26 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party Organizations

Till today, more than 26 million (26,201,383) Chinese people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated Organizations, showing on the Quit CCP Statement website (in Chinese)

26 million Chinese quit the CCP

In this month (Sep, 2007), there are 30~50 thousand Chinese per day claim quitting. Daily statistics showing as following (original from Statistic page of Quit CCP):

Daily Quit-ccp statistics of sep. 2007

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Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Solemnly Denies All Charges by China Authorities

By Gao Zhisheng, The Epochtimes, Sep 08, 2007-Gao zhisheng 6-a



Gao Zhisheng

At around 12:00 p.m. on August 15, 2006, 30 thugs from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) broke in and kidnapped me in a violent manner from my older sister’s home in Shandong Province. Meanwhile, about 40 unidentified men broke into my home in Beijing and ransacked my place for a few hours. They stole all of my belongings and left only 300 yuan in cash. During the process, they didn’t present any legal documents or identify themselves. They were silent throughout the process. They also searched my wife and my two underage children, and started to put them under house arrest for an indefinite amount of time.

To achieve their illegal purpose, 11 goons stayed at my home around the clock for 11 consecutive days without our permission. They kept the TV on 24-hours a day, used my kitchen and bathroom at will. They worked in rotation, but there were always seven to eleven people guarding us from my living room at any given time. They played cards, watched TV, ate snacks and chatted aloud. They have violated the most basic human rights.

Even my two-year-old boy Gao Tianyu’s bedroom was guarded by two people. My wife and children were not allowed to turn off the light when they went to bed or keep the bedroom door closed. My family was not even allowed to keep the door closed when they used the bathroom. My wife’s and children’s each and every move, including sleep, was closely watched by these goons. Eleven days later, the goons moved their camp downstairs, but they continued to watch my wife and two children.

During the next four months my wife was watched by at least four big men when she had to go out. When my daughter went to middle school and when my son went to kindergarten, they were watched by four to six goons. They watched my children from outside the classrooms. During these four months, they beat up my wife once in public, and pushed and insulted her countless times. My daughter was repeatedly beaten up and insulted. Even my three nephews that worked part-time in Beijing were illegally detained for 21 days.

On August 15, 2006, Shanxin Province’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) hired about 40 local thugs to break into my parents’ home in Shaanxi Province. They had my parents’ home under siege and bullied my family for four months.

On the same day, a few dozen unidentified men started to watch and follow my parents-in-law and my wife’s sister in Ürümchi, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The local police ordered my parents-in-law not to leave home and took their IDs by force.

My mother-in-law, in her 60′s, took the risk to flee from home in the middle of the night to Beijing. But the cold-blooded goons watching my home in Beijing forbade this elderly woman who spent two days and two nights on the road from entering my home. She had no choice but to stay outdoors overnight. On the next day, she waited for my wife on the only path to the supermarket and finally met her. The mother and daughter hugged each other and burst into tears. But the goons followed them home and interrogated my mother-in-law. While my mother-in-law was in Beijing, she was closely followed by four to six goons.

In Shandong Province, my older sister’s child was taken into custody 24-hours before the court order date and was kept in police custody until my brother-in-law passed away. The police in Shandong Province even forbade my nephew from attending his father’s funeral. This is an outrageous act against the Chinese customs. The police argued that they were executing the order from the PSB.

After I was kidnapped, I began a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. After 36 hours of hunger strike, I learned that my wife and children were cut off from food and water so I had to stop the hunger strike. During the illegal detention, the CCP subjected me to brutal tortures and psychological abuses.

When they failed to make me give in, they threatened to deprive my wife and children’s basic means of survival. “We don’t ask much. We ask only two things from you. First, plead guilty. Second, stop fighting for human rights. You are a very special case 815 [my code name during the illegal custody]. We have to break all the rules and conventions to make you give in. We will not hesitate to use any means on you as long as it works.”

“815, we have designed many means against you. We can bring your older brother here and make him kneel before you until you plead guilty. We will use every means necessary no matter how long it takes.”

Because of these inhuman tortures and coercions, I was forced to “plead guilty” and “guaranteed” in writing not to fight for human rights. After many drafts of the forced “guilty plead” and “guarantee”, the police decided to write them for me and have me transcribe it. This became the “statement of repentance” that the public saw later.

I hereby make a solemn declaration.

First, I completely deny the false charges that the CCP authorities placed on me through their inhuman tortures and abuses.

Second, I completely deny the entire content of the “statement of repentance.” Both the CCP authorities and I knew it was a complete falsehood from the beginning, but I insist on declaring it to be void.

Third, it was my true will to publish the statement on December 13, 2005 to withdraw from the CCP [and its two affiliated organizations.] I hereby acknowledge and confirm the statement again.

Fourth, I hereby confirm the three open letters I have written before August 15, 2006.

Fifth, I shall persevere in fighting against the totalitarian and inhuman rule that suppresses people’s freedom of thinking.

Gao Zhisheng

Sun Yat-Sen’s Grandnephew Denounces the Chinese Communist Party

By Li Zhen, Epoch Times Staff, Sep 06, 2007-Sun Bin

Sun Bin (photo right), grandnephew of the “Father of Modern China,” Sun Yat-Sen, reveals that a death threat against him by the CCP motivated his announcement to firmly encourage Chinese to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Last week, the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times had a three-day series of exclusive reports about an alias “Axiang” who disclosed the recent activities of the CCP Central Liaison Office in Hong Kong (the Liaison Office). According to Axiang, the Liaison Office has interviewed him to discover if Sun Bin is participating in the “withdraw from the CCP movement” and indicated their intention to treat Sun the same way they treated Albert Ho.

The Liaison Office hinted that last year’s gang attack on Ho, the Democratic Party Chairman and also Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, was because Ho protested the live organ removal of Falun Gong Practitioners by the CCP and supported the Human Rights movement in China.

Sun Bin indicated that the very next day after the Epoch Times report, he received three unidentified phone calls. The first one claimed to be a Mr. Zhu from Shenzhen, whereas the other two refused to identify themselves. All three of them conducted a similar conversation and inquired about who “Axiang” is.

Sun says, “I would like to thank Axiang. If it weren’t for him, I might have been killed without knowing who ordered it.”

Sun believes that the CCP’s suppression of the movement is an indication of the fear and final struggle of the party prior to its disintegration.

He mentions that he’s further aware of the evil nature of the CCP. In particular, the CCP voluntarily disclosed that they perpetrated Albert Ho’s beating. He could not believe that the CCP would have treated a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council in such a despicable manner. The cruelty is shocking.

Sun Bin encourages more people like “Axiang” to come out to expose how the CCP has infiltrated and threatened Hong Kong. Only through exposure will Hong Kong be protected.

- Original report from the Epochtimes

Hong Kong Tourist Spot Records Over 5,000 CCP Withdrawals in Half Year

By Li Jen, Epoch Times Staff, Aug 25, 2007-hong komh quit ccp service (1)

Since The Epoch Times published the series of social commentaries titled Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in November of 2004, as of August 18, 2007, the number of withdrawal declarations registered on the Epoch Times website has surpassed 25 million.

Even though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has poured a tremendous amount of resources into preventing The Nine Commentaries and the news about the withdrawals from spreading in China, both still manage to spread throughout the country through various channels. Recently, a CCP Withdrawal Service Center at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong reported that it has recorded over 5000 withdrawals within half a year.

Everyday, tens of thousand of visitors pour into Hong Kong from mainland China for shopping and sightseeing. Not long ago, the Global Service Centers to Quit the CCP (GSCQCCP) set up over a dozen centers at tourist attractions throughout Hong Kong in order to assist mainland tourists with quitting the CCP, Communist Youth League (CYL), and the Young Pioneers. The one established at Victoria Peak is one of these.

Before 6 o’clock every evening, volunteer helpers such as Zhou Shen and Aunt Liao would arrive at the service site pushing a small cart. They then start setting up photo and television displays, and handing out materials such as copies of The Nine Commentaries . Their goal is to persuade tourists from the mainland to withdraw from the CCP.

Each day, Zhou Shen tells the visitors, “The CCP has already murdered over eighty million of its own people. Withdraw from the Communist Party now to ensure your own well-being and safety!” She is one of the youngest volunteer helpers among those who look after this center.

