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CCP’s Fifth Inherited Trait: Espionage

Posted by Author on October 3, 2006

The Epoch Times- This is the second of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party., On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party


Fifth Inherited Trait: Espionage—Infiltrate, Sow Dissension, Disintegrate and Replace

In addition to cheating, inciting violence, and employing the scum of society, the technique of espionage and sowing dissension was also used. The CCP was skillful in infiltration. Decades ago, the “top three” outstanding undercover agents of the CCP, Qian Zhuangfei, Li Kenong and Hu Beifeng, were in fact working for Chen Geng, the manager of the Second Branch of the Spy Section of the Central Committee of the CCP. When Qian Zhuangfei was working as a confidential secretary and trusted subordinate of Xu Enzeng, the director of the Investigation Office of the KMT Central Committe, he sent secret information of the KMT’s first and second strategic plans to encircle the CCP troops in Jiangxi province to Li Kenong through the internal mail of the Organization Department of KMT Central Committee, who further hand delivered it to Zhou Enlai (also spelled as Chou En-lai) [5]. In April 1930, a special double-agent organization funded by the Central Investigation Branch of the KMT was set up in the Northeast region of China. On the surface, it belonged to the KMT and was managed by Qian Zhuangfei, but behind the scenes it was controlled by the CCP and led by Chen Geng.

Li Kenong also joined the KMT’s Army Headquarters as a cryptographer. Li was the one that decoded the urgent message pertaining to the arrest and revolt of Gu Shunzhang [6], a CCP Security Bureau Director. Qian Zhuangfei immediately sent the decoded message to Zhou Enlai, thereby keeping the whole lot of spies from being caught in a dragnet.

Yang Dengying was a pro-Communist special representative for the KMT’s Central Investigation Office stationed in Shanghai. The CCP ordered him to arrest and execute those party memebers who the CCP considered unreliable. A senior CCP officer from Henan Province once offended a party cadre, and his own people pulled some strings to put him in the KMT’s jail for several years.

During the Liberation War [7], the CCP managed to plant a secret agent whom Chiang Kai-shek (also called Jiang Jieshi) [8] kept in close confidence. Liu Pei, Lieutenant General and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Defense was in charge of dispatching the KMT army. Liu was in fact an undercover agent for the CCP. Before the KMT army found out about their next assignment, the information about the planned deployment had already reached Yan’an, headquarters of the CCP. The Communist Party would come up with a plan of defense accordingly. Xiong Xianghui, a secretary and trusted subordinate of Hu Zongnan [9], revealed Hu’s plan to invade Yan’an to Zhou Enlai. So when Hu Zongnan and his forces reached Yan’an, it was already deserted. Zhou Enlai once said, “Chairman Mao knew the military orders issued by Chiang Kai-shek before they ever made it to Chiang’s army commander.” (to be cont’d…)

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