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Letter: “Yin Yang Boundary” between China and Hong Kong

Posted by Author on December 30, 2006

By Hua Xiong, to, Dec 25, 2006-

My nephew is a director of a hospital. He and some hospital staff, totaling about a dozen people, visited Hong Kong for couple days in October. When he came back, he told me what he had observed. He said the following:

Having been in Hong Kong has really broadened his outlook. It is like a completely different world. I am not going to say much about Hong Kong’s prosperity, its local customs and practices, or its places of historic interest and scenic beauty, etc. The most memorable and amazing thing for us is that Falun Gong is public and legal there. Everywhere we went, Falun Gong practitioners were telling the truth about what’s going on and promoting their practice by distributing flyers and discs.

Marine Park was extremely exciting and very special, there is one section of road about 70 to 80 meters long with “Falun Gong” banners & drawings on both sides of the road. Big banners saying “Heaven Will Eliminate The CCP, Only By Quitting The CCP Can One Be Safe” could be seen everywhere. The book titled “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was broadcasting on the tweeter ……

Because this was the first time that we came to this special administrative region, we were really a little bit surprised when we saw things like that. Some staff asked me: “President, can we accept those materials?” I said: “Since everyone else has the freedom to do so, so can we.” Then they asked me again: “Can we read them?” I said: “As long as we can accept them, then of course we can read them.”

Back home, we also get some “Falun Gong” materials occasionally, but not like today. We got The Epoch Times newspaper, The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Dissolving the CCP’s Culture, some CD/DVDs and other materials. Some of the materials we have never seen or heard about back home. We were all so delighted that we could hardly bear to put them down.

Some people stopped walking and sat down to read the materials. When the tour guide saw this, he said: “You can’t do this, hurry up, there are so many other places to go!” One Chinese tour guide told us: “Those people who distribute materials receive a salary from the U.S. government.” Once I heard this, I felt there was something wrong because my husband’s brother practices Falun Gong and he often tells me: “Our Dafa practitioners are risking being arrested, beaten up, sentenced or even our lives to save people. The money we use for those materials are all saved from food and living expenses.”

So I asked that Chinese tour guide: “Can we ask how much salary they get each month?” The tour guide’s face turned red all of a sudden, he said: “Hurry up! Catch up with your team.” People all laughed at him.

When we were leaving Hong Kong, we were not expecting it when the Chinese tour guide suddenly told us “All tourists, please hand over all Falun Gong propaganda materials and throw them into the garbage can. If you are found to have even one piece of paper on the plane, you will be sentenced to jail for seven days and fined 5,000 yuan (US $600). You won’t be allowed to post bail until your work unit issues a certificate.”

We were shocked and spontaneously asked him, “Why?” The Chinese tour guide said “Do not complain, this is the Chinese Communist Party’s order, explanation is not needed. If you don’t obey, you will have to accept the consequences. In short….there is a yin yang boundary here.” ( – original report from the epochtimes’ website)

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