“This service site has been here for over 5 years now,” said Zhou, a Falun Gonghong kong quit ccp service (2) practitioner herself, as she pointed at the crowded sea of tourists getting off tour buses for a glimpse of Hong Kong glittering in the night. “You will find more mainland visitors here than anywhere else.”

“The CCP is censoring information so the people won’t know the truth. The CCP hasn’t stopped murdering, and it hasn’t stopped harvesting live organs from Falun Gong practitioners. We will continue to tell the truth to Chinese people here until the day those cruelties stop,” said Zhou.

After The Epoch Times published The Nine Commentaries in late 2004, the service site added it to their handout materials in order to help the Chinese people understand the evil nature of the CCP. At the same time, volunteers here started providing the service of helping visitors register their “three withdrawals” from the party on the spot. Visitors were very happy to hear that they can make their withdrawal declarations in Hong Kong. Some people have lived through other persecutions by the CCP, and they immediately withdrew from the party. For the large majority of people, the service center provides an alias for them, but some people actually make their declarations using their real names.

The number of people withdrawing from the CCP has grown rapidly. Last November, this service site purchased a fairly thick notebook to keep records of withdrawal declarations, including the name, date, and details of the “three withdrawals.” The notebook was quickly filled and a second one was needed. They recently took a count, and the number of withdrawals had already surpassed 5000.

Even Zhou was very surprised by this number.

“We didn’t think we had so many already. I still remember the time we had less than 20, and then it went up to 90 or so at an accelerated pace,” she said. The visitors’ reactions to The Nine Commentaries also have changed over time. At the beginning, many would respond with profanities, and sometimes even spitting. Now it is far better received by people—to the point where some people become very eager to withdraw.

“This trend tells us something,” said Zhou. “It says that more and more people know the truth and they want to separate themselves from the CCP.”

Zhou cited an interesting case. “There was this one person who wanted to withdraw, so I started to think of an alias for him. I tried ‘Lucky,’ ‘Smoothsailing,’ and ‘Safe,’ but he didn’t like any of them. Then I said ‘How about Healthy?’ He said ‘Yes! You need to be healthy to take down the Communist Party!’”

Aunt Liao is another volunteer who is here everyday. She has persuaded more people to withdraw than everyone else at the service center. It is estimated that she can usually convince 70 to 80 people per day.

Aunt Liao was busy moving among the tourists. She patiently explained the facts to them, and they nodded as they listened. It did not take long for several people to agree to withdraw.

Two Westerners are also helping out at the center. Jeff, an American, said, “I feel this place is special. Chinese tourists come and go, so they are usually here for only about 20 minutes. They all feel like part of a big family to me.”

There were also three teenaged children who decided to withdraw from the CYL and Young Pioneers after listening to Aunt Liao. They later praised freedom of speech in Hong Kong in an interview with The Epoch Times . One boy said, “Hong Kong is very prosperous and very beautiful, and you are free to say what you want here. It’s totally different from the Mainland.”

When asked what made the biggest impression, a girl in the group pointed at the Falun Gong truth clarification display panels and said “Falun Gong and freedom of speech.”

- Original report from the Epochtimes

China: 25 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party

Till morning of today, 25,233,745 Chinese people has announced publicly quit the Chinese25 M chinese quit CCP Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, it shows on the Chinese language Quit CCP website.

All the statements are publicly posted on the website and it’s easy to browse and search by keywords.

Quitting speed25 M chinese quit CCP (2)

From the number shows on the Quit CCP website, which is updated almost at real time, we can see that people resign at a rate of 30,000 to 40,000 per day in recent months.

Yesterday, there were 37,713 people quit.

Why Quit CCP

From the statements, many people stated that they became realize the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party, which is never changed while economy develops – violence and lying- and the crimes the CCP committed in the past and in the current make no reason for people to stay further inside the organization- conscience makes people keep distance with the CCP.

CCP’s crimes and abuses mentioned in the statements including but not limited:

- killed 80 million Chinese people in less than 60 years

- Tiananmen massacre of student, Beijing, 1989

- Torture and killing of Falun Gong members, from 1999, ongoing

- Organ harvesting from live prisoners, ongoing

- persecution of Christian, ongoing

- no freedom of speech, ongoing

- no democracy, ongoing

- cheating of Chinese people, ongoing

- corruption, ongoing


How to post statements

To post their statements on the Quit CCP website, which is hosted outside China and blocked by Chinese regime, people have to manage to break through the Internet blockage by using proxy servers or anti-censor softwares, or, get the help from the volunteers work in the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party, by telephone, fax, email, mail.

When did the resign happens ?

The large wave of Quit CCP was triggered by a serial commentary article- the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party- from the overseas largest free Chinese newspaper Dajiyuan ( the Epoch Times, in English) .

Nine Commentaries was published in Dec, 2004. Now it has been translated into more than 30 languages.

The Nine Commentaries won top award in the category “Asian American Issues – Online”, by the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), in August, 2005.

U.S. Congresswoman: As a friend, we should honest enough to challenge China on human rights

Speech, by U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, at Revealing a True China 2007 forum, in Washington D.C, U.S, on July 18, 2007 -

Speech on Revealing a True China 2007 forum

by Sheila Jackson Lee
U.S. CongresswomanCongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

Thank you, Stephen, very much. We have a creative podium here. Dr. Ming, Professor Ming, thank you very much. I came in during your presentation and obviously you’ve laid the groundwork for an important question. You have queried us about “what the next step is for China.”

I am a friend of China. I’m a friend of Chinese people. Why do I say that? Because friends tell each other the truth. And I believe that there is probably no comparable nation state with the enormous history and opportunity of China.

Now I will be argued with by many of my friends around the world. Stephen, I consider myself as an internationalist and I believe America is at her best when she is engaging, interacting, responding, befriending, and instructing in the welcoming way, but also demanding. And America must be demanding of herself.

And so as I speak to you today, let me emphasize the importance of the Epoch Times and its communication vehicle that it is. Let me indicate that as we commemorate the 8th year of the brutal and unspeakable actions against Falun Gong on July 20th, let us be reminded that acquiescence, complacency, and reserve are not the call of the day.

So I am grateful for the representation that 23 million Chinese, 23 M, have stood up and said: “Now I renounce Communism! I do so in the name of the spirits of those who have lost their lives, who remain languishing in jails. I want no more crimes! I want no more unending persecution without justice! —the scales of justice that we’ve seen in this country.” Albeit we know that we are culturally different, there must be a basis of justice in China. “No more darkness and no more Communism!”

Now I say this in the spirit of free speech, for there may be many who would describe Communism in a different way. And frankly, we’ve lived alongside of Communism. I would venture to say that even if I asked any of you, whether the economic underpinnings of Communism might be acceptable. That’s what their initial premise – Socialism and Communism was: a collective body – to be able to help everyone.

But then when it ascended, to despotism, to the locking up of intellectual thought, to the attacking of students, who really are the cream of the crop, are being able to promote intellectual thought. That raises the ugly head of Communism. And then, as we have seen the maligning of Falun Gong – a religion that should be allowed to express its freedom.

This morning we passed the legislation dealing with Ethiopia. A friend, as I would say, my colleague and predecessor, the honorable Mickey Leland, lost his life going to Ethiopia to see those who were starving in 1989. He had a love for people.

But yet we have come full circle, and today out of affection for this nation, we passed a bill of sanction. We passed the bill that would limit the military aid. Why?

Because people are languishing in jail. There is a stifling of free speech.

So I say to our friends in China, a friend and I say to our nation: we are less if we believe that “Human Rights” is not a sufficient and most moving and provocative challenge, that we should now be honest enough to challenge our friends.

I would also say to you as we look to the future, as the Epoch Times becomes the vehicle of conveying that it is alright to be able to speak against the government. It is alright to differ in your political philosophy so that you desire not to become a Communist and it is the responsibility of the government not to penalize those so that they could not have an economical opportunity.

Let me say to you that I came to the era of what we call the Black Student Movement. That was the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement. We were the beneficiaries – being able to go into the integrated colleges. But the Civil Rights action was what we called a movement. The movement premised on the fact that we had language in our Declaration of Independence that we all were created equal with certain unalienable rights. We had a Bill of Rights that said we all deserve due process. But yet we had to modify our Constitution to be able to have 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, to end, to strangle the segregation that was the mindset of many in this country. But it was a movement that moved the laws.

