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Lawyer’s 3rd open letter urge to stop the Brutality(19)

Posted by Author on August 16, 2006

We Must Immediately Stop the Brutality That
Suffocates Our Nation’s Conscience and Morality
by Gao Zhisheng /

gao zhisheng 9-a(Cont’d) Mr. Yang Guang, another practitioner, suffered even more frightening persecution. I quote part of the letter a witness wrote to me:

“Yang Guang, who lived in Changchun City, Jilin Province, has been illegally detained since January 2000 and has suffered severe torture under the hands of Director Liang and officers in the Changchun Public Security Bureau. He was tortured with electric batons, tiger bench, straightjacket, hanging from the ceiling, plastic-bag suffocation, and force-feeding of strong alcohol. Persecutors occasionally torture him for 40 hours on end. The torture gave Mr. Yang a deaf left ear, disabled arms, paralysis from the waist down, necrosis in his right hip, a broken right leg, deformed feet, festered toes, kidney failure, and hydrothorax (fluids accumulated in his chest). Despite his life-threatening condition, Mr. Yang was sentenced to 15 years in the Jilin prison.

“Mr. Yang is held in the so-called naked district, which is the prison section for disabled inmates. Here inmates are forbidden to wear pants all year long, so that cleaning is kept minimal. Inmates made the paralyzed Mr. Yang a special wheelchair out of steel pipes, four casters, and boards for the back and sides. The seat has a hole in the center, like a toilet seat. Whenever Mr. Yang needs to go to the restroom, inmates would push his chair to the bathroom. Because of the side boards on the chair and his disabled arms, Mr. Yang cannot clean himself afterwards. Urine, feces, and foul odor enshroud Mr. Yang all year long. This naked district receives no sunlight. The conditions are utterly inhumane. This district is boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. The space for sleeping is less than 60 cm (23 in.) wide. The food is disgusting and extremely lean.

“When Mr. Yang needs cleaning, inmates wheel him to the water room and spray him with a pressure hose, and wipe him with a mop that has nails sticking out. Inmates call this a “cosmetic shower.” The prison authorities subjected Mr. Yang to these intolerable conditions to force him to renounce Falun Gong. Mr. Yang, however, remained firm in his belief. He was put into solitary confinement. He was let out only when he was on the brink of death. Mr. Yang was then transferred to a special district in the Tiebei Prison in Changchun. He was given absolutely no medical treatment. Nonetheless, the prison still extorts 1,000 yuan (approximately $125) a month from Mr. Yang’s family. (to be cont’d…)

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