Chinese Judge Calls Himself “Hooligan” in Torture Video

Wuhan businessman Xu Chongyang is a free man after being arrested in 2011 for speaking out about forced demolition. He was freed on January 5th, and now a shocking video of his torture has surfaced.

Chinese rights activist Hu Jia obtained footage. He published it on Boxun, an overseas news portal.
In the video, shot between April and June 2011, Xu is stripped naked and hung up, his nose and mouth are bleeding, and a judge is cursing him loudly. His ribs are broken and his teeth knocked out.

“Are you going to write confession? No?”

[Xu Chongyang, Wuhan Businessman]:
“You want to fabricate evidence by forcing me. I won’t do it… what kind of judge are you?!”

“You know, when I wear this robe I am a judge. When I take it off I am a hooligan. You don’t want to cooperate… you want to see Hu Jintao? You want to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? I will let you walk vertically, but will throw you out horizontally.”

This is just one of multiple instances when Xu says he was tortured. Beijing police and the Wuhan judge were involved. Sometimes dozens of people were present.

[Hu Jia, Beijing Activist]:
“They record this, sometimes for filing, sometimes for watching it themselves, just for fun! Kind of a joy from sadism. This is a common practice among CCP thugs. No matter what position they have—policemen, security guards, judges or staff for dismissing petitioners, they hide such videos very carefully, because once exposed, they become evidence of crimes they committed. To obtain such videos is very, very difficult.”

In April 2011, Xu was detained for exposing forced demolition in the Zhongnanhai area in Beijing. After being tortured and disappearing into secret detention, he was formally arrested.

Police accused him of masterminding the so-called “Chinese Jasmine Revolution” and being a “US spy.” That’s why he was tortured into giving a confession.

Xu says during his 18-month prison term, Beijing police used psychedelic drugs on him, causing his hair to fall out and skin ulcers to form. They locked his feet with chains and handcuffed his hands, continuing to torture him. He still cannot dress himself and has difficulty breathing.

Activist Hu Jia says he wanted to release the video to document the extent of torture and abuse that happens under China’s law enforcement authorities.

- Source: NTD News