So let me applaud those who are willing to risk what we say in America “life and limb” to create a movement – Falun Gong is a movement of spirit and religion – and those who have stood up to say: “Now, I’m renouncing Communism.” It is a movement. So let me congratulate you.

And may you count those of us who continue to persist in the dignity of all human beings, the value of human rights and intellectual thought, and professionalism, if you will, challenges the future of our children and the greatness of China, all together. Count us as friends that we continue to encourage you to be part of a movement, and let us work together so that we are not denounced wrongly for wanting to do good. And that we are perceived to be the friends of China that I know that all of you are, wanting for it, “the best”.

As I close, I’d like to acknowledge my good friend – Congressman Rohrabacher who I’m sure will come soon, and you can see from the wide diversity from those who are here, China has many friends, looking to take it to that higher level that all people are created equal. Thank you all so very much.

Sheila Jackson Lee
U.S. Congresswoman
July 18, 2007

- Original speech of Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee and Chinese translation available from the Epochtimes

Taiwan Church leader: Torch of Freedom and Democracy Will Flame China

Speech, by Mr. Neng_Hsiang Wang, Leader of Taiwan Presbyterian Church- Washington; former leader of Taiwan’s democratic movement, on July 20, 2007, in Washington D.C., at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party-

Speech at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit the CCP

 Mr. Neng_Hsiang WangMr. Neng_Hsiang Wang

Thanks for the invitation of the Rally organizer. Before I speak, let me first:

“Salute to Organizers and Thousands of Participants of this Washington DC Rally!”

“Salute to 24 Millions Courageous Chinese Who Quit the Chinese Communist Party!”

“Freedom and Democracy” are the best and the most constructive symbiotic political system of human inventions, and our time in particular. It is too long for China to experiment the demoniac institution of Totalitarianism and Communism in a land where over one quarter of the world’s inhabitants claim to be their home.

In China, the practitioners of Totalitarianism create a tight control allowing liberty only to the very few with strong vested interest in Communist leadership, and, simultaneously invent a psychic force of both fear and mistrust between the ruling elite and the people under its rule–and among the suffering inhabitants. On the other hand, through the extensive practices of kickback, bribery, fake products, fake government statistics, and Made-in-China epidemics such as SARS, Chinese Communism has brought about massive corruptions in China and even the world.

Totalitarian control inevitably will seek to cover up the infamous corruptions arising from Communist rule. And Communist rule will try ceaselessly to kindle people’s absolute fear in Totalitarian control. Some of the greatest fears are children’s open betrayal against their parents and students’ rebellion against their teachers. In such a suppressed culture and distorted society, beneath the façade of silence and tranquility, any rational person could predict that heavy weight revolutionary bombs, more powerful than the atomic bombs throwing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, would already have been awaiting explosion anytime soon.

Two decades ago, the Eastern Bloc, led by Soviet Russia, wrote a great historic chapter that Totalitarianism and Communism could dismantle from within by the invisible revolutionary power of the silent people. I firmly believe the people of China have wisdom and courage to overthrow Chinese Communist regime’s maddening demoniac leadership, which was imposed upon its silent population without their popular consent. Such demon has been in power for too long, becoming too corrupt, and, over the years, logically accelerating its tempo of political decay.

Freedom and Democracy—the best and the most constructive symbiotic political system of our time—will, and can, stop the demoniac institution of Totalitarianism and Communism. Today the Chinese Communist leadership is boasting the size and beauty of the coming Summer Olympic which is scheduled to take place in Beijing next year. I have no doubt in my mind the torch of Freedom and Democracy will follow the steps of next year’s Summer Olympic to set flame on the Communist regime, which, by next year, will have been in power for sixty years.

The sooner the Chinese Communist regime ends its rule, the less costly the damages to China’s culture, society, and its people. When the days come, the liberated New China should without hesitation work out a policy of reconciliation among the people and, with no less urgency, a structure of peace. Such structure should bring about mutual benefits with China’s neighboring countries, and the rest of the world as well by acting as a responsible member of world community.

Thank you all!

Neng_Hsiang Wang
Leader, Taiwan Presbyterian Church- Washington
Former leader of Taiwan’s democratic movement

July 20, 2007

Washington D.C.

- Original speech in both  Chinese and English available from the Epochtimes website

Lawyer: Pledged Our Lives to the Freedom of Falun Gong in China

Speech, by Attorney John D. Hemenway, on July 20, 2007, in Washington D.C., at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party-

Brief Remarks for Falun Gong Supporters


by Attorney John D. HemenwayAttorney John D. Hemenway

1. How did United States Relations with China Evolve?

1945 sounded the end of the colonial period. Japan was conquered with only 2 nuclear bombs. Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuo-ming-tang, that is, the Republic of China dominated China. The Republic of China claimed Taiwan in 1941 and this was confirmed at Cario in 1943.

But the surrender of the Japanese in China was mishandled – - the Soviets handed Japanese war materials to the Communists. Through a series of military disasters, the Communists were dominated on the Mainland China.

Not only did Mao make his despotism a carbon copy of the Moscow regime, he succeeded in getting USSR nuclear weapons technology. Even today one could take a document from the Soviet Union, cross out the Cyrillic letters “USSR” and put in the “People’s Republic of China” and one would not have to change a word. The document would be contemporary.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Article 1 of the Constitution of the Communist People’s Republic of China declares the“democratic centralism”would determine the internal policies of China. A basis communist concept, this means every person must kow-tow to the leader.

2. This is Exactly Why Falun Gong is Persecuted

A Communist regime can not tolerate any organization it does not control. Members of the Falun Gong are independent free thinkers. Beijing wants to control your organization. Do not let this happen!

Britain surrendered Hong Kong to the Communists. There was lip service given to two systems under one government, but the Court of Appeals in Hong Kong has now been taken over by the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

3. Kissinger Favored the Communists in Power in China

No less an authority than Pearl Buck (Author of “The Good Earth”) declared in 1972, when President Nixon made Red China a “Strategic Partner” of the U.S. that one could not have chosen a worse pattern for the recognition of Red China. To modify relations with the Republic of China and hand the veto power to the Communists was nothing less than stupid.

No real American would have made such a recommendation changing U.S. policy. But then, no real American would have abandoned U.S. prisoners of war to the communists, as Kissinger did. The Department of State, however, has many so-called China experts who were eager to be posted in China.

The Chinese are a great and talented people. In my youth, one spoke of 400 millions customers – - there was a book by that name. Today, it is 1.3 billion customers. But we can not tolerate the bribing of U.S. Senators, whose spouses are deeply engaged in the China trade. These individuals are motivated by greed and avarice.

4. Urge Supporters Pledge to Fight for the Freedom of Falun Gong

There is more to our relationship with China than profit. We must support freedom and independence from tyranny. It is therefore fitting that we meet today in the shadow of a monument to a great man who bravely led the fight for freedom after the shots were fired in Lexington that were heard around the world. Today, the leadership of the Falun Gong should follow the same principles of that great man.

Recall the final words of the United States “Declaration of Independence” – - the signers “pledged our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to the cause of freedom”. Let those supporting the Falun Gong pledge to do the same on this day!

Thank You!


Attorney John D. Hemenway

July 20, 2007

Washington D.C.

- Original report, in both English and Chinese, from the Epochtimes

President of Asia Coalition: Work Till the End of the Chinese Communist Party

Speech, by Mr. Hai Van Ha, President of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition, on July 20, 2007, in Washington D.C., at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party-

Speech at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party

by Hai Van Ha
President of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition
Mr. Hai Van Ha

Good Morning

Professor Sen Nieh
Distinguish guests
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am very honored and privileged to be here with you today not only to show my support but also to let you know that I always stand by your side to fight for freedom for the Chinese people and to promote democracy for Asia.

Through your hard work during the past few years, over 24 million of Chinese Communist party members have given up their memberships and joined the people harmony forces, in hope that nearly 2 billion people will rejoice their liberty as the rest of the people in the free world.

