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Chinese regime’s harassment on independent candidates spreading

Posted by Author on September 28, 2006

During the county-district-township simultaneous elections for delegates to local People’s Congress, which have been underway in China for several months now, Communist Party and government authorities have targeted independent candidates seeking election in many parts of the country. Some candidates have been beaten, detained for questioning, threatened, or pressured by their employees to withdraw. Reported by Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) in Beijing on September 27.

In it’s press release, CHRD said incidents of harassment and intimidation of independent candidates are on the rise.

Instance including, in August, independent candidate Zhou Tao disclosed that, in Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, all district candidates had already been decided by the government that independent candidates have no chance to participate in the election.

In September, independent candidates in all the districts in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, were detained for questioning in advance of the vote. They were accused of engaging in activities harmful to the election.

“the Nationalist Party” or “Pan-Blue Alliance” (fan lan lian meng), which is running under the Nationalist Party principles, has been specifically targeted. Pan-Blue’s slogan is to uphold the “three peoples principles” (san min zhu yi), to learn from Taiwan’s demoractization, and to promote the one-China unification policy.

On September 25, Cai Aiming, another Pan-Blue Alliance member in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, was detained by police around 11am, and was not yet been released by 2pm on September 26.

One candidate, Wen Yan (nickname Sun Erwu), who is running as a member of the Pan-Blue Alliance in Wuhan City, was beaten by unidentified men on the evening of September 12.

CHRD indicated that the elections of local delegates to the local People’s Congress are held now in different parts of the county, and are running from July 2006 to the end of 2007. This is the first round of nationwide local elections since the 2004 amendment of the PRC Constitution, the Election Law, and the Local Organization Law, which changed the length of terms for delegates to the county-township People’s Congress from three years to five years.

More than 2,800 counties and 35,400 townships will hold elections during this time, 900 million people are supposed to vote, 2 million delegates are to be directly elected or re-elected to office.

Anyone with more than 10 signatures of endorsement can seek election, according to China’s Election Law.

2 Responses to “Chinese regime’s harassment on independent candidates spreading”

  1. chinaview said

    Thank you FrankZabath for your well-wishing.

    It should be easier for people who living in communist countries, or have the experience of been controlled by communist, like German :), to understand the real social situation in China today.

    So sometimes I really have the interest to know what people would answer if is been asked: Since Berlin Wall in Germany was fallen, then how long do you think the Chinese Burlin Wall can stand?

  2. Hello!

    Found you via TagSurfer (policts, law) by “accident” on second place. And that as my blog only as one single and poor article on politics and law.

    Left alone a “democratic” (read “proletaric” or “maoistict” ;) election, even local, is taking months as you say, there’s something going wrong indeed. And all that besides the repressions physically. Oh my, nothing new in China, of course. Sorry for this unqualified, weird comment full of stereotypes, but I had a little Rice Wine equivalent.

    Erm, I’ll surely check back when being fresh. I’ve seen these videos of “delinquents” being shot by the Chinese army on the hills of whatever city. And that guy who talked to German states TV’s Tagesschau about the Jangtse dam(?) and (as Chinese government says) had fallen unluckyly, which made him half invalide.
    Erm, hope the so called civilized world in the west will have the guts to pressure Chinese government to stop this Stalinist behaviour and not just think about profit. And I hope the Chinese people will gain freedom, even not everyone will have a shiny gasoline fueld car.

    Well, enough about half-sober stereotypes. Great posting, awesome Blog!! All the best to you and your people!

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