Why Chinese Leaders Can’t Bring on True Reform

China’s outgoing Premier, Wen Jiabao, has outlined a list of undertakings the Chinese regime needs to do to properly govern the country. Wen talked about the need for democracy, rule of law and warned that the current concentration of power is the root cause of corruption.

But the speech on January 23 wasn’t publicized until more than a week later by state-run Qiushi Journal. Parts of Wen’s words were also removed.
[Zhang Jian, China Analyst]:
“This sends a strong signal to those within the Communist Party that whatever Wen Jiabao says will no longer hold any weight. Wen’s words only reflect his own thoughts, like some parting words before he steps down.”

The delayed publication of Wen’s speech follows reports last week that Chinese Communist Party chief Xi Jinping is in fact opposed to political reform.

Beijing-based journalist Gao Yu analyzed a speech Xi made in December during his tour of southern China. Xi warned against the collapse of Communist Party, saying the former Soviet Union crumbled because their ideals were shaken. Xi asserted that the Party must control the military, because that’s what gives the Party the necessary power to stay in control.

Observers have been looking to Xi Jinping as the Chinese regime faces mounting challenges both at home and abroad. So far, Xi’s main response has to been crackdown on corruption. But that does not equate to taking on the broader challenge of political reform.

[Zhu Xinxin, Former Editor, Hebei Radio]:
“The entire system of the Communist Party is one of corruption. It completely lacks the ability to renew and regenerate, and has come to the end of its road. The measures Xi Jinping has undertaken so far are only targeting the symptoms.”

Xi further indicated his primary concern was safeguarding the Communist Party’s hold on power in December, when he said “Of course we must uphold the banner of reform, but our reform is reform that keeps us moving forward on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

- NTD News, Feb. 4, 2013