Communism is falling therefore Communist of China is no exception. I want to tell the Chinese Communist leaders that, this is the time for all of you to give up your power to the people; this is the time for you to stand by side with your people to rebuild the country in the way of your people wanted; this is the time for you to restore the country which you have ruined and destroyed for many decades and this is the time when Chinese people welcome you to the China Democratic country and you will become the Chinese heroes. Otherwise you will be looked on as traitors of your country and war criminals of your people.

As president of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition, I urge President George W. Bush and our U.S Senators and Representatives in Congress to put pressure on China Communist Regime to:

·Release all Political, Religious Leaders unconditionally
·Return all lands, properties to the people
· Stop imprisonment and the killing of Falun Gong Members and the selling their Organs
· Respect human rights for its own people
· Restore liberty for Chinese people

Today, we get-together to make a commitment with our Asian fellows, that we neither can rest nor stop working until China is freed and put an END to the Communist Party. I strongly believe that that day will come very soon and we will all be welcomed back with dignity and respect.

God bless America and China !



Hai Van Ha
President of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition

Asia Alliance: Support Chinese People on Their Way to Democracy

Speech, by Thongchanh Boulom, Treasurer of The Alliance for democracy of Asians in USA & General Secretary of the United League for democracy of Laos, on Jul. 20, 2007, at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit the CCP, in Washington D.C-

Speech at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit the CCP

by Thongchanh BoulomMr. Thongchanh Boulom

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honor for me to be here and express my congratulations on 24 million Chinese men and women who are struggling for human rights and democracy in China by quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This event is very important and vital to us, freedom fighters. Through these magnificent actions, we will send a strong message to the members of the communist parties all over the world that: 24 million men and women are on their way towards democracy and human rights for themselves; as well as setting our sights on all of humanity enjoying democracy in the near future.

Today, we are here to protest the outlawing of Falun Gong practitioners by former dictator Jiang Zemin started on July 20, 1999. Following this decree, many crimes against people have been committed in China, particularly the organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. 24 Million former CCP members and Falun Gong practitioners will unite together in order to become an ocean of men and women which will submerge and drown the community party in China because the goal of these men and women is democracy and the freedom to conduct their own civil liberties.

On behalf of the United League for Democracy of Laos (President Bounthanh Rathina), the Alliance for Democracy of Asians in USA and Vietnamese American Community (Mr. Tan Van Nguyen), Free Khmer (Mr. Thach Yen), I would like to say thank you to the organizer of this Rally today.

As you know, China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam are closed society lockdown by the clique designated communist parties: “the so called governments”. For them, human rights are the number one enemy. As we have seen from different angles of the camera taking pictures of difference faces of China, either by National Chinese or foreign journalists all demonstrate that all walks of life are difficult and are sardined into one cell. These countries look like giant prisons holding all their citizens, while facing forced imprisonment by their national army and police.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The alliance for democracy of Asians in USA understands the aspiration of the imprisoned citizens in their own countries. That is why we support Falun Gong practitioners to request their freedom of practice and will stand by their side with people of Cambodia, China, Laos and Vietnam to struggle for the same goal:

Such as:

Good Governance
Human Rights
Democratic constitution
Independence of Justice system

Thank you.

Thongchanh Boulom
Treasurer of The Alliance for democracy of Asians in USA
General Secretary of the United League for democracy of Laos.

- Original report in both Chinese and English from the Epochtimes

Congresswoman: Be With the Chinese People, Not the Chinese Rulers

excerpt, from the Epoch Times report Unmasking China, Jul 19, 2007-Sheila Jackson Lee

What does it truly mean to be a friend to China, and what can we expect from her in the near future, asked the Revealing a True China forum, held at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on July 18.

American alliances should be with the Chinese people, not the Chinese rulers, said forum speaker Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

(photo: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at Revealing a True China forum)

A strong proponent of civil and political rights in the U.S., Jackson Lee spoke of freedom-loving persons like herself as “Friends of China” who want to help take China to “a new level” of respecting the principle that all people are created equal.

Jackson Lee praised the “movement of renouncing communism,” as a way for the Chinese people to take the next step – referring to the 24 million Chinese who have quit the Chinese Communist Party and related organizations.

She agreed that the maligning of “Falun Gong, a religion that should be allowed to express its freedom,” was representative of the despotism that China has descended to.

The communist regime ruling China today is much more repressive than most people are aware; it’s surprisingly effective at portraying a false picture of China, favorable to itself; it’s also quite likely on the verge of collapse, found forum panelists.

The notion that things are getting better and better and that with more time and patience China will become democratic and respect human rights was firmly rejected by the panelists, consisting of four U.S. Congress members, two journalists, a Taiwanese official and a China scholar.

- Excerpt from The Epochtimes report: Unmasking China

- 20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing , July 23rd, 2007
- Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party, July 20th, 2007

Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party Announced at Rally

Speech, by Li Dayong, Executive Director of Global Service Center forLi Dayong at Rally Quitting the Communist Party, July 20, Washington, DC, US-

Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party was made by Mr. Li Dayong, Executive Director of Global Service Center for Quitting the Communist Party, and founder of Future China Forum, on July 20, 2007, 10 am -12 noon, at rally to support 24 Million Chinese People quit the Chinese Communist Party, in Washington Monument, DC

Help Heaven to Exercise Tao — Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party

by Li Dayong

Greetings, my friends; greetings to everyone and especially fellow Chinese who are now watching this rally via the Internet: thank you for your participation as all of us serve as witnesses during this historic time.

Since the discovery of a giant rock imprinted with the words “Chinese Communist Party destroyed”, dated as 270 million years old in Guizhou Province, a Memorial to the Victims of Communism was unveiled in Washington D.C. , The Council of Europe passed a resolution condemning the crimes committed by totalitarian communist regimes, and Human Rights Olympic Torch has been lit around the world, Some US Congressmen’s discussion on the wave of withdrawal from the Communist Party took place as banners that read “quit the Party and save yourself” are sprouting up all over China, 24 million people have quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, for which we are celebrating today through group withdrawals and speeches foretelling the collapse of the Party- Ancient Chinese philosophy talks about the oneness of heaven’s will and people’s will; well, the two have never been in greater harmony than they are now. So, let us carry out heaven’s will by disintegrating the Chinese Communist Party!

The Global Service Center for Quitting the Communist Party proposes “Justice Shall Prevail—Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party”, and we are calling for wide support to speed up this process.

Justice Shall Prevail—

Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party

WHEREAS, Chinese Communist Party has killed more than 80 million people and inflicted tremendous and ongoing catastrophe on the Chinese civilization and natural environment; and

WHEREAS, Chinese Communist Party’s nature as an evil specter against heaven, earth and mankind has led it to persecute Truth Compassion Tolerance, harvest and sell the organs of living Falun Gong practitioners and has since turned itself into a synonym for vice and corruption. This totalitarian regime not only imposes violence on the Chinese people but also creates widespread terror and moral corruption; and

WHEREAS, divine principles forbid the existence of the Chinese Communist Party, we will “enforce justice on behalf of heaven” and together fulfill the sacred mission of disintegrating the Chinese Communist Party;

THEREFORE, we, our families, friends and supporters will learn about the crimes committed by the Party, systemically participate in the effort to spread Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and help people quit the Party. The Nine Commentaries directly eliminates the Party, an evil specter, and quitting the Party is the step we take to disintegrate the Party; and

THEREFORE, we, our families, friends and supporters will destroy all books, paintings and statues associated with the Communist Party, as well as all Communist Party flags and emblems, and take down the signs of Communist Party committees on all levels and leave no space for the Party to survive; and

THEREFORE, we, our families, friends, supporters, and especially civil rights protesters will not believe the Communist Party, cling to illusions regarding the Communist Party, cooperate with the Communist Party, and we will disintegrate the Communist Party on all levels by taking advantage of our unique strengths as individuals; and

THEREFORE, we will expose the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party to the international society, give advice and prevent deception by the Chinese Communist Party’s financial interest and chameleon acts, and help the world recognize the Chinese Communist Party as the single largest terrorist organization and stand on the right position of the history.

Disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party reflects the solemnity of the heavenly principle “goodness is rewarded and evildoing is punished”; disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party is the inevitable path for the Chinese race to gain revival from its current rapid moral decline. We call on all political parties, organizations, social groups, religious groups, and armed forces in China except the Communist Party to join the action to disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party; let us form an unprecedentedly united front and recreate the glory of our civilization.

