesome slaughter methods in the Shangcun Market made by the Swiss Animal Protection is often mentioned by the protesters as graphic proof of the barbarity of China’s fur industry.

In Switzerland and several European countries, fur farming has been banned due to considerations for the humane treatment of animals. “In their lives and their unspeakable deaths, these animals have been denied the simplest acts of kindness,” writes the investigator of the SAP report on conditions of the Chinese fur farms.

The World Fur Industry

Global fur sales in 2005 totaled to $12.8 billion, which was a 9.1% increase from 2004, according to the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF). In 1999, sales were only 8.2 billion and have been rising steadily every year for the last six years.

To get some idea of China’s relative place in the industry, in world trade mink production, China takes up 22.4% of the total, which places it behind first place Denmark with 30.3% of the mink production in 2005. Sandy Parker estimates 10 million mink pelts produced in China in 2006, up 25% from 2005. Also, China has become the world’s leading exporter of fox and raccoon dog pelts, according to the Sandy Parker Report.

original report from the Epoch Times

89 Responses to “Dogs and Cats Skinned Alive for Their Fur in China”

  1. Martha said

    It’s supply and demand. If the U.S. keeps buying these animals are going to keep suffering. I watched the video and it seriously depressed me. I can’t understand why they would skin animals alive. It’s extremely evil and cruel. I will never support or buy anything that comes from China or contains fur. What else can we do? It’s extremely disturbing to know that this still goes on!!!

  2. This is total pure evil to look into the eyes of these animals and do this to them and listen to their screams of pain and be able to have a clear conscious and go home at night like nothing happened. These people not all of china but these people who are doing this deserve to be tortured themselves. Its not the governments that will change this world Its the people of this world standing up as one and fighting back .

  3. barbara said

    Like the chinese are so trustworthy!!! HHHHMMMMMM – i think not!

  4. barbara said

    DO NOT SUPPORT ANY products made in China – the cruelty that these people demonstrate while skinning animals alive is absolutely disqusting. How horrible the chinese people must be to not care about the horrors they inflict on other living beings.

    I can only say that they will treated the same that they gave to innocents. SIMPLY DISGUSTING. Never will I support any Chinese products – SCUM is a good word for your disgusting behaviour!!!

    SHAME on all of you!

  5. samantha said

    that iz so sad i mean who would skin an animal ALIVE like relly people i love animals i have alot of my own i have 16 bunnies 12 rabbits 5 chickens 24 guinea pigs a few birds 2 dogs 18 kittens a few adult cats and some fish and i love each and every 1 of them and i would never do anything like that espeshely when its alive and it can feel every bit of it stinging getting riped it hurts them relly bad and i say stop animal cuilty and did i mention im a vegitarion?

  6. Anable said

    How can I help to prevent it, or hopefully stop it ?
    I really want to get involved

  7. Jerry Fish said

    Another reason to dislike or hate the Chinese Commies who have tried to POISON OUR BABBIES WITH POISON FOOD AND DRINKS!!!

  8. Anastasia said

    I cried when I watched the video. I cannot phallom how anyone can feel justified in doing this. I will never buy fur, even faux fur because I don’t know that it isn’t a real pelt. What is the reason that they take the animal fur while the animal is alive? We can’t approach this economically by not wearing fur, but we also need to approach it by changing the laws because not everyone is going to stop buying fur. they wouldn’t be in business still if there wasn’t a market for this. The US needs to make an organization that inspects fur farms in China (a requirement for the fur to be imported), and certifies the fur farm as being human to animals, and marks clothing made by the fur farm with a certified seal. That way people in the us can see the seal, to know that the sellers were not abusing the animals. Plus, we also need to boycott china about changing their laws.

  9. Kevin Hutchison said

    It’s sad that these people have been dehumanised to the point where they don’t realise how perverse their actions are. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to skin animals alive, just because it might make the skin a little bit easier to remove, doesn’t deserve to live.
    I would happily see all the people involved in this filth, bulldozed into a big crater in the ground, and buried alive. Their sick way of thinking is poisonous, and we cannot sustain a gene pool that would propagate that type of thinking. These filth think in the same way as Nazis did, and need to be terminated, whatever it takes.

  10. Ian said

    Would Chinese have behaved like this a hundred years ago? Is this evidence of scum Marxist teachings to the peasants that it is a material Universe? Communist doctrine, through their founders Marx and Lenin, is that there is no spirit, only material. The peasants of China, after decades of foreign and civil war, were collectivized and taught Marxist doctrines. Communism collapsed and these poverty stricken, spiritually debased peasants were left. Maybe Chinese culture has always been cruel, but not to this vacuous debased peasant level?

  11. Joanne Kelly said

    Bastards the bloody cruel gits I would love to treat them the same.

  12. Joanne Kelly said


  13. Johnny said

    I’m part chinese (living in Australia) and I’m seriously ashamed of what those idiots are doing over there. It disgusts me the way they treat animals and I absolutely despise their government. If I had super powers, I’d skin their prime minister alive and beat the crap out of anyone who treated an animal with disrespect!

