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China Slave Labor Floods NAFTA Marketplace With Cheap Goods

Posted by Author on August 23, 2006

by Jerome R. Corsi, HUMAN EVENTS, Aug 21, 2006–

The NAFTA marketplace unrestrained in the pursuit of cheap labor has driven an increasing volume of manufacturing off-shore to Communist China, where slave prison camps offer a cost of labor that is hard to beat.

Chinese made goods ranging from electronics to toys and clothes are daily sold in mass marketing retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, K-Mart, Target, Lowes, and dozens of other U.S. corporations. Cheap goods from Communist China increasingly line the shelves of the NAFTA marketplace under marquee product trade names that bear no relationship to the Chinese slave labor that manufactured, produced, or otherwise assembled the goods.

Key to this thriving under-market is a flagrant disregard for human rights, on the part of the Communist Chinese, who still permit the exploitation of slave labor. U.S. capitalists and consumers as well turn a blind eye to the human suffering and abuse involved in producing the under-market cheap goods flooding the American retail market from China.

The Chinese slave labor camps set up first under Mao in the 1950s are known as Laogai. Writing for the Human Rights Brief at American University’s Washington College of Law, Ramin Pejan explains that the Laogai system consists of three distinct types of reform: convict labor (Laogai), re-education through labor (Laojiao), and forced job placement (Jiuye). The political nature of these Chinese prison labor camps is clear.

The PRC (People’s Republic of China) uses Laojiao to detain individuals it feels are a threat to national security or it considers unproductive. Individuals in Laojiao may be detained for up to three years. Because those in Laojiao have not committed crimes under PRC law, they are referred to as “personnel” rather than prisoners and they are not entitled to judicial procedure. Instead, individuals are sent to the Laojiao following administrative sentences dispensed by local public security forces. This vague detainment policy allows the PRC to avoid allegations that the individual’s arrest was politically motivated and to assert that they were arrested for reasons such as “not engaging in honest pursuits” or “being able-bodied but refusing to work.”

Pejan notes that even though they have completed their sentence some 70 percent of the prisoners are forced to live in specifically assigned locations where they continue to work in the prison camp. In a cruel slogan that brings to mind the “Arbeit Mach Frei” entrance to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, Penan notes that Laogai is an abbreviation for Laodong Gaizao which translates from Mandarin as “reform through labor.” ( details from HUMAN EVENTS)

3 Responses to “China Slave Labor Floods NAFTA Marketplace With Cheap Goods”

  1. Brian said

    Due to recent events and war games with Russia, I believe we should Boycott the 2008 Olympics until China desides to consider human rights as paramount. I believe we should also boycott organizations that choose to do business with China.

    Capitolist companies like Wal-Mart force suppliers to conform to there standard to the point of American suppliers sending there products overseas or facing Bankruptcy.

    Examples: Dial soap, Huffy, Levi Straus, Rubbermade, and Colemam to name a small percentage.

    The current trade deficit with China as of June 2007 is 30 billion in exports to 148 billion in imports. Wal-Mart as a single entity, represents 10% of all imports into the United States. If we were to include all the non-Wal-Mart products that are stocked on the shelves at Wal-Mart, that amount would most likely be more like 15% – 20%.

    If China was forced to step up there employees quality of life, a few things would happen:
    1) We would not be facing an economic catastrophy as a result of competing with with nations which force standards which are considered un-liveable in any environment. (This is no longer about money, these are living, breathing souls)

    2) We would no longer tolerate people living as slaves to support our way of life. (All those who died so that we could be free would be ashamed at how we share our wealth)

    3) We would not be contributing to a communist regimes war effort against the United States and other Western allies.

    The American blue collar worker represents our entire economy. Sure, there may be some brain upstairs crunching numbers, but the ones who blead and sweat to make the goods are being kicked to the curb the minute a better deal comes along. And for what, so that others can live in slavery to support our appetite for cheap. For those who choose to contribute to this nightmare, ask yourself two questions:

    1) Is my life worth someone elses savings of 20 cents on a lowsy product?
    2) Am I going to allow this to continue?

    Every choice in life has a price. Take a look at all the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airman who lost there lives to protect our way of life. Make a scrifice and choose to quit buying into another regimes right to enslave innocent souls.

    Semper Fidelis;


  2. […] Yet both Parties with the help of many bought and paid for economist never mention this principal when they talk about trade or immigration policy. Economist and Politicians act baffled as to why real wages are going backwards around the world as we do trade deals ( NAFTA, CAFTA WTO CHINA…) with Countries that have workers who are treated like slaves competing with Americans. They are even more surprised as to why wages would be hurt by an unlimited supply of workers (visa) legal and (Illegal immigrants) illegal with very few rights also pitted against Americans. […]

  3. Peter said

    I think one way to help the Chinese is through the Free China 2008 campaign. It’s hard to say for sure but I think it might just catch on and do some good. In the words of the organizers:

    “In 2008 China will host the Summer Olympics in Beijing. Although China is a wonderful country, there are countless citizens who have experienced human rights abuses. One example of this is the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. The next Summer Olympics present a unique opportunity for the world to show its support and concern. The “Free China 2008” symbol represents empathy for the victims and the hope that the Chinese will one day have the freedom that they so desire. The goal is to have the millions of foreign spectators and athletes wear the symbol. However, in order for this to occur, the symbol needs to become recognized around the world. You can help create awareness by displaying the symbol where people can see it and understand what it represents.”

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