Activist Exposed Video Of Tortured Chinese Businessman

Xu Chongyang, a businessman from Wuhan, was arrested in 2011, for being critical to Bo Xilai.

On January 5, 2013, his jail service has expired, and he was released.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) alleged him behind the scene of being “Chinese Jasmine Revolution” provocateur and “US spy.” Beijing court sentenced him to 19 months in jail for fraud crime.
After Xu was released, he revealed that in jail he denied his charges, therefore, he was brutally tortured.

His clothes were taken off, he was hung up and beaten, his ribs broken and teeth knocked off.

Not long ago, Hu Jia, a Beijing activist, obtained a video tape showing how Xu was tortured. The video was publicized on the overseas Chinese website Boxun.

In the video, Xu is stripped naked and hung up, his nose and mouth are bleeding, and the judge is cursing him loudly.

Judge: “Are you going to write confession? No?”

Xu Chongyang: “You want to fabricate evidence by forcing me. I won’t do it… what kind of judge are you!” Judge: “You know, when I wear this robe I am a judge, When I take it off I am a hooligan. You don’t want to cooperate…you want to see Hu Jintao? You want to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? I will let you walk vertically, but will throw you out horizontally.”

This is one of the tortures that Xu encountered during his detention in a Beijing secret place from April to June, 2011. Beijing policemen and the Wuhan judge were involved in his torture. Sometimes, tens of people were present.

Hu Jia: “They record this, sometimes for filing, sometimes for watching it themselves, just for fun! Kind of a joy from sadism. This is a common practice among CCP’ thugs. No matter what position they have – policemen, security guards, judges or staff for dismissing petitioners. They hide such videos very carefully, as once exposed, they become evidences of committed crimes. To obtain such videos is very, very difficult.”

Xu Chongyang was a businessman, owning huge assets which were confiscated by the local authorities. Since then, he started to fight for his rights. His wife and sons are US residents, living in the US.

In April 2011, Xu was arrested for suspected disclosure of force demolition evidences in the Zhongnanhai area. After being brutally tortured for several days, Xu was freed temporary. Later on, he went missing for nearly two months. He sent messages from the secret place he was illegally held, asking for help. Then he was rescued by activists, but was arrested again.

Then, Xu was formally arrested on some trumped-up charges by the authorities.

After Xu was released, he told the media details of the torture he had been subjected to.

Xu said, after he was sent to a jail, Beijing police began severe brutal tortures to force him to confess. Beijing police tried psychedelic drugs, like World War II fascist interrogation techniques used by the secret police. From these drugs his hair fell out, and he got skin ulcers. They locked his feet with chains and handcuffed his hands, continuing to torture him, including not allowed him to sleep. They insulted and beaten him.

Xu Chongyang said that his sciatic nerve was injured, and he had three ribs and the sternum broken. He still can’t wear clothes now, and has breathing difficulties.

Hu Jia: “In China, the government mainly uses the triads to apply various torture methods. This was exposed and the public was given credible evidences for that. Torture is commonly used by the Chinese regime, the CCP is a group where torture is a dominating method.”

The police attempted to frame Xu as a member of a political opposition. They said, Xu is a spy and a reporter of anti-revolutionary media. Thus, Xu’s confession was important to them.

Xu said, Fu Zhenghua, Beijing vice director of the Public Security Bureau, led the case. Bo Xilai had promoted Fu, and arranged for Fu to play a major role in Beijing.

Hu Jia: “However, I think that any public servant with a conscience should keep evidences; even if they had committed crimes, including those involved in brutal tortures and forced confessions. No matter what tortures are being used by police, National Security Bureau, Court, Discipline Inspection Commission or judges, one should have a record of it. These are evidences. After you provide these evidences for investigating the top person who gave the orders, you have a chance to reduce your responsibilities. It is like becoming a tainted witness.”

Hu Jia urges Xi Jinping that in order to improve China’s image, to please release all political prisoners.

Hu Jia: “For example, to release all political prisoners. This includes Falun Gong practitioners and petitioners. No matter if they are in labor camps or jails, they are labeled political prisoners, so release them first.”

Hu also said that now people demand to see officials’ properties publicized. And that Xi Jinping should lead the way, as he is the top leader, for whom the chance to be potentially corrupt is high.

- NTD News