  14. Kathy Khoshfahm said

    Until people stop buying these products, animals will continue to suffer. I watched one video of a racoon dog being skinned alive and I cannot bring myself to watch any more. It has affected my entire life. My hope is that all that have life be delivered from suffering…

    • Robbie Yohn said


      I know what you mean. I have so much writing ahead to do about the slaughter of cats/dogs/racoons to the Chinese Government. Knowing some Chinese, I can try to write it myself. I am a Buddhist and Karma does/will happen to China. I am not sorry that earthquakes/typhoons/natural disasters kill the Chinese because what they did to animals came back to them thricefold.

  15. Robbie yohn said

    Why can’t the United States intervene and close ALL factories that slaughter dogs/cat/raccoons and other breeds for fur? Can’t there be sanctions against China for that? I would like to see ALL persons involved in these brutal inhumane acts prosecuted and jailed for a term of life for animal abuse, animal murder, cruel and inhumane treatment. They should be brought to the United States for their prison term instead of China. Furthermore, the factories should not only be closed but all evidence photographed and confiscated, then the buildings destroyed and burned.

    • EccentricSage said

      America does not have that power in foreign countries. We do not rule the world. Your worldview really worries me. You need to learn more about international politics and world history.

      Trade sanctions would be the only thing the American government could do, but it would not DARE to sanction China. The Chinese government owns the majority of our national debt! Not to mention, so many products sold in America are in some way contributed to by Chinese industry.

      America was stupid and chose the wrong allies in the Far East AND Middle East, and we are paying for it today with an inability to put pressure on Human Rights violators, much less Animal Rights violators.

      It will take a combination of depopularizing Chinese animal products in the West and sensitizing the Chinese culture in China. That is no small order.

      I personally don’t appose the Chinese farming and killing dogs and cats, as they do use both the meat and fur, and I am not a vegetarian. But no animal should ever be treated so cruelly or slaughtered in such a painful and slow manner.

  16. Dear friends

    I urged each and everyone of you good people to join this Animal Loving group, it’s not a hate group directed to hate brainless Killings.but a love Group of Animal lovers to help Prevent,Stop any kind of Abuse to Animals!

    Stay Vocal and Spread your Love
    *Invite your friends in your list*

  17. Marlene Durnin said

    I can only say that this is a sick, lost world…in so many ways, that my heart aches for the most vulnerable & innocent caught up in it. Only time can erase or evolve to correct this situation & that is a long way off & an uncomprehensible event never to be witnessed by those living today, if ever. Too many of the so-called human race (primates actually) have control of the food chain & as long as there is something to be exploited, humans will exploit. Eventually this will cause irreversible harm (as in all areas of misuse/abuse) & there will be no choice but to change. Until then, those of us who suffer for all the pain will continue to do so & only hope for the best. Governments have failed their people & their countries world wide ever since existence. God, please prove me wrong, as I would love nothing more than to admit to it. I had forgotten about this action in China until running across a reference to it on the Internet & now after it all being rekindled, my watching a lot of the Olympics leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Seems like such a disgusting place to try & show the rest of the world its so-called cultural beauty. People that can do this or allow this to happen to any creature, have no heart. I would speak this way of any country where such action is permitted. The more I write, the more I get depressed. The Internet brings far too many horrific things into my life & I just end up sick on my stomach. The older I get, the worse it gets to cope with all the cruelty & ignorance in life.

  18. i say like the bible says,an eye for an eye.animal or people
    we all are living,we all feel pain,we all are gods creatures.
    if all of these people that fight dogs to their death,kills them with their bare hands or other means,and these people in china,japan or where ever else,who tortures and skins and kills animals should have the same death penalty as the poor suffering animal did.the same treatment.then this will all come to a stop when these morons see what it feels like.

  19. leave the animals alone,how cruel and heartless ,you people over there and japan are.why hurt and kill an innocent animal?why don;t you skin and eat each other?and leave the animals the heck alone! i don’t like you people,and i will never ever eat in one of your garbage eateries.anyone who can take an animal and skin it alive and don’t even care about the pain and suffering they are causing on the animal,are cold ,non human,people that should not be in civilization.something needs to be done with these people,andabout the people here using innocent animals to kill each other to give these weirdos ,their weird way of entertainment and money the poor dogs die for.

  20. Jason Sousa said

    What the hell is wrong with people? We live in a world where there are still people who have no sence of humanity what so ever. It is one thing to skin animals, but to do it while they are alive and suffer pain which most of us will hopefully never comprehend. I don’t think the fur trade will end. Law should be enforced to ensure animals are killed quickly before they are processes. Why would they do it while they are alive? One think to kill for their fur, but the torchure and slow death is purely evil. After watching the video of a dog being skinned alive I felt really sick. How would people react to see a human being skined alive? If anything manking has become the worst animal out there.