- Original Chinese and English report from The Epochtimes.

- 20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing , July 23rd, 2007
- Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party, July 20th, 2007

Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott: Support 24 Million Brave Chinese Quit the CCP

Letter to Rally support 24 million Chinese quit the CCP, from Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice president of EU, on Jul. 20, 2007-Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott

First of all, I congratulate all of those who have today traveled from various parts of the world to Washington DC to show your support for this rally.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong in China by the Chinese Communist regime. Up until now, millions of Falun Gong practitioners in
China have suffered terribly as a result of the regime’s brutal dictatorship, in addition to many Christians, Catholics, Tibetans and human rights defenders also. Sadly, the constant intimidation and harassment by public security personnel of human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng is to name but one.

Having committed such horrible crimes and embodying an evil that can only be considered unpardonable, the Chinese Communist Party is destined to collapse. The West should support the defense of Chinese people’s rights and freedoms and turn its back on the economic illusion being peddled by the CCP.

I support the 24 million brave Chinese who have quit the CCP and its affiliates and encourage more to do the same. We in the West are with the Chinese people and support any actions that will end this communist regime in a peaceful way. The West welcomes a new China that is without communism. This is a China that the Chinese people both long for and deserve.

I wish the rally every success.

Edward McMillan-Scott

- Original letter and Chinese translation available from The Epochtimes report

- 20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing , July 23rd, 2007
- Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party, July 20th, 2007

Human Organ Organization: China pulls unknowing patients into assistance of a crime

Speech, by Dr. Damon Noto, from Doctors Against Organ Harvesting, on Jul. 20, 2007, at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit the CCP, in Washington D.C-

Stand up against the ongoing

live organ harvesting in China

by Dr. Damon Noto,
Jul. 20, 2007


Ladies and Gentleman!Dr. Damon Noto at Rally

I would like to thank the organizer of this rally for having invited me to speak about one of the most atrocious violations of ethical standards in medicine in the 21st century.

Doctors Against Organ Harvesting was alarmed by different reports about the latest transplantation practices in China. There is significant evidence that the recent transplantation boom in China is eventually built on unethical and unacceptable medical practices.

It is alarming how tens of thousands of transplantations were performed in the recent years in China without having a public organ donation program in place. It is implausible how transplantations can be scheduled in advance, most of the times within short notice, if organs traditionally are not donated in China.

The Chinese government admitted that most of the organs come from executed prisoners. However this does not explain the large amount of organs provided for transplantations and it doesn’t answer the question, how they can schedule transplantations ahead of time if there is no regular blood type screening for death row candidates.

To cut it short: It is beyond doubt that a living pool of donors is the foundation of the recent transplant boom in China. And there is significant evidence that this pool of living people is composed by living Falun Gong practitioners, waiting in detention to be killed on demand for profitable business.

These practices are absolutely unacceptable in all ethical standards relevant in the medical field. The Hippocratic Oath demands the medical doctor not to do harm to the patient, but some doctors in China don’t even hesitate to kill people to sell their organs.

Transplantation medicine in China has been turned into a criminal business, instead of money laundering they perform “organ laundering”: jeopardizing the lives of innocent people by stealing their organs and selling them, and thereby turning the body of a Falun Gong practitioner into money, worth half a million dollar. The cadaver will be cremated, the evidence after the organ harvest destroyed and what remains is a transplant and the money.

This phenomenon is not an internal problem China’s as the Chinese government used to say: No, it affects the medicine in the whole world.

Surgeons may send patients to China for quick transplants, desperate patients may seek help in China not knowing that they cause the death of healthy beings if they ask for transplants. Transplantation medicine in western countries loses competitiveness because their ethical standards cannot compete with the illegal practices in China.

The ethical sense in the western medicine is at stake.

But what is even more concerning and outrageous is the concept behind these practices.

The CCP uses the transplant medicine to shift the state run persecution of Falun Gong into the medical field by abusing medical doctors to violate their own professional oath. Doctors who suppose to help and cure patients are assisting in killing people! And patients, who seek cure themselves, are deceived by the CCP because they are unknowingly pulled into this crime against humanity as accomplices causing the death of Falun Gong practitioners when they ask for an organ. It is unspeakable how the CCP pulls unknowing patients into assistance of a crime.

Thousands of people from western and Asian countries traveled to China for transplants. It is definitely a problem that the medical community in the whole world should take serious and should oppose.

This violation of ethical standards maybe just the tip of the iceberg: Today it is life organ harvesting, tomorrow it might be stem cell therapy and genetic manipulation. The medical community is asked to stand up in time before the medical field faces even harsher challenges due to a lack of ethical standards in China. It is like a cancer: in the beginning one can even cure a cancer, but after some time it is too late and the body dies from cancer. Now it is time for the medical community to speak up before it is tool late.

We therefore call upon the international medical community and the governments worldwide to stand up against the ongoing live organ harvesting in China and to call for an end of these practices. An independent international investigation is necessary to verify the termination of these practices.

In NAZI Germany medical doctors were instrumental in the Holocaust, today medical doctors are instrumental in the state run persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Please help to stop these practices before it is again too late.

Thank you for your attention.


Dr. Damon Noto

Spokesman, Doctors Against Organ Harvesting


- Original English speech and its Chinese translation are from the Epochtimes report

- 20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing , July 23rd, 2007
- Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party, July 20th, 2007

Director of WorldRights: It’s time for the CCP to answer for its crimes

Speech, by Mr. Timothy Cooper, Executive Director of WorldRights, on July 20, 2007, in Washington D.C., at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party-

It’s time for the CCP to stand before the bar to answer for its crimes

by Mr. Timothy Cooper

Friends of China, friends in China,Timothy Cooper make speech at Rally

Contemporary Chinese writer Zhang Kangkang has written, “A country that cannot use today in order to examine yesterday will have no tomorrow.”

This truth as immutable as “the laws of nature” stands as the single greatest impediment to the welcome rise of China as a player on the world stage today. No matter how many billions of Yuan the CCP sold in cheap exports last year, no matter how many high-rises it builds in Shanghai this year, and no matter how many tens of thousands of sports fans it entertains at the Beijing Olympics next year, China will have no tomorrow until the CCP is held accountable for its horrific crimes against the Chinese people.

(photo:  Mr. Timothy Cooper spoke on Rally)

It is long overdue. By all that is right and just in this world, its leaders must be brought before the bar because the Chinese people are entitled to render a verdict on a regime that is as merciless as it is cruel.

For the millions of victims who died, and for the millions who survived and remember what they were made to endure, the CCP’s era of impunity must end. If for no other reason than for them to be able to answer their children when they ask: What did you do to remember the victims? What did you do to make sure that it never happens again?

Friends of China, friends in China,

It’s time for you to sound the call. Let your word go forth: “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!” This court will come to order, “Let the trials begin! It’s time for the CCP to stand before the bar to answer for its crimes!”

First on the docket: The People v. the Anti-Rightist Campaign. Let the writers, doctors, teachers, students, and journalists who were humiliated and persecuted, separated from their families and sent to impoverished villages far and wide to labor hard, rise to take the witness stand. Let them testify to CCP’s crimes. And let the CCP defend itself, if it can…

Because it’s time for the CCP to stand before the bar to answer for its crimes.

Next: The People v. the Cultural Revolution. Let the so-called counter-revolutionaries, teachers, and political dissidents who were made enemies of the state for preaching social idealism and then beaten, jailed and tormented, rise to take the witness stand. Let them testify to CCP’s crimes. And let the CCP defend itself, if it can…

Because it’s time for the CCP to stand before the bar to answer for its crimes.

Next: Students of Tiananmen Square v. the Deng Xiaoping, et al. Let the students who survived Tiananmen Square, those who saw their fellow students shot and killed, those students who were jailed and remain in jail today, those who were forced to flee their country and live in exile far from their families, rise to take the witness stand. Let them testify to CCP’s crimes. And let the CCP defend itself, if it can…

Because it’s time for the CCP to stand before the bar to answer for its crimes.

