Chinese Toddler Yueyue’s Death Sparks Outrage

Wang Yue, named “Yueyue” by the media, was pronounced dead on Friday.

As seen in surveillance footage widely viewed online, the child was run over by two separate vehicles, then ignored by many passersby—until a garbage collector tried to come to her rescue. She was soon declared brain-dead, and then put in intensive care in the Guangzhou Military Hospital.

Now she has passed away, but not before provoking a firestorm of anger and criticism among Chinese citizens. Many are outraged over the way she was first brutalized—then apparently deliberately ignored.

Some are calling it a sign of moral failure.

[Yang Yaying, Beijing Resident]:
“Now people have become so selfish. So many people walked by but no one helped her because they didn’t want to get themselves into trouble.”

China’s Communist authorities can sometimes be spurred into action by popular anger, and this case is no different. Local police in the city of Foshan say they have now arrested the two drivers who fatally injured Wang Yue.

There are signs, though, that this is not enough to defuse the high emotions surrounding Wang Yue’s case. Some of the commentary, online and on the streets, suggests there is something fundamentally wrong with a social system that allows such things to happen.

[Men Wanyong, Beijing Resident]:
“Judging from the reactions of all the passersby, I feel people are becoming more and more indifferent in our society, and the moral standard is degrading.”

So far there’s no definite explanation for what happened to Wang Yue, but the conversation is continuing. For now, many are still wondering, along with one Chinese blogger, how so many people “could be cold and heartless to this extent.”