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China organ harvesting: Executed Prisoners or Falun Gong practitioners

Posted by Author on November 29, 2006

The Transplantation Society , the leader in the field of organ transplantation,   issued a statement on organ harvesting in China on November 6, said “almost all organs [for transplantation in China] are likely to have been obtained from executed prisoners”, which is much similar with what the Chinese government said.

Stephen Gregory, Opinion Editor of  the Epoch Times, said that “This short statement obscures the reality of organ harvesting in China in several ways”, in his article titled “Transplantation Society Silent as Doctors Murder“.

Here  quote some of Stephen Gregory’s  Opinions:

The phrase “executed prisoners” suggests individuals who have been found guilty of one of the 68 capital crimes in China and then executed. But almost all the Falun Gong practitioners who are detained in China have never had the benefit of a trial. If there is any paperwork at all regarding their arrest and detention, it takes that form of the extra-judicial administrative detention that is the quickest route to China’s labor camps.

Referring to the Falun Gong practitioners as “executed prisoners,” then, mixes together those who have done nothing wrong with those found guilty of crimes. Of course, given the arbitrary character of most criminal proceedings in China, a guilty sentence is no guarantee someone has done anything wrong. But some of those executed in China have actually committed crimes. The Society’s statement overlooks this important fact: that a very large number of organs harvested in China are taken from individuals who are entirely blameless.

The phrase “executed prisoners” also suggests that those whose organs are harvested have first had the benefit of an execution. But in the case of Falun Gong practitioners, this is not the case. The organ harvesting is itself a most terrifying and inhumane means of execution, not a procedure performed after the execution is done. The Society hides the sheer horror of what is happening in China.

It also fails to acknowledge the full extent of the doctors’ crimes. Referring to the organ harvesting from “executed prisoners” does point to a terrible confusion of roles. Those surgeons who harvest organs on China’s killing fields have violated fundamental ethical principles. While a doctor’s sole duty should be to heal, these doctors have become de facto parts of the criminal justice system in China.

But the role played by doctors regarding Falun Gong practitioners is far worse: they use their medical skill to murder. The Society’s statement obscures this fundamental ethical breach. However, even to call what these doctors do “murder” understates the seriousness of their crime.

The Chinese regime has targeted Falun Gong practitioners in a comprehensive seven-year long persecution aimed at “eradicating” this meditation practice. The mass murder of Falun Gong practitioners at the hands of China’s surgeons is a form of genocide.

Highly recommend you read the whole article from here.

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