    • EccentricSage said

      Petitioning Oprah to do a special feature about the truth of the fur trade is actually a really good idea. She has her own NETWORK now, after all, and people, especially women, listen to her.

  22. arani said

    i know its not the same thing but i saw these people clubbing seals in canada(on video) and its sort of the same thing because its hitting the animal until its sckull breaks

  23. arani said

    im joking about before i didnt watch the video for more than a second i was too scared but i still had nighmares

  24. arani said

    i think that the movie i saw was absolutely unbelievable and i will have nightmares for the rest of my life! I disagree with some commentsmade about china and chinese people because i have loads of stuff that are made in china, there cheap and great so why not buy it? but one thing i would never buy is fur and i disagree with chinese farms. One thing that i really dont understand is that why isnt anyone doing anything if the conditions are so bad??? ive heard about all the efforts about convincing people not to buy fur which will never happen but what about stopping the farm instead of just having a nice day out taking pictures and secret footage

    • EccentricSage said

      There is currently no legal way to ‘stop’ the Chinese farms from doing what they do. It would take the Chinese people caring enough to never run their business this way, which is culturally unlikely in the current social-economical climate there. These peasants in China are desperately poor, living in an overpopulated country, under a autocratic regime that only cares about it’s own power, money, and reputation.

      With the growing number of upper and middle class well educated citizens in China, however, a humane movement could eventually happen in China. But currently those educated people are too busy trying to better the lives of themselves and their own families. Those brave enough to become activists in a country that still arrests and tortures political prisoners usually focus their efforts on the welfare of their people and freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

      I think there would need to be a strong international outcry and very sudden, severe, well publicized boycotts against both the industry and Chinese trade to convince both the International Fur Trade Federation and Chinese Government that there need to be regulations and penalties for ignoring regulations.

  25. irena kozak said

    This is not only video raccon dog , they boiled cats alive , not fast , but slow ,so cat is in and out boiling watter , just make animal suffer , and poor dogs skinned alive , cut open and tortured ,(I have my 3 dogs and cats ) .after I saw videos and pictures horrible cruelty I was for 2 months off from my job , because I was so sick , I love to go to China,vietnam ,korea , and skinned alive all filth responsible include PRIMITIVE GOVERNMENTS .I sorry to good Chinese who rescue bears etc ,you are good people ,but rest deserve cruel death !! this is crime !!

  26. A Chinese... said

    A video clip of just how abusive people are

  27. A Chinese... said

    As stated, I am a Chinese from Taiwan. First i state my position in fur trading=totally against it. I am disgusted at how people can watch another living being suffer for their own cause. But after reading most of your comments, I am quite sad to know that the video has indeed made any Chinese look bad. Though I am a little appalled on how ignorant people around the globe could be. Just because this video showed Chinese people brutalizing animal doesn’t mean your neighbor isn’t doing the same thing. Switzerland allows cat fur trading, though it is nearly banned (nearly), public shooting of cats is still allowed.
    For those who are boycotting China made goods-go ahead if you want to. I’m just saying that it wouldn’t make a difference as it isn’t China in a body who’s causing this-China still has their Animal protection laws and organizations(why are there pandas still existing?)
    We hate animal cruelty just as much as anyone does, and we support all organizations that are against it. But I still have to say that people shouldn’t judge a group of people by ones action. It is reasonable that the main audience of what i am writing are all angry and upset on the video, but really, think before you write, especially if you are confused the differences between Japan and China.

  28. joey said

    that shit is really really sick.
    people who do those horrible things to animals who hasn’t got hurt trought them, become something bad trouht those animals.
    i’m glad that i never saw somethin unhuman like that,
    and i hope for the people who do those tings that i never become see it for real. i think it could be the last animal you’ve ever saw. i saw some horrible movies on and i was almost crying. i felt so angry!!! and that isn’t everything. what about those dog fights in alaska, and rodeo.
    i don’t gonna say more about it because it makes me hells angry i’m pissed off right now. many many greetings animal lover joey!!!

  29. Lily said

    I was Physically sick watching that video and cant even Comprehend the pain and suffing those poor animals go through in the hands of those evil barbaric men of China. How on earth can the chinese government think they can host the world Olympics in their country this year and be proud to represent it on fulse pretences. China is far from the Humane country it is made out to be. I would gladly see the world Olympics hosted in any other country other then there. I would take out every single animal from the countries cruel torturous hands and place a nuclear war head right in to the heart of the fur trade along with every person who has anything to do with the way those poor animals end their lives. I would watch them suffer just as all those animals did just for the fashion of fur.

    Please put an end to the Cruelty, Boycott the olympics and hit the world with the Reality of whats happen in the Horrendous evil country of China!!