And finally: Falun Gong v. the CCP. Let the millions of Falun Gong, those who were fired from their jobs, had businesses destroyed, were kicked out of schools and universities, were evicted from their homes, had their families ruined, were hunted down, harassed and abused, and sent to reeducation through labor camps, where they were brainwashed, tortured, starved, and learned “horror of horror”of other Falun Gong practitioners who had their organs harvested, let them rise to take the stand. Let them testify to CCP’s crimes. And let the CCP defend itself, if it can…

Because it’s time for the CCP to stand before the bar to answer for its crimes.

Let the court hear from Beijing university student, Alex Hsu, who was tortured and brainwashed and forced to renounce his practice of Falun Gong at the direction of the 610 Office. Let the court hear from Falun Gong practitioner, James Ouyang, who is too afraid even now to use his real name, about how he was beaten so often and so badly by the Chinese police that he was forced to denounce Falun Gong just to survive. Let the court listen to his words about his experience “I have seen the worst of what man can do. They really are the worst animals on Earth.”

Let them rise to testify to CCP’s crimes. And allow the CCP to defend itself, if it can…

Only the Chinese People can take this momentous step. Only you can as the ancient saying goes “startle the Heavens and move the gods. But if you do, those of us you see and hear today are ready to stand with you, to help you startle the Heavens and move the gods. And when justice is done, when the CCP is relegated to history, we will walk into tomorrow together.

Shi Shi.

Timothy Cooper
Executive Director ,Worldrights

- Original script of the speech and Chinese translation from the Epochtimes report

- 20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing , July 23rd, 2007
- Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party, July 20th, 2007

20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing

When communist collapsed in East Germany, 8.3% of its members resigned from theNO CCP Party;

When communist collapsed in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, 15% to 18% of its members resigned;

When Soviet Union collapsed, 22% members of the Communist Party resigned.

( Data from Prof. Chucheng Ming, Political Science professor at National Taiwan University, presented at Revealing a True China forum, on July 18, 2007, in Washington D.C.)

Now, 20% members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) resigned, when do you think the Party will collapse?

Hold on, How does 20% calculated?

1. At the end of 2006, CCP membership reportedly totaled 72.391 million, said by China official mouthpiece Xinhua. ( See report at ChinaScope.org : New Statistics on Chinese Communist Party Membership, July 16, 2007 )

2. Shown on the Quit CCP Website (in Chinese, numbers are real time updated) now, there are 24,026,414 Chinese people announced quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations ( Communist Youth League, Communist Young Pioneers)- most of them use their alias to avoid persecuted- in which 60.5% were CCP members , base on a report by an joint project analyzing the Quit CCP website database using artificial intelligence software.

That means, 14.52 million CCP members announced anonymously quit the party.

3. So it comes to here: 14.52 / 72.391 = 0.20057 = 20.05%

When do you think the Chinese Communist Party will collapse?

Leave you comments here. Those who original from East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union are especially welcome.

Report: 60.5% ‘Three Withdrawal’ statements are from Members of Chinese Communist Party

Till now, it’s shown on the Quit CCP Statement Website (In Chinese) that there areQuitting CCP Internet Data Real Time Analyzer, Ver1.0 23,995,585 Chinese people, almost 24 million, announced publicly quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, which is called as ‘Three Withdrawals’, refer to:

- withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
- withdraw from the Communist Youth League (CYL) , and
- withdraw from the Communist Young Pioneers (CYP)

(Picture: the software, Quitting CCP Internet Data Real Time Analyzer, Ver1.0)

Then, how many of these people were actual members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ?

It’s 60.5% of all the ‘Three Withdrawals’ statements, said by a report.

The report was made by an California based software company, Quality Software Developer (QSD), in an joint project with the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party and the Tuidang (Quit the CCP) website , to analyze data regarding the number of people who have quit the Party.

The report was announced in June 2006, at that time there were about 11 million Chinese had made their ‘Three Withdrawals’ statements online.

Here is an excerpt from the speech by Dr. Liu Jiesen, QSD representative, regarding their research and the report. (reported by the Epochtime on Jun 14, 2006)

I am here on behalf of Quality Software Developer (QSD) of Southern California to report on a joint project with the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Tuidang (Quit the CCP) website of The Epoch Times, to develop artificial intelligence software to analyze data regarding the number of people who have quit the Party.

I’d like to give a brief description of our indexing and sorting of the Chinese character data of 11 million people’s “three withdrawals” — resignations from the CCP, the Communist Youth League (CYL) and the Communist Young Pioneers (CYP). I will also explain how the newly developed Internet Data Real Time Analyzer relates to all of you.

It’s been a year and a half since the first 109 people withdrew from the CCP on the Epoch Times’ Tuidang Website— that was back in December of 2004. Since then, more and more people, from all levels of Chinese society, have been quitting the CCP each day. This phenomenon has attracted international attention. To date (as of 9 June 2006), the total number of the Chinese people renouncing their membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations has reached just under 11 million. But one question has been plaguing observers both inside China and abroad: How many of these people were actual, card carrying members of the CCP?

This is the question that our new software is devised to answer. We have used it to successfully analyze the Quitting CCP data on the Internet and I would like to take the opportunity, at this rally to mark the 11 million people who have quit the Party, to share the results with you.

Our analysis using the new software indicates that of the 11 million people to have declared their Three Withdrawals during the 550 day period from December 4, 2004 to June 4, 2006, 6,589,648 were actually official members of the CCP— that’s roughly 60.5 percent. Those renouncing membership in the CYL and the CYP accounted for 16.3 percent and 13.3 percent respectively. (see picture)

Due to some factors including the complexity of Chinese characters’ expression, some data cannot be analyzed by the new software. At present, 1,078,693 withdrawal statements are still temporarily categorized as unidentified data. It stands to reason that 60.5 percent of those should be from actual Party members, which indeed bring the total to 6.6 million at least.

Until now, people have attempted to analyze and sort the huge quantity of withdrawal statements manually. This has proved a daunting and practically impossible task. The new software, with its ability to quickly analyze Chinese character data, solves this problem. The accurate statistics that it provides will help keep accurate tabs on the withdrawal phenomenon.

With accurate statistics available, those who doubt the authenticity of the withdrawal numbers will be pacified. This will help more people to realize the weight and magnitude of the withdrawal phenomenon and allow them to make a more educated choice about whether they wish to continue to support the Party.

Then how did we search and analyze the text of three-withdrawal declarations and guarantee the accuracy of the result? We basically created numerous filters of meaning related to relevant word combinations. The bulk characters pass through the filters and the program assigns a probable meaning. Thus the information is sorted.

These filters are actually different combinations of keywords. For instance, possible ways of saying withdrawal from the Party can appear as the following:monthly

“withdraw from the Party”
“withdraw from the communist party”
“withdraw from the evil communist party”
“withdraw from the evil Party”
“withdraw from the wicked Party”
“withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party”

— and the list goes on and on. I will not attempt to say them all. Many different ways of expression have to be considered, in addition to pairings with adverbs in different orders, to analyze the authors’ meanings.

(photo above: The graph of monthly distribution curve for people withdrawing from the CCP , CYL, CYP. line for quit CCP in at top.)

For some word combinations that do not precisely indicate withdrawal from the Party, our software categorizes these as “undetermined.” They could be referring to withdrawal from the CYL or the CYP. It could include withdrawal from the CCP, but it is not certain, so cases like these are sorted into a separate category. These statements are then subjected to further analysis.

Our software is also capable of recognizing when multiple people declare their withdrawals in one statement. It does this mainly by recognizing the use of punctuation to separate lists of names in combination with Chinese language specific forms of introductive phrases associated with people.

In the process of our development of the Quitting CCP Internet Data Real Time Analyzer, we’ve read a great amount of content of three-withdrawal declarations. This has greatly boosted our morale. We have all been moved by the heart-felt and urgent sentiments of the authors. They have awakened to the real nature of the CCP and are eager to distance themselves from the CCP and its affiliated organizations as quickly as possible. We all feel that the wave of withdrawals has a great historic significance for the Chinese people. We have lived under the spectre of Communism for so long and only recently have we begun, as a group to awaken from the nightmare. Today, the nation has started to regain its consciousness. This has made us feel very gratified.

With more than 20,000 Chinese people posting their withdrawal statements each day, we are extremely grateful to the men and women who have tirelessly spread the Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party, the book that started it all. Also, those volunteers at the withdrawal service centers around the country. Every one of them has worked so hard to help bring this about.

