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Fears That Beijing Executing Falun Gong Detainees To ‘Harvest’ Organs (2)

Posted by Author on October 13, 2006

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, PRAGUE, October 13, 2006- ( cont’d)

Sufficient Incentive?

Certainly a motive for criminal activity is provided by the profits to be made from organ transplanting. The China International Transplantation Network Assistance Center in Shenyang earlier this year carried a list of prices for body parts. The list put the price of a kidney at $62,000, of a liver at $130,000, the same for a heart, and of a lung at $150,000.

These huge prices are set against a backdrop of wide-ranging corruption among officials, despite the efforts of the Communist Party to stamp it out. With such profits to be made, it’s easy to see how the system could be abused.

Leading human rights groups are taken aback by the scale of the horrendous allegations against China, and are trying to establish what is really going on.

“We have been trying to find out more, obviously, because the allegations are very, very serious,” said Amnesty International’s Anna Kltalahti. “I mean, if something like that would happen, it would be very serious indeed. But we have not been able to get very far in our investigations.”

Soliciting ‘Donations’

But Falun Gong claims to have more evidence. Falun Gong members in North America say they telephoned various hospitals, prisons, and other institutions in China posing as organ buyers, recording the resulting conversations.

In one such conversation — to the Mishan City Detention Center in Hailongjiang province on June 8 — a staff member tells the caller that they have “Falun Gong [organ] suppliers.”

Question: “Do you have Falun Gong [organ] suppliers?

Answer: “We used to have, yes.”

Question: “What about now?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Question: “Can we come to select, or do you supply directly to us?”

Answer: “We provide them to you.”

Question: “What about the price?”

Answer: “We discuss after you come.”

Meanwhile, a Chinese woman interviewed by Matas and Kilgour claimed her husband was a surgeon who told her he had personally removed the eye corneas from 2,000 anesthetized Falun Gong prisoners in northeast China, during a two-year period to October 2003. She said her husband later refused to continue the grisly work.

Open To Abuse

The Chinese government in 2005 confirmed for the first time that it used organs from tried and executed prisoners. To human rights groups, this is already an exploitive approach to the body-parts issue, because it implies criminals could be sentenced to death more readily in order to have their organs.

“What is already established and admitted by the Chinese authorities is that organs are taken from condemned death-penalty prisoners,” says Human Rights Watch’s Kltalahti. “And also that is impossible to monitor, because of the lack of transparency surrounding the death penalty in China.”

The legal situation in China has left the door open to abuse in the organ-transplant business.

Until July 1, there were no laws requiring written permission from organ donors. Nor did institutions have to verify that organs came from legal sources. Nor did ethics committees have to approve each transplant in advance.

The Chinese government says that nevertheless, all transplant operations took place voluntarily according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), which includes most of the conditions just mentioned.

In July, legislation has come into force setting these conditions as legal requirements. But as Matas and Kilgour point out, implementing laws that are on the statute books has not always been China’s strength.

They say it is unclear whether this organ harvesting — if it is occurring — is backed by official policy in Beijing, or whether it is a result of greed of individual hospitals that have literally been able to get away with murder. ( END)

( Original from Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty report )

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2 Responses to “Fears That Beijing Executing Falun Gong Detainees To ‘Harvest’ Organs (2)”

  1. chinaview said

    Dear Quranbible,

    Lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s letter to Chinese leader about the persecution of Falun Gong is all of his personal experience, it’s nothing to do with what you said “promoting false propaganda”. Can you call expose the fact as propaganda?

    And what does “intelligent peaceful leaders” mean? Does that mean they are “intelligent peaceful” enough to kill tibetan, Dongzhou villagers, Falun Gongs and after killing still there’s somebody think the leaders are so great?

    Today a lot of Chinese are the victims of Conmmunist’s brainwash. Hopefully people inluding you can wake up in front of all these facts.

  2. quranbible said

    Dear Friend Gao Zhisheng you certainly is promoting false propaganda against China. Falun Gong and “harvest organs” is none sense. I can provide you the independent reports that this is all made up by the Washington group . All these so called human rights groups are created to make money by any means.

    China is ruled by very intelligent peaceful leaders and don’t refer Tibet because China claim it to part of their country.

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