  30. frank noce said

    Afer viewing the vidios of animals in china being skinned alive @other wise tortured .I wished the worst possible things to happen to the chinese. people.My insides still tremble in hate and anger,I wish a great hole would open up and distroy them all.Their whole socity is on of filth and garbage.It would have been better If the Japaese had wiped them out in WW2.

    • EccentricSage said

      Not all Chinese support such practices. It’s likely, what with the heavy censorship in China, that very few Chinese people who would care have any clue that this is going on.

      As for the people present when this is going on, these are likely very poor and desperate people who have been taught brutal treatment of animals, and desensitized to it for many generations. There are some cultures present and past who do not believe animals have spirits or feel pain like we do. In poor places, even people who are sensitive would not speak up or intervine, because they are looking out for their own survival.

  31. Sherina said

    I really want what everyone is doing, writing on here and on other sites to make a difference in what is happening in China regarding the live skinning of Cats and Dogs. It really does need to be stopped! Looking into the eyes of a animal who is in that much pain and thinking why?, isn’t that enough for someone with a heart? If it isn’t there is no heart. I think we shouldn’t hold the Olympics in China and show them off as a good country, who we can look up to, because with what they are doing we can’t, no one can. It really upsets to think of their cry and the pain these animals must be in.

  32. Joshua said

    I don’t care for petty political correctness and making excuses, there are many poor countries that do not skin animals while ALIVE for their fur. This is evil and barbaric. I say boycott the Olympics! how do the Olympics get to be held in China that practices such cruel acts? Go to: stop the LIVE skinning of animals group on Facebook to sign the petition and send it to all of your friends to make them aware, or head to

  33. Disgusted native hunter said

    I hunt and trap, so let’s get that one out of the way. I know many will disagree with my activity, however, hunting has NOTHING to do with this disgusting and cruel methods used to obtain fur.

    When I hunt, I use the whole animal, and yes, that includes the fur. However, the animals are wild, have an opportunity to escape (trust me, most do, as I am not that good and will only take a shot if I know that there will be instant death, not wounding), and my meat my family eats is not contaminated with drugs or chemicals.

    The leather I use has made footwear and outerwear. The meat, including some of the offal, is all used.

    I am native, and my forefathers have lived off the land for centuries. I have skinned many animals, but never disrespect them. I know many of my white cousins who have the same ethics.

    When many of you say you will not use fur products, you affect my ability to provide for my family. I don’t mind if you don’t use it yourself, but why campaign against others using it. You have no idea how much this costs my community!

    A proud Native!

    • EccentricSage said

      I agree with your ethics.

      The reason people campaign against the skin and fur trade as a whole is two sided. On one side, you have the vegetarians/vegans/PETA types who believe ANY harm to animals is an act of ultimate evil. (I think such people are unrealistic, mostly) On the other side, you have people who know companies, labels, and designers will likely misrepresent the origin of the materials they use in order to look ethical while still getting supplies cheap and in abundance. This already is a big problem. Stores have been caught selling furs from endangered species, and claim they are ‘vintage’, antiques from before the animals were protected.

      A good example of this would be the shahtoosh trade. It’s a material that comes from the soft undercoat of a now endangered chiru, who are slaughtered in order to collect the delicate hairs. It started as a byproduct of chiru who were hunted by nomadic tribes for food. As demand for the material grew, people started hunting the chiru for the material alone. Eventually, business people started marketing the material to designers in the West, claiming that the material was obtained humanely from the chiru. The lie that the world believed was that the Chiru shed their undercoat in the spring, and the nomadic tribes collect it from the brush the chiru rubbed up against. The world did not learn the truth until it was discovered that the Chiru population was nearing extinction.

      I think your way is right. But ultimately, some people are too easily fooled, both by the lies of others and by their own wishful thinking. That is why so many people think you must ether support the industry or else be completely against it.

  34. sharon said

    I viewed this video and I can’t stop crying. How do I express in words the horror I witnessed? It’s surpasses any spoken words. I ask for forgiveness and my soul is empty.
    I’m so ashamed of belonging to the human race.
    However PETA has blood on their hands and has killed many animals also.
    It’s the human race that should be extinct, not these beautiful innocent creatures.

    • EccentricSage said

      I agree about PETA. They are a corrupt organization who just exploit those good people in their lower ranks to make money and to increase their own status in society.

      The whole ‘I’d rather go naked’ campaign was a funny idea the first time around, but has turned into a whorish way for celebutards to get publicity. Many famous people who take part in those campaigns still wear furs and skins.

  35. Nancy said

    “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” (Proverbs 12:10 NIV)

  36. nancy said

    Now is the time to start harnessing unified international pressure on China to force change, while we have a good chance. The works of the devil are evident in China and he must be stopped. Pray that God will change the torturers calloused hearts. Don’t buy fur trimmed coats, boycott all products as you can, and don’t travel there. I hope the innocent animals will get to heaven. :(

  37. Lesley said

    shame on china!!! boycott china!!! – i love this site!! keep up the good work!!