(photo: The graph of daily distribution curve for people withdrawing from the CCP, the CYL and the CYP during the last 550 days. The distribution characteristic of the CCP withdrawal data represents the main body of the three withdrawals. – QSD)

We drew the strength necessary to complete the painstaking work of creating this software from the example of these tireless volunteers and the millions of brave people who have had the courage to formally reject the Party and its associated organizations. Their energy kept us going through revision after revision.

We will still continue to strive to make an even more accurate program. We are currently designing a type of even more reasonable, accurate and faster retrieval system, to reduce the error and the ratio of uncertain classification.

Thank you to all our friends here attending the conference today for their effort, support and attention. Thank you to every fellow Chinese countryman and every peace and freedom loving international friend concerned for the prosperity and decline of the Chinese nation, and their efforts, participation, support and attention to the current great wave of withdrawals taking place in China as we speak.

- Report from the Epochtimes: New Development in “Quit the CCP” Internet Software and Its Applications

(photo) Peaceful Transforming Road For China: Quit Communist Party

In the parade supporting 24 Million Chinese people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) happened on Jul. 20, 2007 in Washington D.C., people held banners with slogan  “Quit CCP is the peaceful transforming road for China”.

Compare with  CCP’s killing of 80 million Chinese in recent 60 years, its brutal torture, organ harvesting, brainwash and control of flow of information and speech, resign the membership from the CCP is certainly the most peaceful way to make China transformed.

peaceful road (1)

(Above:  “Quit CCP is the peaceful transforming road for China”)

Quit CCP

(Above: Quit CCP, Save ourself)

Stop persecution

(above: stop persecution)

peaceful road (2)

(Above:  “Quit CCP is the peaceful transforming road for China”)

New era

(above: China’s new era begins when … there’s no CCP )

- All photos credit to the Epochtimes 

Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party

Thousands of people parade in Washington D.C. today (Jul. 20, 2007) to Celebrate 24 Million Chinese announced publicly on the website (In Chinese) quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

The wave of resign from the CCP is by far the largest demotic movement on China history initiated by ordinary people, which is certainly covered up by the communist authority which is facing ever experienced social unrest.

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (1)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (2)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (4)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (5)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (7)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (8)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (9)

Parade support 24 Million Chinese quit CCP (3)

All pictures are  from the Epochtimes Website

Statistics and Q/A: 20 Million Chinese Quit the Chinese Communist Party

By the date of Mar. 26, 2007, it’s shown on the Quit CCP Announcement Website ( in Chinese ) that more than 20 million Chinese people announced quit the Chinese Communist Party or its Affiliated Organizations (CCP/AO) because of CCP’s brutal persecution of Chinese people and people feel shame or guilty be a member of CCP.

The withdrawals ( called Tui Dang in China) are continuing at a rate of about 30,000+ per day.

1. Some statistics:

Started from Dec. 03, 2004 (Asia-pacific Time ) to Mar. 31, 2007:

Grand total number of people quit CCP/AO:20,155,948
This month’s number of people quit CCP/AO:1,130,928
This week’s number of people quit CCP/AO:182,505
Yesterday’s number of people quit CCP/AO:31,427
Today (2007-03-31)

Every day’s number of people quit CCP/AO in February 2007 Eachday Statistics Chart of Feb, 2007

2. Question: How can the Chinese in mainland China publish announcement on a blocked overseas website ?

Answer: To publish their formal announcement on the Quit CCP Announcement Website, which is been blocked by China Great Firewall all the time, people have to, by my understanding:

- either, have the skill to break the block by using secure anonymous proxy or technologies, like software tools provided by Ultrareach , Gpass or Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) Inc. , which are all free for use to Chinese.

- or, get the help from the volunteer working staffs from the Global Service Center for Quit CCP ( in Chinese). There are over 60 local service centers or service booths in major cities worldwide which are all supported by volunteers, accepting phone calls, faxes, emails or messaging from Chinese people and help them to publish their announcements on the website.

And also, the Global Service Center distribute the free break-block software to people.

People can Choose publish their announcement by either real name or alias.

3. Question: Why some people choose to use alias but not their real name?

Answer: (by my undrstanding) To CCP, less member means less and lost control, so those who declare to quit the CCP is similar to declare to against the government. So publish announcement by alias is a way to protect self from been persecuted by CCP.

CCP’s repression or even killing of the people who quit the CCP never stopped. Well-known Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng was sentenced to 4 years because of his support to the Quit CCP movement. Writer and website director Li Hong ( Zhang jianhong) was sentenced in this month to 6 years in prison because of his support of this movement.

There is a name list of 91 ordinary Chinese people who’s been Abducted,Detained or Persecuted because of quit the CCP, available on the website of Global Service Center for Quit CCP, in English.

4. Question: Which part of the country did these Chinese people come from ?

Answer: One of the Internet block-breaking technology company, Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT), provided their statistics of IP source that Chinese people used to announce their statement on the Quit CCP website. Here it’s:

50727 total requests accepted by DIT in Feb, 2007

Province Requests Percentage

Shandong 3663, 7.2%
Heilongjiang 3540, 7.0%
Beijing 2723, 5.4%
Liaoning 2719 5.4%
Hebei 2429 4.8%
Jilin 1506 3.0%
Guangdong 1107 2.2%
Sichuan 869 1.7%
Tianjin 860 1.7%
Hubei 794 1.6%
Jiangsu 775 1.5%
Henan 728 1.4%
Hunan 641 1.3%
Shanghai 521 1.0%
Shanxi 455 0.9%
Anhui 440 0.9%
Guangxi 350 0.7%
Chongqing 306 0.6%
Zhejiang 254 0.5%
Guizhou 247 0.5%
Yunnan 242 0.5%
Jiangxi 223 0.4%
Gansu 218 0.4%
Fujiang 178 0.4%
Ningxia 169 0.3%
Neimenggu 148 0.3%
Xijiang 62 0.1%
Shannxi 37 0.1%
Qinghai 36 0.1%
Hainan 32 0.1%

5. How and when did this resignations start?

This massive wave of resignations was triggered in late 2004 after the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times published their editorial article “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” which revealed for the first time a historical account of the CCP’s formation, its advocacy of violence and deception, its destruction of traditional beliefs, and the disaster it has brought upon the Chinese nation.

The publication is now #1 on the CCP’s Internet blockade list.

A video about the Nine Commentaries

‘Not the Last to Part From CCP’, Says Chinese Diplomat’s Wife

The Epoch Times, Mar 31, 2007-Zhang Jiyan

OTTAWA—Ms. Zhang Jiyan (photo right), wife of a diplomat at the Chinese embassy in Canada, attended a rally yesterday morning on Canada’s Parliament Hill to support the 20 million Chinese people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At a press conference in the afternoon she publicly announced her support of these people who have broken away from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. This incident has attracted much media attention.

More than 100 people from Eastern Canada gathered at the rally. Canadian Member of Parliament Rob Anders gave a speech. Former Canadian diplomat Brian McAdam also attended. In addition, support letters were received from renowned Jewish scholar Rabbi Reuven Bulka and David Harris, Senior Fellow for National Security with the Canadian Coalition for Democracies.

‘A New China’

Forty-eight-year-old Zhang Jiyan is the wife of a diplomat at the Chinese embassy in Canada. She is also a Falun Gong practitioner. Zhang attracted the attention of the embassy for privately speaking with other embassy staff about the true situation of the Falun Gong and its persecution in China. The embassy began to monitor her and planned to confiscate her passport. Because of this pressure and to escape from being returned to China to face persecution, she made a decision on March 5 to leave the Chinese embassy.

Zhang said in her statement, “At this event to support 20 million who have quit the Chinese communist party and its affiliated organizations, I not only find it a great pleasure to see so many Chinese people awakening to say “no” to the Chinese Communist party, but I also take pride in myself being one of them and can stand forward today to let out the words that have been hidden in my heart.

“In China, half of the population has been subject to persecution in one way or another in the so-called political movements. Since the Chinese communist party came to exist, 80 million Chinese nationals have been slaughtered. The Chinese communist party’s depletion of the Chinese people’s spiritual life has been a persecution of the nation’s soul, which is a destruction that has affected everyone. In replacement, the party has used its communist ideology to poison the minds of the Chinese for several generations.”

