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Chinese Defector Jia JIa Obtained Temporary Refugee Status

Posted by Author on November 7, 2006

By Wu Xue-er, Epoch Times Bangkok Staff, Nov 07, 2006-Jia jia

BANGKOK—On the second day (Nov 4) after his arrival in Thailand, Mr. Jia Jia, the former general secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts, successfully obtained temporary refugee status after applying to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

(photo: Mr Jia Jia in front of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Office in Thailand.- The Epoch Times)

Mr. Jia recently defected to the West while touring in Taiwan, where his vocal cries for a democratic China put him at odds with the regime. He further disclosed the broad based discontent of Party members, intellectuals and the public at large with the Chinese Communist Party. Taiwan capitulated to the communist regimes’ pressure and deported Jia to Hong Kong, from which he hoped to find asylum to a third country. Jia’s Hong Kong travel visa was about to expire, which would have caused his deportation to China, when Thailand opened its doors.

Before he left Hong Kong, Mr. Jia said, “I am very, very happy, and very satisfied now because I already have a platform in Hong Kong to express myself to the whole world. Now, even if I am sent back [to China], I am not afraid. However, my return would be a blow to the Chinese people. They would once again fall into despair, being unable to get rid of the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Jia said repeatedly, “I am not afraid of going back to China, but I am unwilling to let the Mainland Chinese people and the international society see the CCP executing its evil threats at will.”

Waiting for Acceptance from a Third Country

According to refugee regulations, once a refugee is given United Nations temporary refugee status, he is under the protection of the United Nations. If the local authority is going to repatriate the refugee, the United Nations would come forward to negotiate with that government.

Mr Jia’s temporary visa in Thailand is only valid for two more weeks. When it expires, he must leave Thailand and then re-enter in order to be granted a longer stay. Thailand will have no choice but to place him in detention if he does not leave and return. He would then wait while in detention until a third country accepts him.

Jia has appealed to various governments to provide him with a safe place to live and let him continue his work for a democratic China.

Jia also thanked everyone who helped him, including Falun Gong practitioners. He said, “Although I do not practice Falun Gong and I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, but after I came abroad, I saw so many Falun Gong practitioners voluntarily helping the mainland people to quit the Chinese Communist Party. I am really moved.”

‘I Will Not Let the CCP Feel Satisfied’

Although Mr. Jia already has temporary refugee status, he is still not safe from the threats of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to other refugees who are waiting for third country acceptance, the CCP’s infiltration in Thailand is quite severe.

Mr. Jia also told the journalist that the telephone line was cut off in the first place he stayed. He had to move to another place and noticed a black vehicle tailing him when he left in the middle of the night.

But Jia is optimistic about the present situation. He said that he felt a war between good and evil was going on after he declared his decision to quit the CCP. Although trouble has never stopped following him because the CCP is exhausting all means to besiege him, he felt that God is helping him in every critical moment.

He said: “Now I am not afraid of going back to face the CCP directly, but I will not let the CCP feel satisfied!”

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