  38. Wendy Fuller Primo said

    I do not believe that animals should be killed to become someones coat.

    If you are unaware of The Truth behind the ‘processing’ of All (yes, ‘ALL’) fur items, I implore you to investigate the barbaric ‘behind the scene’ cruelties of the fur market.

    ‘YouTube’ is a great place to start.

    View the Chinese fur industry also, where the Majority of U.S. fur items are ‘manufactured’.

    Dogs and Cats too, are Routinely tortured, slaughtered and passed on as ‘Faux’ Fur.

    Animal welfare laws or guidelines are virtually non-existent in China, where it is estimated that over two million dogs and cats are killed each year for their fur.

    This is not to say that a ‘Humane’ Fur Farm exists anywhere on Earth. -For one does Not.

    The treatment of animals in China just happens to be Particularly despicable.

    Do a ‘Google’ search on this subject.

    If you then find yourself either nauseous, entirely unable to view (as am I), Mad as Hell and/or in tears, you may be ready to say the following along with me:

    “I pledge NEVER to wear fur and shall be Far more Beautiful for having Not done so.”

    Pledge to Be ‘Fur-Free’ HERE:

  39. Baby said

    HEY It’s baby again. Anyway I think China is wrong for doing that!

  40. Baby said

    I love fur products, only fake ones though. i hate ppl who lub real ones.

  41. abbas said

    I am done spending my last cent for chinese products.

  42. Darky said

    “Cut them some Slack”

    I think they have cut enough slack…they think they know pain!!! LOL….No….Just NO way!

  43. Stephanie said

    I cried when I saw this video. It is cruel and inhumane. But why would some of the people commenting on this sink so low as to blame the chinese people ? It isn’t every single chinese person doing this. I was appalled that people would be so racist & cruel to their own kind. Come on, we’re all humans. Some might be more heartless & senseless than others, but we shouldn’t be so quick to judge one race of people because of the actions of a few. Yes, this video is extremely disturbing and cruel, but there isn’t any need to boycott everything made in China. Just boycott the fur industry. People over there are much poorer than you and I and are probably struggling to get jobs and feed their families. So, cut them some slack.

  44. Darky said

    I am really really angry at this. I have seen similer videos. I have seen meat slaughters (Bulls*** Halal and lying sick disguting Kosher, are ONE of the worst…religion altogether can f*king kiss my ASS and f*ck off!!), the japanese dolphin slaughters, other animals getting killed/abused, Milk cows getting abused and tortured, Chickens and hens living in abusive and filthy conditions…etc, and this is ALL over the world! I am sick of people’s ignorance about this! I’m starting to HATE more people…I am angry that they’re still supporting this animal exploitation and buying ANY animal product and especially the cheap s***!
    I have gone Vegan because I am sick of watching animals getting slaughterd alive and hearing about it all over the place!

    STOP this whole f*king thing right now! Theres absolutly no consideration and compassion for ANY other animal with so many people…these ridiculous freaks need to wake up and f*king start facing the fact that when it comes to feelings (physcially, mentally and emotionally), other animals feel the same as every other animal…including human beings, so no way can you be SO stupid as to think, they don’t when they obvoiusly are alive and even have a brain, a nervous system, a heart!
    This animal use & abuse is dumb shit. It’s OLD, we don’t need it! GET OVER IT!!!!

    I’m furoius….. !!!!!!!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*kin bastards. Just god-damn w*nkers for this!

    • EccentricSage said

      Sad thing is, the way they did Halal and Kosher slaughter in ancient times was likely a fairly humane way for that time… if the head is held up, the animal would die very quickly and would not struggle. Unfortunately assembly lines changed the way it’s done, with the struggling, fear filled animal being suspended by it’s back legs still alive, and often bleeding out more slowly for it, as the brain would not bleed out instantly as it would if the animal were in a natural upright position with it’s head held up.

      I came across an article once about an Autistic Woman who designed a new method that more closely resembled the ancient method. The animal’s head would gently be held in an upright position, and when it’s neck was cut, it’s brain would bleed out in a second or two, and the animal would seem calm during it’s death. Unfortunately, few people know about the cruelty of the way the animals were being slaughtered, so there has not been enough pressure to adopt the new way of doing it.

  45. Chink Hater said

    Oh and they deserved what happened to them in WW2 by the Japanese. It needs to happen again!

  46. Chink Hater said

    The chinks need to be skinned alive. Every last one of them. They leave the country after working on one of those torture farms and come to our country. They don’t bother to learn the laws and do the same here. Also China needs to be nuked.

  47. M. Daniel said


    When is the world going to wake up and stop purchasing anything from that has the name of China on it or is suspected of coming from China.

    You take your life and that of your child in your hands with poisoned food, toys, murder of cats and dogs, skinning animals alive, poisoned fish just to mention a few items.

    The best way to stop this is to stop purchasing anything that you think is from China.

    Is the meat being shipped from China really what they declare or is it cat and dog.

