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Quit the CCP Slogans Found Throughout China

Posted by Author on September 2, 2006

The Epoch Times, Sep 02, 2006- quit-ccp-slogan-Jinan
The Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party (the Nine Commentaries) has initiated a tidal wave of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since it’s introduction on November 18, 2004. More than 13 million Chinese people have publicly announced their withdrawals from the CCP and it’s related organizations through The Epoch Times website over the past two years. Not even the internet blockade has been able to stop people from posting their withdrawal statements. Many go so far as to put them on bulletin boards, license plates, telephone poles, and advertisement columns.

Information on the Nine Commentaries and on withdrawing from the CCP can be found just about anywhere. Truth clarifying DVDs, booklets, pamphlets, posters, and even banners can be found frequently occupying space at governmental agencies, National People’s Congress, parks, tourist sites, work places, educational institutions, hospitals, stores, along the streets and in residential areas. Sometimes these materials last for several months to a year before they are removed.

(photo: The slogan, “Read the Nine Commentaries, The Heavens will exterminate the CCP”, has been written on several large stones near the Dafotou tourist site in Jinan City, Shandong Province. from

Gao Dawei, spokesperson for the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP said, “The emergence of resignations and slogans in large quantities goes to show that quitting the CCP has become a reality, has broken free of the CCP’s information blockade and has removed the inner fears of the Chinese people. It is certain that the wave of resignations around China will help more Chinese people realize the vile nature of the CCP, reexamine their own pasts and futures and dare to envision a new China. Those who speak out against communism are the hope of China.”

Shanxi Provinceslogan-quit-ccp-shanxi-huguanxian

According to a report on August 5, 2006, posters publicizing the Nine Commentaries as well as encouragement for people to quit the CCP were found at the Taihangshan Grand Canyon tourist site in Huguan County, Shanxi Province.

(phot at right: slogan “quit the CCP” at the Taihangshan Grand Canyon tourist site)slogan-quit-ccp-shanxi-huguanxian

On May 16, 2006, posters and truth clarification materials have been spotted in the residential areas, parks, shopping and daycare centers, etc., on Xinjian Street, Taoyuan Lane, North Taoyuan Street, and North Street near the Taiyuan City Council and city government buildings. (right)

On April 18, 2006, slogan-quit-ccp-shanxi-huguan-streetreported that posters promoting the withdrawal from the CCP could be seen during the National People’s Congress and the Political Consultative Conference. Such posters can be seen frequently in government agencies, the National People’s Congress, parks, tourist sites, educational institutes, hospitals, stores, various workplaces, and residential areas.

(photo: slogan on street near the Taiyuan City Council and city government buildings)

(to be cont’d…)

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How Global CCP Resignation Statistics Are Calculated, August 2nd, 2006

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