Zhang revealed that the persecution of Falun Gong is not limited to Mainland China. Chinese embassies abroad have also become headquarters for attacking Falun Gong. Moreover, she spoke about a department within the Chinese embassy in Canada specially created to gather information about Falun Gong practitioners and political dissidents.

Control Over Chinese Communities

Zhang noted that the Chinese ambassador had mentioned at an embassy all-staff meeting that he has delivered materials defaming Falun Gong to Canadian Members of Parliament, Canadian government officials, and the former Governor General of Canada. In addition, Chinese diplomats control Chinese communities in Canada in order to influence the mainstream society.

Zhang gave the example that, in 2005 when New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) was applying for permission to broadcast in Canada, embassy officials mobilized the Chinese communities and overseas Chinese students to oppose it by writing to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the regulating agency in Canada.

NTDTV is known to be a voice that dares to report the truth about events in China, she said, including China’s human rights violations. She noted that in actual fact, the writers were expressing the opinions of the Chinese embassy. Moreover, embassy officials made great effort to lobby Canada’s Rogers Cable TV to prevent NTDTV from landing in Canada.

‘Not the Last to Part from CCP’

Zhang continued, “The Chinese Communist Party has now disgraced itself with its long term actions against conscience, and its members have quit or will quit.

In 2005, the whole family of a Chinese staff member at the Chinese embassy in Canada defected.

I am sure that I am not the last to part from CCP in the Chinese embassy; there will be others to follow.”

(please see http://en.epochtimes.com/jiuping/newsletter/issue9/#Rally ).

Zhang said she hopes the governments and peoples of countries around the world will “see through the falsehood of the CCP” because “the days of the party are numbered.” “A new China without the CCP is already looming on the horizon.”

Courageous Real Life Example

At the rally, MP Rob Anders told The Epoch Times that Zhang’s defection is very important. There are many stories that need to be told, he said, and the voices need to be magnified. He noted that Zhang is a courageous real-life example that people are breaking away from the CCP. He added that he hopes even more people will follow this example.

In his speech Anders commended Falun Gong practitioners for their presence on Parliament Hill “whether it is rain or sleet or snow.” “It’s so important for you to share the story of what’s going on inside communist China,” he said. “You send such an important message to people who are in chains and suffering from torture behind the Bamboo Curtain of communism.”

Anders used his own experience as an example, “My personal story is such that if somebody had told me 20 years ago that some of my family who had lived behind the Iron Curtain under the communist rule of Eastern Europe, if somebody had told me that they would be free and that there would no longer be oppression and they wouldn’t be stuck in jail for opposing the political party or just for wanting to have spiritual practice outside what the communist party allowed, I wouldn’t have believed it.

“But it was because of people in the free world who had sent messages that gave hope to those behind that Iron Curtain. And you today, just like so many other days, especially ones that are colder and damper and uglier weather than we have today, you send messages to those people who are behind that Bamboo Curtain. I thank you.”

‘Hope Springs from the Courage of the Oppressed’

In his support letter, Rabbi Bulka said, “As the world is unfortunately bowing in front of the economic juggernaut called China, we must not ever forget the brutality being inflicted by the Chinese regime. Doing business with such people is a moral capitulation, and is even bad business. People who kill will also cheat.

“20 million people quitting the communist party may signal the beginning of the end of oppression. This will be the case if we continue to encourage them, and others who will follow their lead. Never give up. Mighty empires may seem invincible, but human will is stronger. Courage and hope—these are the ingredients we need to succeed. God bless you all.”

David Harris congratulated the rally organizers and called the celebration of the 20 million withdrawals a “most promising milestone.” “With you, I salute those who have chosen freedom over Party, and all others whose dream, work, and ultimate achievement will assuredly be a free China,” he said.

Currently Chinese citizens are renouncing their membership in the CCP and its affiliated organizations at a rate of approximately 30,000 per day. By March 30 the total number of withdrawals had already surpassed 20 million. This week events are being held in about ten major cities in Canada in support of the 20 million who have resigned from the CCP.

- original from The Epoch Times

- Defected Diplomat’s Wife Fears Torture in China For Her Beliefs, The Ottawa Citizen, March 31, 2007

Statement of Defected Chinese Diplomat’s Wife in Canada

By Zhang Jiyan, special to the epochtimes, Mar 30, 2007-

Zhang JiyanMy name is Zhang Jiyan and I am wife of a diplomat at the Chinese embassy in Canada. I have recently left the embassy.

At this event to support 20 million who have quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, I not only find it a great pleasure to see so many Chinese people awakening to say “no” to the Chinese Communist Party, but I also take pride in being one of them, and can stand forward today to let out the words that have been hidden in my heart.

In China, half of the population has been subject to persecution in one way or another in the so-called political movements. Since the Chinese Communist Party came to exist, 80 million Chinese nationals have been slaughtered. The Chinese Communist Party’s depletion of the Chinese people’s spiritual pursuit has been a persecution of the nation’s soul, which is a destruction that has affected everyone. In replacement, the Party has used its communist ideology to poison the minds of the Chinese for several generations.

In particular, the persecution of Falun Gong, which teaches cultivation of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance, has shattered the morals and conscience in the society. To date, more than 3,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted to death; tens of thousands of them are still being held in the Chinese labour camps and prisons, where they have been subject to cruelty, tortures, their lives in great danger, their organs harvested. This reveals the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party and shall not be tolerated, in accordance with heavenly principles.

I am here calling for all the fellow Chinese to say NO to the Chinese Communist Party so that together we make ourselves free men and women who can hold our rights and the fate of our lives in our own hands. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is the solution to the communist poison. Let us spread it far and wide to help more people.

In 1995, I was a family member at the Chinese embassy in France. The embassy invited the founder of Falun Gong to give a presentation. I was deeply touched at heart by Falun Dafa’s teaching of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance. I became a practitioner later. Falun Gong spread quickly across China, and as many as 100 million Chinese people were practicing it. However, the Chinese Communist Party contradicted its earlier actions of approval by starting to crack down on the practice in 1999 on orders from Jiang Zemin.

The persecution of Falun Gong is not only systematically and widely happening in China. Just as what has been exposed by Chen Yonglin, a former diplomat at the Chinese consulate in Australia, the Chinese embassies and consulates serve as the base for attacking dissidents, especially those who practice Falun Gong in foreign lands (please see http://foreignaffairs.house.gov/archives/afhear.htm ). At the embassy, I personally witnessed materials to incite hatred against Falun Gong. The embassy has a special unit dedicated to collecting information, especially on Falun Gong practitioners.

The Chinese ambassador mentioned at the meetings attended by all embassy personnel that he went to deliver materials defaming Falun Gong to the MPs, the Canadian government officials, and the former Governor General.

The embassy has been in control of the Chinese communities to reach its goal of generating impact and influence on the mainstream society. For example, in 2005, when the NTD (New Tang Dynasty) TV was applying for the permit to CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) for broadcasting in Canada, they mobilized the pro-communist Chinese groups and the mainland Chinese students to write letters to the CRTC to stop NTD TV from entering Canada, as NTD TV is known to be a voice that reports the truth about what is happening in China, including the human rights violations, while the majority of the other Chinese media choose to either toe the Party line or self-censor in their reporting. The opinions therein expressed were all the opinions of the Chinese embassy. Furthermore, they made their efforts to lobby Rogers Cable TV to prevent NTD TV from landing in Canada.

The Chinese Communist Party has now disgraced itself with its long-term actions against conscience, and its members have quit or will quit. In 2005, the whole family of a Chinese staff member at the Chinese embassy in Canada defected (please see http://en.epochtimes.com/jiuping/newsletter/issue9/#Rally ). I am sure that I am not the last to part from the CCP in the Chinese embassy; there will be others to follow.

It is hoped the governments and peoples of various countries will see through the falsehood of the Chinese Communist Party. The Party’s days are numbered.

A new China without the Chinese Communist Party is already on the horizon.

- original statement from the Epochtimes

- Defected Diplomat’s Wife Fears Torture in China For Her Beliefs, The Ottawa Citizen, March 31st, 2007