    Disgusting lot of sub-humans.

    • EccentricSage said

      They aren’t sub human. They are the victims of a brutal regime, which the American government selfishly supports.

      Also, what’s wrong with eating dogs and cats? Are cows, pigs, chickens, and dear somehow less sentient in your closed minded little world just because you’ve never had one as a pet? Grow up.

  48. Confused Student said

    I too was horrified by that disgusting video, but what also upset me was how some people are blindly redirecting their rage to innocent Chinese people. What do you mean you won’t buy *anything* from China? How does bringing down the fur trade (which is fuelled by the demand of wealthier people than those Chinese workers, despicable as they are) equate to not watching the Olympics? Someone said, ‘If I encounter a Chinese who even speaks of skinning live animals for fur, he better go back home. I shall see if his skin cuts as easily with a knife as an animals’… well, that’s just plain weird. I doubt many Chinese person are keen to bring up the subject whilst conversing with assholes, so that poster can rest his deporting/skinning abilities for a bit.

    Basically… why do some of you think China is composed of 1.3 billion fur farmers? It’s inexplicable. You’re angry, which is reasonable, but xenophobic anger is useless, uneducated and a waste of energy (… the last of which this post probably is, too :-/)

  49. chiu chan said

    you people should be smarter to realize because people in america or eurpoe that buy the fur products, I am Chinese and I hate the Chinese that did that to the raccoon dog, I wish they will be skinned alive one day and feel the pain as the raccoon dog had suffered. People need to stop buying furs and wearing furs, thats the only way to end the sufferings on these poor animals. A lot of Chinese people are animals lovers, especially myself (have 4 dogs), just stop buying the god damn furs!!!! If we wear to blame someone, blame it on the god damn fashion designers, hollywoods, these are the people love to buy and wear furs, they are also murderers, I hope these people will be skinned a live in hell over hundred times to feel the pain!!!

  50. nadia said

    I’m trying to avoid made in China items also. It’s only a matter of time before this industry will be brought to the ground, with international pressure. God bless all the animals.

  51. Jane Calladine said

    I am doing my best to avoid Made in China ever since I saw what they did to a tied up dog for its fur, and since I read of the puppy killed by laughing Chinese workers. Latest shop to hear my view was Boots of England. I phoned today. I will be writing to their Head Office. I am dismayed at the lack of knowledge there is in general about this awful situation and something must be done. I am boycotting the Olympics. However whilst big names still flock to China and big names promote the Olympics there, who cares about the dogs and other animals? I do though.

  52. ARB said

    This video was quite disturbing to say the least! Those are the types of hunting images that Scar the Soul and leaves one comtemplating the very esscence of what it means to be Pure EVIL!!

    I sometimes wonder if people realize just how much dispair, destruction, choas and death that humans have wrecked upon the world since the time we walked out of caves.

    Where literally destroying the very Earth that sustains us and in our Self-Destruction we crueally exploit and destory God’s innocent creatures so that we may live comfortable, lavish lives!!

  53. Hank said

    I live in America, if I encounter a Chinese who even speaks of skinning live animals for fur, he better go back home. I shall see if his skin cuts as easily with a knife as an animals. Watch out, people are watching and waiting…………….

  54. Hank said

    Chinese methods of respect of life for others and respect for their own lives are nonexistant and never has awoken, nor will it ever. The inhumane torture of defenseless animals for their fur to sell for their evil lives to exist is what this world has gone to in this day and time of evil and war. There are many people throughout the world who do not have any sense of compassion for anything except their own miserable lives. Of course, life is hard and unfair, and it always will be. These people will rot and burn in hell forever upon their timely deaths, as God usually does not allow evil beings like these animal killers to keep doing this to his creatures. The creator does hear the screams of pain and the terror these animals feel from humans that they probably thought would help them. There is nothing we can do, except alert the world community to the horrors these poor animals suffer at the hands of stupid people who practice this archaic ritual. God is watching you demons and you will get the punishment that you deserve…………..A million times over, forever and ever.

    • EccentricSage said

      Actually, Chinese people are just people like the rest of us.

      In China, many Chinese people who are educated still have a naive view of the world, because the censorship is so severe there. And in poor, uneducated areas, the people are desperate for survival and have suffered greatly. There are always some sick people in every country who are cruel to animals and other people. Cruelty happens in the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe; not just Asia. The difference is that the Chinese government does not care, and the people on the streets who do care and witness these things are poor, over worked, and afraid to say anything. Some Chinese in rural areas are desensitized to animal cruelty for various survival reasons, such as an unfortunate belief in ‘traditional medicine’ the the government has done nothing to remedy.

  55. Sherine said

    Write OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please go to Oprah’s website and write her about this. I have not been able to get this out of my mind since I have watched it a while ago. This is cruel and the Chinese that are doing this will get what is coming to them when they pass away! Please write her now so that she can air the show and spread the word!

