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CCP’s Third Inherited Trait: Incitement- 95:5 formula

Posted by Author on September 29, 2006

The Epoch Times- This is the second of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party


Third Inherited Trait: Incitement—Skillfully Stirring up Hatred and Inciting Struggle among the Masses

Deceit serves to incite hatred. Struggle relies on hatred. Where hatred does not exist, it can be created.

The deep-rooted patriarchal clan system in the Chinese countryside served as a fundamental barrier to the Communist Party’s establishment of political power. The rural society was initially harmonious, and the relationship between the landowners and tenants was not entirely confrontational. The landowners offered the peasants a means to live, and in return the peasants supported the landowners.

This somewhat mutually dependent relationship was twisted by the CCP into extreme class antagonism and class exploitation. Harmony was turned into hostility, hatred, and struggle. The reasonable was made to be unreasonable, order was made to be chaos, and republicanism made to be despotism.

The Communist Party encouraged expropriation, murder for money, and the slaughter of landlords, rich peasants, their families and their clans. Many peasants were not willing to take the property of others. Some returned at night the property they took from the landlords during the day, but they were criticized by CCP work teams in rural regions as having “low class consciousness.”

To incite class hatred, the CCP reduced the Chinese theater to a propaganda tool. A well-known story of class oppression, the White-Haired Girl [3], was originally about a female immortal and had nothing to do with class conflicts. Under the pens of the military writers, however, it was transformed into a “modern” drama, opera, and ballet used to incite class hatred.

When Japan invaded China during World War II, the CCP did not fight with the Janpanese troops. Instead, it attacked the KMT government with accusations that the KMT betrayed the country without fighting against Japan. Even at the most critical moment of national calamity, it incited people to oppose the KMT government.

Inciting the masses to struggle against each other is a classic trick of the CCP. The CCP created the 95:5 formula of class assignment: 95 percent of the population would be assigned to various classes that could be won over, while the remaining 5 percent would be designated as class enemies. People within the 95 percent were safe, but those within the 5 percent were “struggled” against. Out of fear and to protect themselves, the people strived to be included in the 95 percent. This resulted in many cases in which people brought harm to others, even adding insult to injury. The CCP has, through the use of incitement in many of its political movements, perfected this technique. (to be cont’d…)

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