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    Reporters Without Borders said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agency”, that “Xinhua remains the voice of the sole party”, “particularly during the SARS epidemic, Xinhua has for last few months been putting out news reports embarrassing to the government, but they are designed to fool the international community, since they are not published in Chinese.”
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Lawyer’s 3rd open letter urge to stop the Brutality(8)

Posted by Author on July 29, 2006

We Must Immediately Stop the Brutality That
Suffocates Our Nation’s Conscience and Morality

by Gao Zhisheng /

gao zhisheng -3(Cont’d) “One March 1, they sent me to the No. 3 Detention Center. They checked my heart and blood pressure—none functioned well; my legs could not walk. Even so, I was still sentenced for two years in the labor camp. In a coma, I was carried to the Heizuizi labor camp. I had to be carried to go to the bathroom. The policewoman Liu Lianying from the second team started to persecute me, saying that I was pretending not to be able to walk. Liu barbarously shocked me with an electric baton on my legs, chest, heart—all over my body. At the time, a criminal convict Yi Liwen (who had a good relationship with Liu) could not bear to see it; she took away the electric baton and said, ‘Don’t shock her anymore, look at what bad shape she is in.’ Liu Lianying then stopped. Since I could not walk, the police often cursed me; they used all their conversion experts to try to “transform” me, and the police took turns brainwashing me.

“After a day’s labor, they did not let me sleep, but conducted brainwashing in order to force me to sign this or that paper. I firmly refused. They tortured me like this for two months, and my blood pressure often reached over 200 and I suffered from serious heart disease. Seeing that I refused to be transformed, Jia Hongyan used prostitution convicts to torture me, monitoring me on a 24-hour basis at my side even during eating and sleeping. They forced me to transform, beating and cursing me almost every moment and every day. They did not allow me to speak; if I did they would curse me. Everyday, my body and heart were suffering in great pain. Over a year of persecution brought great harm to my body and mind. My body was numb, and my arms did not move well. I was diagnosed with brain infarction and atrophy. I was originally very healthy, but the one year’s persecution had turned me into such a state. Just because I want to be a good person, I have endured such inhumane torture for such a long time.” (to be cont’d…)

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