  56. Roxanne said

    Vieweing the videos, I am amazed at the extra effort it must take to skin a fully concious, live animmal eho is biting and struggling gainst ths horrible torture. Besides obvious issues of compassion, I do not understand WHY the fur-skinners would choose to skin living animals. I have searched the internet everywhere, but I still can’t find any reason so far. The video evidence clearly shows these poor creatures struggling and screaming in pain as they are literally skinned alive. WHy would their butchers NOT prefer to just slit their throats to kill them first, before subjecting the animmals to such torture (of being skinned alive) and even for selfish reasons (to not hear the horrible screams and to fight with their struggling victims)?

    • EccentricSage said

      My best guess is that they are trying to remove the skin in as whole a piece as possible. I can’t imagine any other logic. It must be greed and market demands for unmarred skins.

  57. China’s cruelity extends beyond all bounds. Some Chinese people are not this way, some others AND their government ARE. Communism historically has been, across the board, cruel, in China it surpasses even our worst ideas. It will turn around, as the communist government is doomed…evil is ALWAYS punished and good is rewarded, the time is now

  58. Janey said

    Absolutely disgusting. I am boycotting the olympics in China, I have also written to all friends and family urging them to boycott anything made in China. To skin something alive is so inhumane it is almost impossible to think about. What I read about laughing at a puppy scared to death, and then killing it was unbelievable for a country that is supposed to be the worlds next super state.

    I will never go to China and will do my utmost to avoid things made there. Sick ishow I feel everytime I see the image shown on the BBC of a dog being tied up with metal and then (not shown) but reported elsewhere, stabbed in the groin and skinned alive.

    I am so sad to be human in this world, we are destroying everything around us. And the lack of empathy to anything other than themselves makes the Chinese depolorable.

  59. Izrul said

    This is outrageous. How could China people do this? Shame on those who support them by buying a fur product.

  60. L´arcangelo said

    Doglover is racist?
    Doglover is not racist, he/she only said that because he/she is upset. I´m upset too and i think that eighter farmers, (And every one who kills animals in a so cruel way) and their goverment are brainless shit, who worship money. Blind fools!
    I don´t understand why not religions unite and protest, i think that a lot of people would listen to the Dalai Lama (For Example…)
    I´ll not buy nothing from China anymore, i suggest you to do the same. Behind those product, child explotation could be hidding.

  61. denan said

    I couldn’t stand seeing this video completely, It’s by far the most cruel thing I have ever seen.I watched this video yesterday when a classmate showed it to me.After saw it I couldn’t take all those unbelieveable images out of my mind.
    I wander if these cruel practices were stopped once for all, I mean, I thought that it’s was something new, something happening now, but to my surprise I found the same bullshit in many sites dating from 2005, and 2006; or at least, did the powerful goverments like US’s, UK’s or any other country do something to stop this.

  62. Doglover is racist said

    “whiten up?” You should be embarrassed.

    Cruelty like this comes from a cruel world full of ignorance and poverty. I cried when I watched this video, but I refuse to jump on the “let’s hate China” bandwagon. We must have compassion for animals and people as well. We’re all human. There’s nothing innately different about people from other countries: we’re all born with a blank slate. So don’t let this very serious issue (animal welfare) be hijacked by people with a racist or xenophobic agenda.

    Who really drives the fur industry? Affluent people in industrialized countries who buy it.

    What feeds this cruel behavior? Cruelty like this has been seen around the world…from Chinese fur farms to American slaughterhouses (where animals are beaten, taunted and abused on the killing floor, have their throats ripped out, are allowed to flail in pools of their own blood, and even scalded alive).

    Cruelty against animals is almost inevitable when people become desensitized to killing. The killers assuage their guilt by treating animals as things…as if they cannot feel pain. But they’re doing a job–a job which is supported by our insatiable appetites for dead animal parts.

    The best way to end cruelty against animals is to stop eating meat, dairy and eggs, stop wearing fur and leather, and spay and neuter your pets. Anything else is just so much hypocritical posturing.

  63. Casey said

    I’m assuming you are discussing the imagery seen from the same video seen on YouTubes “Undercover Fur Farm”, or whatever the title of it was…

    I too have seen this video. I’m ashamed of humanity and how satanic it has turned out. The only thing I can say or wish is that I hope and pray that everyone some day will realize the absolute terror and distruption this causes on ones own soul.

    I will never pay for fur. Never have, and trully look down on those WHO SKIN ANIMALS ALIVE. I don’t care if the U.S., Europe, Africans, whoever are the people buying it. Anyone who does something like this to something else WHILE ALIVE AND KICKING should be sent to hell. PERIOD.

  64. This is so disturbing. I just hope some Chinese will themselves be able to read this page, but that may erll not be possible due to the Chinese Government’s work on restrictions to internet sites – except for those approved by the government.

