China Imposes New Regulations on Foreign Media

10 September 2006–

China has established new rules requiring foreign media to get permission from the state news agency, Xinhua, to distribute news and information in the country.

The regulations published by Xinhua Sunday say information may be banned from distribution if it is deemed to undermine China’s national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The regulations give Xinhua the right to choose the news and information released by foreign news agencies in China and to delete any material that has not been approved.

Xinhua says the regulations may also be applied to news agencies in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan that distribute information to the mainland.

It is unclear how the regulations would affect foreign news agencies in China that do not necessarily distribute their reports within the country.

The Chinese government has faced criticism for withholding important information about social and environmental problems in the country. Human rights groups have also slammed Beijing for persecuting independent journalists.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP

- Media crackdowns: two years before Beijing Olympics, RSF, Aug.7, 2006

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