Is China’s Xi Jinping Targeting to Take Down Zhou Yongkang?

Sichuan’s former deputy Party Chief Li Chuncheng was one of the first senior officials to go, after Chinese leader Xi Jinping announced his intentions against corruption last November.

That move may be in preparations to take down another man—former security chief, Zhou Yongkang.
According to the overseas based “panchinese blogspot” website, Li Chuncheng has given investigators enough evidence against Zhou to warrant his arrest.

Zhou is the former head of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, or PLAC. The Communist Party organ controls China’s vast network of courts, investigators and police. Li worked under him while Li was the Party chief in Sichuan’s capital, Chengdu.

Zhou Yongkang’s political future came into question after the Bo Xilai scandal last year. Rumors flew that the pair staged a failed coup against new Party chief Xi Jinping.

If Li Chuncheng did indeed give evidence against Zhou, it means Xi may be preparing to take Zhou down.

Zhou Yongkang’s reign at the PLAC created a network of secret police and spies that ran through all levels of Chinese society. It has been blamed for hurting China’s legal system, and breeding discontent against the regime.

In a further sign that Xi may be poised to take down Zhou, Xi visited China’s armed police in late January along with a tour of the regime’s other military forces.

The armed police is controlled by the PLAC. But reports of Xi’s visits by state-run Global Times offers hints that Xi Jinping wants the military to exercises more control of the armed police.

- NTDTV News