  65. Shimmy McCocoapuffs said

    What I would like to know is why don’t more cats, dogs, raccoons, etc. wear human coats? Are we that repulsive? If you spin it the right way it’ll soon be the “in” thing and they’ll all be clamoring for the latest Paris Hilton or whatever is stylish at the moment.

  66. Gail said

    Barbaric, wicked and devastatingly cruel. This must be stopped. It’s disgusting. If the fur trade must continue, then very strict welfare regulations should be in place.
    No man or beast should suffer as unnecessarily as this. Animals are totally defenceless.
    Everybody should be made aware of what goes on and something should be done about it.

  67. Doglover said

    Chinese poeple are abusive, cruel, torturous, inhumane people. They do not care about ones pain and suffing. They laugh as they beat and killing alot of these animals in different videos. Just to show you how senseless, brainless, uncaring these people are. I myself go out of my way, and pay more money for stuff not made in China. Buy U.S.A. stuff. Support the country you live in, no matter the cost. Not buy anything that have any knid of fur on it. Though electronics, like PC’s, TV’s stereos, and so on are made over there. But other things are not, so don’t support those cruel, ignorant, noncaring, abusive, mindless, thaughtless, azzholes over there. “USA or stay away.” There is no sense in the way they do things over there, they could trult whiten up and act like real people/humans. But with out a brain they doont’t know any better.

  68. deb said

    watch this video of the china fur trade act and send it to everyone you kno to get the word out so that maybe something will change if people start to complain!



  69. Rachel Ann Witts said

    As many I was extremely traumatised by the videos and images of animals being skinned alive. It is important that as many people as possible know about this disgusting practice. I have now joined PETA so I can actively get involved in helping to, hopefully, outlaw this practice. We should all get involved in someway to stop the cruelty. With persistence I hope the good will out. Obviosuly people need to stop wearing fur, if there is no demand, there will be no need to supply.

    • EccentricSage said

      Look for other organizations. PETA are a joke. They use most of the money they get for publicity, and half the time the famous people involved who are protesting fur, meat, leather, what have you, actually are seen wearing furs, leathers, and eating meat.

      They also have been caught KILLING RESCUE ANIMALS. They have a facility where they are supposed to be giving rescued animals a second chance, but rarely ever open the doors to adopters. In fact, most of the animals are eventually secretly killed. They were caught dumping the bodies once. It’s all a front so that they can lie and say the money is going to save abandoned animals when really the people who run the organization probably pocket the money.

      They also take credit for other non-affiliated people’s evidence.

  70. Your blog is on the very high level and includes a lot of very interesting information and was very useful for me.

  71. Vanessa said

    I strongly believe that fur should NOT be used for anything. Fur looks better on animals than on humans. Knowing that your jacket was once a living thing that was skinned alive, bloody, and screaming for its life should be enough to draw humans away from fur but sadly not everyone knows the truth behind the coat that’s labeled as faux and sold at a Macy’s. No animal should be taken out of their natural habitat to be killed and sold.

  72. Olga Mill said

    Shame on China ! This is a bad publicity for the whole country. Boycott fur products.
    This is not an acceptable trade.

  73. Kim Herman said

    Thank you so much for exposing the horrific truth behind the fur industry. And particularly for exposing China, where the majority of “fur trim” originates. Although I will never understand the acceptance among the general population to torture and kill animals for vanity or “fashion”, until the realities of the industry are made common knowledge, it will be difficult to stop the practice altogether. Thank you for being part of that necessary element.

  74. The first time I was exposed to the cruelty in fur production was when I was a child back home in Canada – my mother and I would walk the woods, the trapping lines and remove all the traps we could find, bring them home – they eventually ended up in a huge pit on our property. The cruelty of wild animals being caught in leg hold traps was to me even back then horrific and we would not support the fur trade in any way because of it – NOW we see and hear the most horrific stories of cruelty, not only to captive wild animals but cats and dogs being raised in the most horrid conditions, tranported and mishandled before death – and then the cruelty of seeing their skins ripped from their bodies while still alive – all this to support a greedy and totally unnecessary trade ! We do NOT need their fur – how can any human being with any kind of compassion at all, look into the faces of these animals while this is being done to them and still approve of such a bloody and cruel industry ! STOP BUYING FUR – it is the only way we can stop the suffering of these animals. We get angry at the people who are doing this – absolutely BUT IT IS OUR FAULT – THE FAULT OF THOSE OUTSIDE OF CHINA WHO KEEP THIS TRADE AFLOAT !

  75. Maria Daines said

    Whilst animal protection laws in China are obviously non existent or flawed the evidence of cruelty towards fur bearing animals is a stark reminder that we all have a responsibility to stop the fur trade. Don’t buy fur products and the market will eventually dry up, meanwhile educate everyone you know regarding this heinous barbarity. Compassion must win through!

    • Robert Hughen said

      This is so hard to believe They should grab one of the people doing this and skin one of them alive. If they need someone to do it for them I would be more than happy to perform this for them. Leave the poor dogs and cat alone

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