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The Chinese Communist Party’s Dishonorable Foundation

Posted by Author on October 23, 2006

The Epoch Times- This is the second of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party., On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party


II. The CCP’s Dishonorable Foundation

The CCP lays claim to a brilliant history, one that has seen victory after victory. This is merely an attempt to prettify itself and glorify the CCP’s image in the eyes of the public. As a matter of fact, the CCP has no glory to advertise at all. Only by using the nine inherited evil traits could it establish and maintain power.

Establishment of the CCP—Raised on the Breast of the Soviet Union

“With the report of the first cannon during the October Revolution, it brought us Marxism and Leninism.” That was how the Party portrayed itself to the people. However, when the Party was first founded, it was just the Asian branch of the Soviet Union. From the beginning, it was a traitorous party.

During the founding period of the Party, they had no money, no ideology, nor any experience. They had no foundation upon which to support themselves. The CCP joined the Comintern to link its destiny with the existing violent revolution. The CCP’s violent revolution was just a descendent of Marx and Lenin’s revolution. The Comintern was the global headquarters to overthrow political powers all over the world, and the CCP was simply an eastern branch of Soviet Communism, carrying out the imperialism of the Russian Red Army. The CCP shared the experience of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party of violent political takeover and dictatorship of the proletariat and followed the Soviet Party’s instructions on its political line, intellectual line and organization line. The CCP copied the secret and underground means by which an external illegal organization survived, adopting extreme surveillance and control measures. The Soviet Union was the backbone and patron of the CCP.

The CCP constitution passed by the First Congress of the CCP was formulated by the Comintern, based upon Marxism-Leninism and the theories of class struggle, dictatorship of the proletariat and party establishment. The Soviet party constitution provided its fundamental basis. The soul of the CCP consists of ideology imported from the Soviet Union. Chen Duxiu, one of the foremost officials of the CCP, had different opinions from Maring, the representative from the Comintern. Maring wrote a memo to Chen stating that if Chen were a real member of the Communist Party, he must follow orders from the Comintern. Even though Chen Duxiu was one of the CCP’s founding fathers, he could do nothing but listen and obey orders. Truly, he and the Party were simply subordinates of the Soviet Union.

During the Third Congress of the CCP in 1923, Chen Duxiu publicly acknowledged that the Party was funded almost entirely by contributions from the Soviet Comintern. In one year, the Comintern contributed over 200,000 yuan to the CCP, with unsatisfactory results. The Comintern accused the CCP of not being diligent enough in their efforts.

According to incomplete statistics from declassified Party documents, the CCP received 16,655 Chinese yuan from October 1921 to June 1922. In 1924, they received USD $1,500 and 31,927.17 yuan, and in 1927 they received 187,674 yuan. The monthly contribution from the Comintern averaged around 20,000 yuan. Tactics commonly used by the CCP today, such as lobbying, going through the backdoor, offering bribes, and using threats, were already in use back then. The Comintern accused the CCP of continuously lobbying for funds.

“They take advantage of the different funding sources (International Communications Office, representatives for the Comintern, and military organizations, etc.) to get their funds, because one organization does not know that the other organization has already dispersed the funds…the funny thing is, they not only understand the psychology of our Soviet comrades. Most importantly, they know how to treat differently the comrades in charge of dispersing funds. Once they know that they won’t be able to get it through normal means, they delay meetings. In the end they use the crudest means to blackmail, like spreading rumors that some grass-root officials have conflicts with the Soviets, and that money is being given to warlords instead of the CCP.” [13] ( to be cont’d…)

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One Response to “The Chinese Communist Party’s Dishonorable Foundation”

  1. The Soviet Union was not always a dishonorable endeavour. Only today is it completely discredited, because of the outcome of the Cold War.

    The ideas behind helping the formation of the CCP may have been nobler than what the Comintern or the party became in later years.

    Not making any excuses, just saying that not ALL of it was “dishonorable”.

    And, nice to find your blog. Going to be reading up a lot on here.


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